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  1. I don't know if it's the Aussies themselves that actually want this issue addressed. Looks to me its more like Australian media corporations lobbying their government to legislate in their favor.
  2. Another case of YouTube's reporting system and algorithm failing for everyone except the top 1% of channels (even then being a terrible experience) and being easily abused.
  3. I'm not disagreeing, I'm just rationalizing reasons that the current administration has put these tariffs in place and future ones might still employ despite it not being effective. I'm aware tariffs in general are not a good tool for much of anything and I agree that especially in the case of US tariffs on China, its pretty pointless. It's not like there are currently tariffs against China for no reason, its just the reasons given are flimsy as hell.
  4. I probably should've used quotes as well when I wrote "ethical", but yeah it's "ethics" on the surface with big side of "other motivations". I'm not a fan of Trump's tariffs in the slightest either, but from what I've seen, future US administrations have to at least entertain the idea of economic measures to spar with China. Yes, of course the US wants China to bend to its will. The US wants every country in the world to bend to it's will, and it's done a damn good job of it for the past 40 years, for better or for worse. What I'm saying is that at least for the many products that are still im
  5. If you really take a look at it, its the perfect time to introduce policies like this during such a tumultuous time. Once other factors like Covid supply chain disruption, scalping, and crypto mining either die down or are normalized for, tariffs and economic policies used to encourage more ethical production (and probably other motivations) can remain while public opinion will just be happy to even be able to buy something for a 25% percent markup versus a 100% or higher markup.
  6. I'm waiting for a small form factor version of something like this or an RX-6700 series card, but seeing how even the normal sized ones won't ever be in stock I'll probably be waiting until RTX-4000 and RX-7000 series come out.
  7. They're like starfish. If you cut a GPU in half, each half regenerates a perfect copy of itself.
  8. Who's had positive or negative experiences with Unions in their workplaces? I'm a college student so I can't say I'm informed.
  9. As a person that never personally had to deal with any of the negatives of Flash with its security problems and other myriad of issues, I can only say I remember it fondly. From what it looks like though, HTML5 is indeed a worthy successor and so its not like there won't be a replacement for the creativity and fun things that Flash enabled people to make. Its nice that there are a variety of projects and methods to preserve and emulate flash content so that at least a portion of the internet that was can be archived.
  10. For what it's worth, I know some universities are switching or at least considering switching to a RISC-V curriculum for computer engineering and architecture away from things like ARM and MIPS. Probably won't matter until a decade or two down the line when many graduates have experience with RISC-V, but i guess we'll see how it pans out.
  11. Can't wait for people to defend Intel keeping this feature locked until now. Now we just have to wait for a couple more Zen generations before Intel also allows CPU overclocking on B series boards.
  12. It's not completely trivial to switch fabs though. AMD's spent the past couple years optimizing and designing architectures with TSMC's roadmap and nodes in mind I think, so switching to Samsung or god forbid somehow back to Global Foundries as their main fab would be pretty disastrous imo. As much credit as AMD engineers get for architecture design, at least some of the improvement from AMD processors has been due to the great engineering they are able to utilize through TSMC's nodes. If they had to resort to another fab's process node, they might have had to scale back some of the improvemen