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  1. I thought Zen was already set up before Jim Keller came in? Didn't he work more on K12? maybe i'm getting confused with rumors from 4 years ago.
  2. Only 400$ above MRSP? Only ones I can see are 2K USD +.
  3. Honestly don't agree with the revoking of the executive orders by Biden, but the semi-conductor boosting is at least a start. It seems to me that keeping the current restrictions on Chinese companies in place AND THEN decide whether to rescind them based on the official recommendations would be better since it airs on the side of caution. Keen to see the semiconductor investment isn't just pocketed by corporate.
  4. I guess its a good option for those that really can't stand any noise at all.
  5. I think I remember those really high end corsair units have really long warranties, do you know if yours is still covered? If you want to buy a new PSU now or in the future, I'd suggest getting a good quality unit around 700-850W.
  6. Oh dang, I'm blind. You're completely right then, ignore my PSU suggestion, HX 1200W 80+ Platinum is a big baller PSU. Never have to upgrade the PSU ever again.
  7. Unify has 4 m.2 slots while tomahawk only has 2. Tomahawk has 1 Gbit/s AND 2.5 Gbit/s lan while Unify only has the 2.5 Gbit/s lan. Unify has 2 RAM slots for a max of 64 GB of ram if you get 2x32GB sticks of RAM. Tomahawk has 4 slots for a max of 128GB if you get 4x32GB sticks of RAM. They are both quite decent options IMO.
  8. I just think the 1200W platinum is a waste of money. If the efficiency difference is tiny, get the one that costs less money.
  9. Yeah, I thought so. AMD is never gonna be able to compete using CUDA or CUDA emulation, but it might as well still tap into the market of non-CUDA professionals which even if small, is probably still a decent size for AMD to target, seeing as it is a smaller volume company compared to Nvidia or Intel anyways.
  10. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Q2yZTJ Looks decent right now. The case could possibly be improved since it doesn't look like it has too much airflow, but if you chose base on aesthetics I guess that's okay.
  11. Looks good but that PSU is overkill. Even if you stepped it down to a 1000W version it would still be somewhat overkill. You would actually lose efficiency, since PSUs are most efficient around 60-80% of their rating. I know that having a good quality PSU is nice, but there isn't really a need to go 1kW or above unless you plan to do exotic cooling or multi-GPU with the most power hungry cards. I would suggest a 850W version of your current option or another high quality 850W platinum PSU.
  12. Some other people have already offered good suggestions and parts lists, but in case you want to change or add to their suggestions: Don't need the extra thermal paste Don't need that many fans. Your case is realistically only going to be able to fit 2 more fans. There are 7 useful fan locations in the case (3 top 3 front 1 back), of which your CPU cooler is going to occupy 3 of. The case comes with 2 fans already. Unless your plan is to replace every fan with an LL fan (which in that case your choice makes perfect sense). @Forleb made goods points in that your PSU is WAY o
  13. 6800XT Pros: Large VRAM amount, objectively better gaming performance when DLSS or RT isn't a big concern. 6800XT Cons: No CUDA, no hardware RT, no DLSS (FSR as possible alternative, but don't count on it). 3070 Pros: Good mining performance, Better RT performance, DLSS as an option, CUDA 3070 Cons: Objectively worse gaming performance, small VRAM buffer. Imo, if you care more about gaming, go with the 6800XT. If you care more about mining/work consider the 3070 since depending on if your Solidworks and CATIA workflows can use CUDA, the 3070 might be better fo