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Southpaw75 Review

Southpaw75 Review  A Budget Build w/ Full Assembly     This build was both budget focused, and experimental as I was looking for an option that required full assembly and soldering, I went with the Southpaw75, a 60% layout with a left hand (southpaw) numpad.     Here is the list of the parts I bought (USD): For $50CAD this is cheap for a custom keeb (cheap but good, making this a rare find), and while you will require more parts, this remains good

C³ Kiwi VS Zealios V2

C³ Kiwi's 67g  -  VS  -  Zealios V2 65g Battle of The Tactiles       Prologue:   This all begins earlier this year when I took my headfirst plunge into this bottomless pit of a hobby. I found the ZealPC Zealios V2 65g tactile switches both through recommendations here on the forum, and through reviews I had read + watched. I ordered a set, and sure enough, the praise was not unfounded, the caveat being they come at a bit of a premium, $1 / per switch. I

Award Ceremony 2020!

Ladles and Gentlespoons, it has to be said that quality has made up for quantity this year, we may be thin on the group but we have sure made up for that with the inane level of production we have seen during the third annual folding month. what this month lacks in surprises and excitement it made up for in sheer clout.   Before we get into the ranks and awards I want to give thanks, first of all I want to thank everyone who participated, no matter if you folded billions of points, or


GOTSpectrum in Awards Ceremony

Day Thirty-Five - All Good Things...

These are the preliminary stats, this is a list of everyone, even those that did not meet the minimum requirements as I think it is important to celebrate everyone who got involved! The awards ceremony will be posted sometime in the next 48 hours if all goes to plan so keep your eyes open for it.   In the meantime I would just like to thank everyone who got involve and folded for the event, even if you did not meet the minimum requirements I want you to know that you are still apprecia

Overwatch and Sword Art Online tie in

I thought of this last night. So in SAO kirito loves asuna but if he chooses sinon. (idk if this happens havnt seen full of SAO saga) Hanzo and genji could be there offspring. So another thing is I think kirito taught genji than sinon taught Hanzo this fits. Also kirito might have taught genji the arcade games in the arcade.  from this voice interaction from d.va and genji. source https://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Genji/Quotes ok maybe not, Sojiro was there

Day Thirty-Four - The End Nears

In first place we have the venerable Den-Fi with 2,212.69 million points, second place is filled by Macaw2000 who outproduced the king this time around with 1,573.11 million points and third place is taken by rodarkone with 1,009.08 million points. The maker of snacks galore takes fourth place with 913.60 million points followed by Miker07 in fifth place with 830.40 million points and Gorgon takes sixth place with 817.57 million points. Shlouski takes the next spot with 635.88 million points and

cleaning and new yt channels I like

so today my mom made me clean a room I inhabit. I have a old oem board I toke that cpu out and put it in a ESD bag. and I put a bunch of stuff in a box than put that in my garage.    Side note I have been watching hak5, Shannon Morse and DeviantOllam. personally I like shanon morse cause weeb


sub68 in cleaning

Day Thirty-Three - As The Days Dwindle

Den-Fi continues to sit on the throne with 2,124.04 million points, next us sitting in second place we have Macaw2000 in second place with 1,499.72 million points and rodarkone is in third place with 971.27 million points. Unilevers, the makers of tasty snacks is in fourth place with 885.81 million points, miker07 takes fifth place with 807.94 million points and in sixth place we have 790.99 million points. Seventh place is Shlouski with 615.26 million points followed up by _Rlocke with 609.20 m

Day Thirty-Two - The Resolution

In regards to the issue of the corrected end date of the event that was raised on the event thread today, it was decided that the revision will stand, the event will be concluded on the 15th of November as planned.   Also, due to this, future events will have new rules. We have always tried to keep rules to a minimum as folding events are supposed to be fun community events based on mutual respect and understanding. These rules have been mostly decided and we are awaiting approval by t

Day Thirty-One - Den-Fi, So Close My 'Friend', So Close

In first place we have Den-Fi, who got so close to two billion points, but with 1,998.91 million points he certainly has no reason to be labelled as anything other than a crazy cat GPU lady, Macaw2000 takes second place with 1,374.61 million points, and rodarkone in sitting in third with  897.94 million points. Unilevers, the maker of tasty snacks finds themselves in fourth place with 833.06 million points, miker07 has 756.09 million points taking fifth place. Gorgon takes sixth place with 739.6

Day Thirty - tep Continues To Do Their Thing

I'm not going to write a blog post given the fact that I just woke up and I'm probably not going to be awake for much longer, heres the ranks.    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EviFUruJTD8eaxQ5weMilU2Dwkry_3isKg_RCVxWt98/edit?usp=sharing   Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for Science, AND GLORY!    I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worth whi

Day Twenty-Nine - The Ranks Seem settled

We are now into the fifth and final week of the event, this is usually a time a little change and cementing positions. We have seen some amazing production during this event taking us to heights never seen before during any LTT folding event.    Den-Fi sits in first place with 1,788.35 million points, followed by Macaw2000 in second place with 1,207.94 million points. rodarkone finds themselves in third place 788.97 million points, Unilevers is in fourth with 753.85 million points and

Day Twenty-Eight - Outage

With my internet connection now recovered we are back! I'm just going to drop the stats and not much else, but a small disclaimer, this stats are the correct point values for the 00:00 update and will reflect that accordingly.    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QckuWkCBuWgXTSm7jD-d_8q8rC0LT9IrmOQDzMOXGYY/edit?usp=sharing   Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for Science, AND GLORY!    I'm really impressed with the numbe

Day 27 - good Times

As many of you may know I have had a lot of alcohol tonight. My dads wife has had good news regarding her recent cancer operation so we have been celebrating, I'm not going to lie that I am quite overcome by the effects of alcohol. This blog post will be short due to the use of voice-to-text software.    We have Den-Fi wearing the crown with 1,711.05 million points, Macaw2000 with 1,141.14 million points and in third place rodarkone with 752.71 million points. Unilevers on in fourth wi

Day Twenty-Six - DirectingGnu... 911... Okay Then

We have Den-Fi wearing the crown with 1,636.04 million points, Macaw2000 with 1,077.88 million points and in third place rodarkone with 721.64 million points. Unilevers on in fourth with 693.44 million points followed by miker07 in fifth with 629.83 million points, Gorgon remains in sixth place with 608.69 million points, Shlouski is on seventh with 481.86 million points, _Rlocke in in eighth place with 460.29 million points, LAR_Systems in ninth with 384.83 million points and finally the gateke

Day Twenty-Five - Macaw2000 One Billion!

We have our second participant hitting over one billion points for the event, you guys are just simply OP!   Den-Fi maintains his rule by sheer force holding onto the throne with 1,560.79 million points, Macaw2000 continues in second, being the second person to pass the one billion barrier for the event with 1,020.23 million points. rodarkone is in third place with 706.53 million points, with their production dropping so low Unilevers could prove to be a challenge who is currently in f

Day Twenty-Four - tep Doing Their Thing

Den-Fi has remained sitting on his throne with 1,485.63 million points, Macaw2000 is in second place with 961.94 million points, rodarkone is in third with 702.4 million points, Unilevers is in fourth with 634.56 million points. Miler07 is in fifth with 582.46 million points, Gorgon takes sixth with 560.27 million points, Shlouski takes seventh with 444.55 million points, _Rlocke is next up with 421.86 million points, LAR_Systems is in ninth with 353.03 million points and the gatekeeper continue

Day Twenty-Three - Reflection

Honestly there's not much to talk about here so I am going to forgo the usual rankings and take this blog post to instead talk about why we fold. As I am sure you all know the world is currently in the grips of a viral pandemic that spreads across all continents, and has touched every country. Now, in recent times it is this pandemic that has been taking a major part of the computational power of the network, but there is other research that is being done.    Causes like cancer for ins

Day Twenty-Two - rodarkone Down?

Well today we have seen Den-Fi do his best single day of the event, and almost certainly his best single day ever folding, rodarkone has produced zero points over the last 24 hours, Dr.Robos production has dropped massively and Marknd59 has managed to keep his top 20 spot.   Den-Fi is looking as close to undefeatable as he ever has in an event before with an amazing 1,327.95 million points, Macaw2000 is in second place with 859.35 million points, a whole platinum badge behind Mr.Den, r

Day Twenty-One - DirectingGnu2 Rising

In first place we have Den-Fi with 1,237.85 million points, Macaw2000 takes second place with 804.90 million points, rodarkone is in third with 699.73 million points, Unilevers in fourth with 548.33 million points, miker07 in fifth with 501.59 million points, Gorgon takes sixth place with 485.45 million points, Shlouski in seventh with 389.09 million points, _Rlocke in eighth with 372.90 million points, LAR_Systems is in ninth with 305.72 million points and finally Justaphf is on the gatehouse w

Day Twenty - Much Of The Same

The ever present and benevolent Den-fi continues his reign of chaos with 1,148.52 million points, producing over ten percent of the entire events output today is certainly looking undefeatable by this point in the event. Macaw2000 has made himself comfortable in second place with a very admirable 742.45 million points, and rodarkone is in third place with 689.07 million points. Unilevers is still sitting in fourth with 521.16 million points, miker07 is in fifth place with 475.67 million points,