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Only in Python ...

Not to take a piss on python , i actually like the languagee , especially the development speed you get with it. but... only in python are things that are an order of magnitude faster in other languages actually much much slower:   Branching logic vs Branchless Logic: import random from time import perf_counter_ns,sleep testnrs = [random.randrange(0,5,1) for _ in range(2**20)] def branch(nr,idx,result): if nr < 1 : result|=int((str(abs(result))*9)[1:3]) elif nr ==


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WordPad is no longer broken

If you didn't see my last post on here, WordPad wasn't starting as quickly as it should've been on my laptop. I tried everything I could possibly think of to fix it or at least diagnose it, but everything failed. I was recently thinking about things that could have some form of input into how WordPad works (which isn't much, it's got about as many settings as a light switch) and thought about the Windows Print Spooler service. For those of you wondering what the hell I'm talking about, t


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WordPad is Broken

Whenever I write one of these posts, there's a good chance that I'm doing so using WordPad. I know some people are probably wondering why, so I should probably start by answering that.   I don't use Microsoft Office because I'm not paying $80 for a word processor. I don't use LibreOffice because it's crashy, needs to be updated manually, and unfamiliar. I know WordPad has no spell-checking, but that doesn't bother me because I'm confidrnt enough in my spellig. I know WordPad doesn't ha


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Mako beast

a 16 cylinder engine  a 4600 lb tow capacity stiff suspension  an 5 star frontal collision rating 4 turbos 2 trims Weird suspension trim (WST) stiff suspension trim (SST) an 4 star rollover rating for weird suspension pros and cons  WST pros:  less possibilities of a rollover smoother ride  Cons: suspension bottoms out while accelerating (w/ trailer) hitch does not attach some times SST pros: suspension will not


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Thoughts on the iPhone 14

As the proud user of a tried-and-tired iPhone XS with an ailing battery and more scuffs than a drunk driver’s car, it should be fairly obvious that I’m not the kind of person who excitedly buys the latest iPhone when it comes out. Still, I often argue with the keyboard comedians out there who always make the same jokes about how a new iPhone is the same as the last one.   I’ve always disagreed with these people for several reasons over the years: The camera usually gets a s


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The click, the bait and the spy.

Not in that particular order.   Now, this isn't worthy of a thread but still I find it interesting, and I've rarely seen others talk about it at least outside the deep circles of the underground web, it's about clickbait, on YouTube, yet not the normal ones made by users but one made by them, and it works in a pretty clever way, as far as I know it can't be fully defeated unless you get all new hardware, so yeah, this is a DEEP trip down the rabbit hole. It'll only be noticeable if you


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VI Improved(vim) and everything wrong with it!

so after postponing for 15years i finally decided to give vim a go.... these are my issues with it most of them are applicable to the out of the box fesh installation of it.   lets start with the first couple: for a keyboard oriented editor (everything availeble from commands and functions without your hands needing to change positions ~ everything availeble from homerow) , to the point wer navigating a document (usually arrows) is duplicated to the keys hjkl , you do have

You don't want to use a Linux-converted Chromebook

About a year ago, I received a Chromebook from my mom’s friend. Its end of support date was sometime in June of this year (2022 if you’re reading this in 2023, 2024, or maybe this blog will be like religious books and people in the year 4843 will have this read to them by their robotic dog who is also their dental hygienist), so she figured I might want to do something with it.   I genuinely don’t think I’d ever wanted a laptop less than that, because I’m sure we all know the hardware

Dry rainclouds and emptiness.

The sound of AVR relays going crazy woke me up at 4 in the morning. Upon looking through the window there was a storm in the sky with lightnings going one after another through the clouds, however, there were no thunders, wind or rain present. Lights on hallways and stairwells were strobing so after rushing downstairs to switch off the fusebox I went back to bed and stared at the night sky for a little longer. What is a storm with no thunder, wind or rain? What is despair and sadness withou


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Thrasher_565 hub of links, build logs and w/e els

this is going to be my hub were i post links to other post ive made so i can clean up my sing a bit. a index to thrashers crazy findings and ramblings. links to argb, case, build logs and w/e els i want to add.   Build logs:   Thermaltake core wpp200 water cooled quad loop (main pc build )   x299 build (i7-7740X, X299 AORUS Gaming 7 broken..., mono block, 2x G.Skill DDR4 16GB (2x8Gb) 3200Mhz CL14-14-14-34, want a gtx 3090/80/6800, 3x m.2 wb, 2x ram

pacman is dumb really dumb from time to time

here is another thing that really sucks hairy monkeyballs in any arch based distro: so apparently pacman knows these two packages are actually the same as they occupy the same slot (conflict): :: ki18n and ki18n-git are in conflict. Remove ki18n-git? [y/N] (=>both answers haave the same effect the process exits)  but even if sees the conflict it doent actually know these are the same packages, since the -git version is installed lets check what version of the package is curren

Everything is a file is maby not always the best

sometimes the "everything is a file"  approach on *nix systems is great sometimes its not really especially when programming its not. the filesystem structure of certain  " special/magic" directories and there files is maybe unlikely to change in the near future. but filepaths tend to be just strings most of the time. even when they arent at first glance if you follow the trail down to where they are actually constructed they usually end up being just a collection of hardcoded str

Award Ceremony

This was a lovely little sprint we had, an amazing turn out when you take into account the current cost of living crisis and to say we produced over 2.7 billion points and that something we all be proud of. No matter if you were a whale or a sardine, you were a part of this achieve and for that, you should be patting yourself on the back.  Thank you to everyone who helps to make the events run smoothly and thank you to everyone who signs up for your understanding of my struggles.   Thi

Day Six - Baha Pushes Hard

Baha continues his push in the final days of the event, and if he keeps it up we will see him pushing up to 5th place by the closing whistle. Shlouski is looking so impressive, you can not help but appreciate the way they have smashed it and pushed the team to higher levels.    In first place, as has been the truth for the entirety of the event we have shoulski, with 394.2 million points, there is no way we won't be celebrating the legend by the end of the event at this point. miker07

Day Five - The Last Push

It's looking pretty calm in the ranks today, cbogfoot is back in the top ten and Baha is looking poised to advance further up the ranks in the last couple days we have left of the event.    I'm not going to write out the ranks today, not much has changed and unfortunately I gotta get ready to stream as I'm running late, I hope you can all understand. Please find the ranks below.      Day Five Stats   Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all

Day Four - Baha Strikes

So an alternative title for this would be Shoulski breaks the stats. As cbigfoot mentioned, he is producing so much the stats just don't line up, keep going man, let's see what you can do. Baha has come out of nowhere and struck right at the top of the table. It's good to see someone willing to shake things up even with such a short event.    Shoulski continues to show us just want a man on a mission can do, pushing the envelope ever higher, taking the number one spot with 260.7 millio

Day Three - Over One Billion

Well here we are, day three and even with only our small number of participants we are surpassed the one billion mark already. Thank you to everyone who has got involved so far, no matter if you have produced 100 million, or 100 points, you are appreciated.    Shlouski continues to push forward in first place, with 187.9 million points, it is looking like they aren't going to be caught during this event, but who knows, a few mercenaries here and there could lead to a massive change. Mi

Day Two - Impresive

Well here we are, seeing some mighty impressive numbers. Everytime I think we have seen the best we could have you guys smash it and just push that bit further, and for that I salute you.    Shlouski continues on their roll in first place, sitting there with 123.6 million points, they are certainly the one to beat and looking at the competition there is no one to challenge. Miker07 is next up maintaining second place with 104.1 million points. Third place is once again Mxyzptlk who is

Day One - Let's Play, 'Spot The Merc'

Well here we are, yet again folding in the heat of summer, many of us will suffer and some will be pleased with their hired help, but no matter where you get your points it is welcomed with open arms.   In first place we have Shlouski with an impressive 58.6 million points, followed closely by Miker07 in second with 54,3 million point. I can already see the rivalry brewing between these turn time to fire up every fpu you've got and push hard for the title. Mxyzptlk is sitting in third


Well here we are, it only seems like last week we were all gathered here for a folding event but it was in fact many months ago.    We have 56 people signed up for the first leg of this sprint and it will be interesting to see how many make it to the finish line.    So you may notice that I am not my usual self recently, unfortunately I have progressed to the point of needing regular high strength opiates to manage my condition, tramadol and morphine are certainly an interest

Intel Discrete Graphics Cards.. my take on what would be beneficial to the community and Intel

(Originally posted on the FTR Official Blog on Sunday 29th Dec 2019)   Hi www So over much time, I have been thinking about Intel graphics cards since before Intel themselves took it seriously.. In short.. Intel need to build a consumer-ship from scratch, and on every side they have the potential to be squeezed out of the market. So with that in mind, I have some.. recommendations for the Intel Graphics Department.. 1. you need a catchy name for your cards that has nothing