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    LTT's resident target compound archer
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    United States
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    Physics, computers(duh)
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    cabinet shop cnc operator


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    i7 9700k
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    asus z390-p
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    2x8 crucial ballistix LT
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    evga rtx 3080 ftw3
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    Meshify C
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    1TB 850 evo, 1TB WD blue sn550, 1TB 860 evo, 2TB xpg gammix s11 pro
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    leadex III 850w
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    samsung odyssey g7 lg 27gl650f-b
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    dark rock pro 4
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    coolermaster storm quickfire tk (mx blue)
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    dt990 pro
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    windows 10
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    lg v20
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  1. i know someone that spent $200k on black desert online. and then earlier last year he got perma banned for RMT LUL he got a new account but im not sure how much he spent on that one
  2. yes so I can get on a flight to see my gf one last time
  3. when i get drunk i just get sleepy and want to go to bed anyways
  4. why not disallow it for "nonportalable" devices also if its such a security advantage. i guess they are going to advertise removing the lightning port as improving security also
  5. ok but know you are playing with fire hopefully metaphorically not literally
  6. this is after they decided to sell off their nand division also
  7. i wouldnt call this proof but it was suspicious how intel's kaby lake G collaboration with amd suddenly got canceled when they put all that effort and got an working product.
  8. i mean theres endless things you can say this about. how do you know being able to remove and add hard drives wouldnt be a vector? how do you know being able to change ram wouldnt be a vector? how do you know usb ports arent a vector? well actually we know for sure they are a vector so should devices with no usb ports be advertised as having better security? i guess thats one way apple can advertise their one port macbook
  9. Post image

    The raid shadow legends sponsorships are getting out of control. They are now sponsoring siege guilds in bdo also smh

  10. yeah ive been debating whether I should take money out of my retirement account to buy a grand seiko snowflake. Im only 21 but still I don't want it to become a habit so maybe I should just save up for it from scratch.
  11. because they tend to make more product oriented decisions rather than marketing/financial oriented ones
  12. again i agree they are not good at it but their official stance is that they will do it while parler's official stance is that they wont
  13. charcoal fire can reach 2010F and the melting point of aluminum is 1221F
  14. it would be gambling and its probably near the peak right now. I would wait until it comes back down
  15. well twitter and facebook make some effort to delete it or at least takes an official stance against it. parler just says we dont care.