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GMMK Pro Review

GMMK Pro Review Pinnacle Value of the 75% layout?           Intro:   Lets begin with the main highlights of the GMMK Pro, when the launch of this went live in November 2020 it was highly talked about, Glorious was giving us all the features we wanted. 5-pin hot-swap sockets  CNC aluminum case  Gasket mount PCB  Screw in stabilizers Per-key RGB  Customizable layout via GloriousCore software or QMK (QMK compa


Ink I still have: Lamy - Blue Lamy - Blue-Black Lamy - Turquoise Lamy - Green Lamy - Red Lamy - Bronze Parker Quink - Blue Parker Quink - Washable Blue Parker Quink - Black (Cartridges) Parker Quink - Blue-Black Diamine - Oxford Blue Diamine - Amber Diamine - Oxblood Pelikan 4001 - Brilliant Black Pelikan 4001 - Royal Blue Montblanc - Mystery Black Montblanc - Modena Red


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NDtwofives HLGS contractors. I put in rainbow six vegas 2.

So if you know me enough you will know I like this guys OC contractors https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/10682487 I basically made waifus in vegas 2. Good thing he puts charter sheets. The first one was Suzuya, I had to match the gear kinda closely.   Clothes/gear Balistic helmet in grey High collar shirt in black Cargo pants in blue. Anaconda vest in grey. AR is a M468 with red dot Juliet, Was done on my la


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Watches from GATE and SAO GGO

I took some screen shots of some watches that one day I would ID them. In GATE One of the para jumpers wore a Casio Rangeman. (left screenshot, right photo by @Grumpy Old Man) M from SAO gun gale used in the anime a Casio GW7900-1.  


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Session 8

Yesterday I was busy and forgot about it. it's not going to be as daily as I thought. But anyway! *changes category name* It's getting increasingly hard to do these, I keep losing orientation around the traces and the discrepancy in distance overall is getting kinda yikes. I'm not stopping though but it will slow down the pace as I continue to get confuzzled. Revisions later may be needed if I care enough or it gets terribly bad.


Murasaki in Progress

Session 4

Doesn't look like much progress but drawing the bottom left part of the circle was exhausting, so much that it doesn't even come close in proportions or shape. But oh well I did what I could! Filled the remaining empty space so consider that part complete!  


Murasaki in Progress


Pens I still have: Jinhao x750 - M Parker Vector - M Parker Jotter - M Parker IM - F Lamy Al-star - M Lamy Aion - EF Jinhao 992 (Green) - F Jinhao 992 (Blue) - F Jinhao 992 (Brown) - F Jinhao 992 (Orange) - F Faber Castell School - M Hero 330 - EF   Pens I no longer have: Jinhao x450 - M Jinhao 159 - M Pilot Metropolitan - F Hongdian Black Forest Classic - F Hongdi


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Clicky Switch Round-Up

Clicky Switch Round-Up Click Clack THOCK!          Intro:   The base idea of testing out a bunch of clicky switches is to expand my switch repertoire. Clickys are not my favorite, as I do not particularly like the excessive click noise. I find the click sound already had from a tactile switch is satisfying enough, and for the most part all the clickys I have tried are linears that require very little actuation force, which is already my least favorite swi

Fresh Windows 10 installation configuration check-list, and how to take control of or dismantle your Windows 10 OS

Table of contents:   1. Preamble 1 2. Preamble 2 3. Getting on with the incomplete (see Preamble 2 for explanation) check-list 4. Instructions       Preamble 1   Someone asked me what can be done to make a fresh Windows 10 installation run more decently, and so here's a list of what can be done to make Windows 10  a more usable, peaceful, reliable, compatible, private, and controllable environment.   The premise of these instructio


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Japan Recording studio from observation

I notice that this version of Last surprise was recorded in Sony music studio Tokyo. Specifically studio 1 or 2 https://www.sonymusicstudio.jp/s/studioen/page/studio12?ima=3902#section1 clues big recording hall Bass player wearing M1ST The organ is well documented in Sony studio japan site The monitor boxes are same https://www.sonymusicstudio.jp/s/studioen/page/equipment?ima=0417#section5 THEFIRSTTAKE I believe is done in same bu


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The DC Metro-Losing a great identity/Why I hate the 7/8000 Series railcars

Today I'm going to expand on something quickly touched on in a status reply-The DC Metro's loss of an identity. Design was always a big part of the DC Metro. From the grand underground stations with a dim and overall relaxed theme, to the color used around the system. The original idea was to paint the railcars red, as this mockup from the late 1960s shows: However, due to cost issues, the decision was made to use a largely unpainted design with a large brown stripe. The cab end

Sony xperia placements

From 2017-2018 sony was really pushing there mobile products in movies and shows. in jumanji from DEC of 2017 sony expira phone Sword art online gungale online 2018 april to june expira spisderman intro to the spider verse 2018 fall SAO GGO 2018 so expira and there wireless headphones


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Retreat camera stuff

So I took my dads Panasonic GX85 out for 3 days in the middle of nowhere and learned alot. ISO I really am bad at guessing ISO range of the camera so some photos turned out with more grainy  camera gear is more tough than I thought It was rainy someday and I accidentally had a camera case in the rain with no camera just a lens with camera battery/charger.   yeah ISO 6400 is way to high for this. (Probably becausee I came


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Drop Carina 60% Build

Drop Carina 60% Build A Fun & Easy Build with RGB Flair!       Intro:   Right now this is a really popular market segment, 60% layouts are all the rage and the Carina seems to tick all the right boxes.       What’s the deal with 60% layouts? 60% layouts have risen in popularity mostly due to the growth in the custom keyboard space. They are a great choice as you can enter the world of customs for a fraction of the price compared to other la

sub68 AMA

So after a day here is some questions. @TheCoder2019 asks No, but I take the approach of Mr Rogers  Basically I respect your view and am normally ok to it. @Prodigy_Smit asks Proper German Sausage A remote controlled car it broke after my friend took it to a treadmill.   If you missed asking just comment below and I will answer


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