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  1. That's completely true. However, I think even if meat alternatives were cheaper, it wouldn't change the picture too much. Besides, with the USDA consistently subsidizing and funding traditional meats, I doubt corporate will ever let their representatives move on, just like oil companies.
  2. The cultural and systemic reliance of almost all humans on meat of some kind is something that will slow down the mainstreaming of meat-alternative products until humanity is literally pushed to the brink of extinction. Not to say that things like veggie and fungal meat substitutes won't increase in popularity, but as it can be seen in this thread alone, most won't give up meat, with many hesitant to even decrease consumption. The amount of pollution and land use that animal husbandry requires is significant, but most country and people will probably just ignore the problem until it is too lat
  3. I know this is off topic, but this obsessive need for more of these metals is another reason why nuclear energy is so great. Everyone thinks of nuclear waste, but nobody thinks of the toxic waste produced in orders of magnitude higher quantity in order to mine these rare-earth and non-rare earth metals. Also waste containment. Nuclear waste is some of the most highly visible and regulated waste products out there with the public eye extremely critical of even potential leaks while everyone turns blind eye to the extremely destructive storage and disposal methods of these mining wastes for some
  4. Aren't the last generation Phenoms actually better than the FX series in most things if you compare them core to core? My friend has a phenom 1090t that he used up until last month playing starcraft 2 competitively (although he said it was a pretty choppy experience). For everything else (basic, daily use) he had no problem.
  5. I agree with a lot of what you said. All of my family is still in China and I definitely see some relevance in the laws that are being passed. The intent is good, but execution is very bad. Maybe just limit smartphone games and microtransactions that are actually harmful to children. I'm super curious about what people living in China actually think about this, especially the children, but I don't know anyone under 18 in China.
  6. How does a video about ByteDance uploaded to Youtube, owned by Google, get censored by ByteDance? If he posted the video on TikTok, then he should've expected that, but if this was a Youtube video, I'm confused as to how ByteDance can censor a person that is on a completely different platform (Youtube).
  7. I'm not saying specifically that they should aspire to be esports players at that age, I'm not endorsing skipping school. I'm simply saying that amount of time you put in to be good at some skill, any skill (in this case video games), if it is artificially limited, is going to put you behind those that don't have those limitations. Yeah, maybe you shouldn't aspire to be a video game player at that age, but plenty of kids and adults that are currently in Esports have gotten there by spending loads of time (much more than 3 hours a week) practicing, studying their game. I don't see how it is dif
  8. I'm not saying you can't be good playing just a bit at a time, I'm trying to say that you'll always be behind a person that can play more than you. If there were two of you, one in China under these new laws and the other you as is, then it would take the you in China a lot longer to get to the same skill level since you have over twice as much time per week to play.
  9. Yes if you think Esports is exactly like real sports where you can do a variety of exercises in place of the actual sport for most of the training, this wouldn't be such a big deal. However, if you think about how a Esports aspiree would train, it wouldn't make too much sense. How would you practice for a videogame if you can't access that videogame (or ANY other videogame). The only way to practice an esport is to play that esport (or something similar) and train with others. Imagine trying to train for the Olympics but you can only perform physical exercise for 3 hours a week. Esport "exerci
  10. I mean it doesn't have to take years but its certainly not gonna help. Imagine only having 3 hours a week to game while another kid in the US, South Korea, Brazil, France, Russia, or literally any other free country can play from dawn till dusk if they skip school. I'm not saying kids should game all day, but they're definitely gonna get better a lot quicker compared to kids in China. Esports largely looks for fresh blood with younger people so its gonna be harder to find better players in China at a young age. At least compared to the talent pool globally.
  11. What is also really interesting about this kind of law is how it will affect the esports scene and talent pool for the CN region. Other countries will have kids being able to master shooters and mobas from an early age while the chinese talent pool is gonna be significantly worse.
  12. This is great for illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of current classic renewables (solar, wind, etc.). It is very resource intensive (especially for rare earths, cobalt, lithium) if done on very large scales. For specific cases like homes, small businesses, smaller scale areas or towns, it can be a lot more efficient and useful.
  13. Seems rather useful and I'm actually surprised that something like this hasn't been made or at least made more popular in recent years.
  14. Interesting to see where this project will end up. I'm just hoping they don't put it in a state with severe water issues since I've heard that fabs require a large amount of water.