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    LTT's resident target compound archer
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    United States
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    Physics, computers(duh)
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    cabinet shop cnc operator


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    i7 9700k
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    asus z390-p
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    2x8 crucial ballistix LT
  • GPU
    evga rtx 3080 ftw3
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    Meshify C
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    1TB 850 evo, 1TB WD blue sn550, 1TB 860 evo, 2TB xpg gammix s11 pro
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    leadex III 850w
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    samsung odyssey g7 lg 27gl650f-b
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    dark rock pro 4
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    coolermaster storm quickfire tk (mx blue)
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    dt990 pro
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    windows 10
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    lg v20
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  1. wtf so if someone is at a university or something it just blocks their entire university
  2. i mean are they having them build cpu cores or is it just the IO die/motherboard chipset
  3. what do you mean by advanced? most advanced architecture? then you'd only have to go back to before the gpu or cpu was produced. my 3080 was launched September 2020 and probably i was in production for a few months before that so lets say January 2020 to be safe. if you mean the fastest computer its apparently around 2000 and 2001
  4. compound archery i guess. Archery itself is relatively well known but a lot of my friends dont even know what my compound bow is.
  5. theres the fossil hybrid HR I dont really know much about it so you will have to research it yourself but it fits that description. theres also something like the tissot t touch connect but thats 1000 dollars so its probably not in the running
  6. i have a yonex nanoray 10. the thing about it and probably others in its family is that its a very light racket so if your playstyle is around smashes then probably its not the racket for you. but if your playstyle is like mine and is more about placement and control then its a great racket. there are many times when im serving and my friends dont bother going for it because they think its not past the line but it lands right in the corner. and they tell me they shouldnt have doubted me lol. the same thing goes for smashes. while my friends with their heavier rackets can deliver more powe
  7. they should have instead bought focal and forced them to remove the "safety feature" where the headphones start clipping at 114db
  8. Source: https://www.theverge.com/2021/5/7/22424367/sonova-buys-sennheiser-consumer-business-headphones-soundbars Well I hope they can continue making great headphones. I'm not sure why sennheiser was struggling so much when they should be the top sellers of audiophile headphones.
  9. i recently got the moondrop aria and i really like them. also the cable is replaceable if your cats ever chew them up again
  10. you mean like what intel does every generation and receives 0 backlash for. i guess amd should just change the pin layout like intel and use that as justification
  11. i think hes more talking about an alignment issue and yeah that comes from cheaper movements
  12. yeah but idk why they want steam to do about that. like not allow people to download steam unless they also have origin, epic games, and uplay on their computer?
  13. i thought that was only for stuff with metal enclosures and that appears to be in a plastic box. I know a lot of plastic laptops dont have the ground pin im more concerned about the lack of ventilation lol
  14. yep thats the other 10% but there are a ton of resource online to help you with that and if you cant find an article or something there are people you can ask on reddit etc. and the easy way to think about it with US taxes at least is anything you gain money from you need to report and pay taxes lol