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  1. Guest Mode Execute Trap (GMET) From AMD: "A silicon performance acceleration feature added in next gen Ryzen™ which enables hypervisor to efficiently handle code integrity check and help protect against malware" If your CPU doesn't contain MBEC or GMET extensions, then VBS is emulated. That has shown to have a major performance impact on older CPUs. Though less so with 6th gen. Your 3200G is the latest CPU that would be emulating VBS. But the performance impact wouldn't be too noticeable; but there would be an impact regardless of how insignificant.
  2. If the CPU gets too hot, then the Leidenfrost effect takes hold and you can't get rid of the heat fast enough.
  3. If this is a desktop CPU, then you might look into upgrading the chip for Windows 11. But I agree, let the official benchmarking show results on different CPUs before making that decision.
  4. While that CPU is on the official compatibility list, the 3200G is based on Zen+ which doesn't contain the GMET (Intel calls it MBEC) instruction set for hardware accelerated VBS support.
  5. SVM is required for VBS (HVCI). Though you shouldn't (in theory) be experiencing any performance hits if you're running 7th gen Intel or newer, or AMD Zen 2 and newer. What CPU are you using?
  6. I'm assuming you're performing this update in Windows? If so, has it even started, or in the middle of progress?
  7. 100c would be a serious concern as that's what the CPU is rated up to. The fact you're hitting 75c under load tells me that you're well within safety. So no problem
  8. I'm not worried. I'm sure there will be a patch soon. If not, well, guess MS will just have to give Windows 12 away for free
  9. In addition, I'm expecting Chinese to dump (liquidate) real-estate to pay off debt. It will be real interesting how this effect US, Canada, and Australian markets over the next several weeks.