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    Ryzen 7 3700X
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    Gigabyte X570 UD
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    Crucial Ballistix DDR4 3200 16GB kit x2 (second kit RGB version)
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    Inno3D x2 GTX 1070 rev 2.0
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    Aerocool Xpredator Evil Black Edition
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    Adata SX8200 Pro 512GB (NVME), Crucial P1 1TB, 4TB RAID 0 array (Seagate Baracuda ST2000DM001+ST2000DM006), Seagate ST4000VN008 4TB, Liteon 22x DVD iHAS124 F, Dell 8x BD B DH8B2SH
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    Antec EAG650
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    LG 24EN43 1080p 60Hz, ViewSonic VA1938w-LED
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    Wraith Prism RBG
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    DragonWar Atomoz GK-007
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    Logitech G402
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    Asus Xonar DGX (never use the GX mode when playing Fallout New Vegas)
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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    Galaxy TabPro S, Asus Transformer Infinity TF700 32GB (Katkiss 39/Android 7.1.2)
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    LG K41S

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  1. Nvidia is known for not following "higher number=better". I've got an FX 5600XT for example, that is actually slower than both a standard FX 5500 and FX 5200 (kind of got ripped on that one). Then they more recently haven't differentiated properly between different products (they used to use VE, LE, XT etc for segmenting low end parts). The GT 1010 being faster than a variant of the GT 1030 is quite likely.
  2. I think that there are already plans in existence for a re-worked F1 engine, that apparently use only 6 parts due to the advancements in manufacturing (which at the same time meant that the originals couldn't be reproduced either).
  3. My GTX 650ti is a lot faster than the DDR4 GT 1030...so that is an extremely low bar.
  4. I had to enable every single feature required for standby to get it working in my Socket A rig. I forgot however to also enable the calling of the VGA BIOS coming out of S3...luckily I hadn't set the power button to put it into standby yet.

  5. And what if your upload speed is only 5MBps due to the internet? Wifi is also a bitch to get working for backups - especially with Android.
  6. @dizmoIts a PITA doing device backups over USB. It is always far simpler and easier to simply store everything on a card, and occasionally remove it and do manual backups. Stock recovery on any consumer device BTW is always shit as you can't do actual full partition backups (or move files to external storage - TWRP allows for that)
  7. So, the S21 is a downgrade when it comes to functionality. Typical. My Mum's Galaxy Tab S6 is a perfect example of why an SD card is important. She hadn't gotten around to moving her files to the new card, and as a result when a google update bricked the tablet (the recovery partition got broken as well), she lost 6 months of work. Older files luckily were still on her Galaxy Tab A's card.
  8. Its an S3 Virge, with a heatsink added (they didn't need one). It is missing the mpeg upgrade card however. https://th99.infania.net/v/I-L/52815.htm
  9. It was probably something planned, but HP realised that it'd result in them losing some big lawsuits.
  10. Laptops are computers. So manufacturers have managed to partially weasel their way out of needing to comply completely? Luckily for us all, HP appears to have stopped with their bullshit BIOS whitelist. My 2010 HP Pavilion DV6 3010AX has that with the wifi card. Even though non listed wifi cards worked perfectly fine if swapped around when the computer was asleep (it auto-installed the correct drivers). I really fucking hated the fake error when trying to post with it installed.
  11. Updating my motherboard to support the new Sempron properly removed support for my Duron at the same time. Fuck.

  12. Some PCIe 3.0 cards simply won't work on PCIe 1/1.1. I found that out the hard way with an R7 240 and my Asus P5K-VM (still far better than the Intel GMA). I had to pull the GTX 650ti from my main rig. My latter GTX 970 also worked on it BTW. @Jess2.0 Definitely upgrade to at least Phenom II X4, and perhaps try to get something better such as the 650ti 2GB (equals a GT 1030 GDDR5, also has low profile versions). Skyrim on a Core 2 Duo E8500 was nowhere near as good as my Xeon X5450.