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Former Intel engineer said that Skylake was the turning point for the Mac's transition to Apple Silicon

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8 hours ago, Sauron said:

Budget doesn't really mean much here, often you can't know if an architecture is going to be competitive until it's too late to start from scratch. The difference in budget only tells you how many screw ups you can afford before you go bankrupt.


Did someone say RISC-V?


https://abopen.com/news/huami-announces-risc-v-based-fitness-wearables-smartwatch/#:~:text=During the event%2C Huami described RISC-V – which,embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).”


Huami, a subsidiary of Chinese electronics specialist Xiaomi, has announced a new family of smartwatches and fitness wearables, and in doing so is set to become the first company to bring a product based on the open RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) to the consumer market.

Announced by Huami at its technology event in Beijing this week, the Huangshan No. 1 system-on-chip (SoC) is based on the SiFive E31 processor core intellectual property (IP), which is itself based on the open RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA). To launch in Amazfit-branded smartwatch and fitness band wearable devices, the Huangshan No. 1 features the SiFive E31 as its main processor, operating alongside an always-on (AON) module designed to transfer sensor data to internal static RAM without waking the primary processor, plus dedicated accelerators for neural network workloads.

During the event, Huami described RISC-V – which began life just eight years ago at the University of California, Berkeley, and which requires no expensive licensing in order to develop open- or closed-hardware implementations – as “the processor architecture of the era,” stating that it is “very suitable for small embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).”


One day I will be able to play Monster Hunter Frontier in French/Italian/English on my PC, it's just a matter of time... 4 5 6 7 8 9 years later: It's finally coming!!!

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I still think even if Intel hadn't had these issues, Apple would've made the switch anyhow.


They hired Jim Keller back in the iPhone 4 days to lay the groundwork for their custom silicon. I would presume that they had already planned for an eventual transition of all their products on their own platform. Intel's 10nm troubles and everything else just served as a good excuse to announce it.

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