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  1. Well, we can clearly determine that there is an issue with his machine then since the card works fine in the other machine. Clear the motherboards settings. Then re-install the cpu, memory, GPU, and leave everything stock. Don't fiddle with memory frequencies/voltages.
  2. My favorite part about setting up Windows on a new machine is the part where it asks for a product key /s

    1. like_ooh_ahh


      Reminds me of a video from 2006. Play at 3:30


      But I think Windows has been like that since Windows XP.

  3. Well, I finally got my MacBook Pro back from Apple. To fix the keyboard I'm pretty sure it was just an issue with the connector on the logic board. According to the service receipt all they did was clean the inside. 

    1. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      you'd think they would have checked that before sending it back to you the first time... 

  4. That's literally the reason. Also Apple Silicon can't run Windows natively. That makes any Apple Silicon Mac out of the question for me.
  5. I never said a blackout erases a crypto wallet. I said when there's a blackout a person with a crypto wallet is broke. Such a problem does not exist with Legal Tender Cash and Credit Cards (which were used without internet or power just a few decades ago).
  6. You want a source for saying that the public should be concerned with preventing illegal activities?
  7. If they're using them to generate money for illegal activities or dodge taxes (something crypto is fantastic at doing), yes it is the buisness of the public.
  8. How is a technology that is disrupting power to people who need it not a cancer? Unregulated mining that causes that consumes that much power should be illegal. We're not talking about "frivolous" power consumption, we're talking dangerous levels of power consumption. If I was using enough power in my city to cause power outages for everyone else, I'd be in trouble.
  9. Rumors are rumors, either way, I can't buy an Apple Silicon Mac for compatibility reasons.
  10. imagine having money that does not exist when the power goes out....
  11. the brick, unless the behavior carries over no matter what charger is used.
  12. I haven’t experienced this, however I have had my 2020 MBP kill it’s ability to charge (requiring a logic board replacement). The power brick can charge low power devices like an iPhone or iPad at 18W, but supplying the full 61W is not possible. An explanation could be that your power brick is going bad. It might be having difficulty building up the required power and it’s possible it might fail soon. I’d look into getting it replaced by Apple.
  13. I have no idea what I’m doing. (In model making or in life)




    1. TheGlenlivet


      Stick the pokey things in the holey things.

      That works in both modeling and real life ;)

  14. Very nice. The new Apple Watches are pretty cool. My Series 2 is getting up there in age but its perfectly capable of tracking a walk and showing notifications. Any particular reason you got the Lighting to HDMI adaptor?
  15. Apple is once again in possession of my Mac to “repair” it. Also I asked the lady I talked to do have them swap out my power brick but idk if that’s gonna happen or not. Might have to contact them specifically regarding the brick

  16. Finally got around to replacing the earcups (with official Audio Technica earcups) on my M50Xs. I also ordered a headband cover since there’s no real way to replace the pleather there. 

    1. Java


      Audio Technica *chefs kiss*

  17. McRib and DankPods is a good combo


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    2. sub68



      and dankpods is one of my favirots too

    3. Java


      It truly is, the peak of happiness

    4. WY6


      ahh i see your a man of culture as well

  18. Finally home after spending 6 weeks in Arizona. Was stuck there due to COVID exposure. 

    1. CircleTech
    2. Schnoz



      6 weeks in Arizona


      How are you not charcoal

    3. DrMacintosh


      Its winter. Arizona gets cold. 

  19. Screw Apple. 

    I got my “repaired” MacBook back today. Upon opening it I started restoring from my Time Machine Backup. I sent a picture in my excitement to @iamdarkyoshiwho promptly pointed out that the keyboard backlight was broken! Argh!!!



    I also went to plug in the Mac (the original reason for the repair was that no AC Brick was detected but said brick would charge my iPhone and iPad) and I was greeted with nothing...To test I plugged in my Grandmothers Samsung Quick Charger and was greeted with a charge chime! 

    So that means my power brick is partly dead. But the Mac can receive power. But now my Keyboard needs to be fixed. 

    I’ve scheduled another repair with Apple. This time to replace my top case and to replace my power brick. 

    For reference, it took Apple 14 days to “repair” my Mac. 

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    2. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      wouldn't an M1 Mac be in warranty...? in what way does apple benefit from them dying?


      anyway @DrMacintosh i do find it ironic that you had one of the most flawed Mac's for years and never had an issue with it, this is supposed to be the better one and well... 🤣

    3. DrMacintosh


      @Ashley xDI know! I actually did have an issue with the keyboard and got that replaced, but I didn’t really need to do that. This Mac was bought so I could avoid flexgate and a keyboard failure out of warranty. Then it went and killed itself with the charger and Apple fucked it up. 

    4. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @DrMacintosh funnily enough my MBP derped itself a few days ago. basically it started randomly freezing again on Catalina and i finally got filled with rage, rebooted into High Sierra which i had installed just in case Catalina derped itself, and then when i tried to delete Catalina to expand the 64gb High Sierra partition, it completely shat all over itself and that caused everything to be deleted from it. it was jsut all gone. 


      it wasn't the ssd, i put it in a different computer and it's working fine. sooo i don't trust that MBP anymore. 


      i'm probably gonna jsut buy something like a Latitude or whatever on the used market, i'm kinda done with Apple's recent OS releases. they just seem to be getting worse and worse, while Windows is getting better and better. 


      sooo we are both mad at apple currently lol. 

  20. Do you honestly believe that an honest, hardworking individual can “earn” $185 Billion? I think you would have to be insane to believe that.
  21. His parents owned a mine. That’s hardly nothing. He bought into most of the companies he runs. He hasn’t really created anything. He’s kinda like Steve Jobs only more privileged since he had money going into life.