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  1. Will be gone for 6-8 months to start my rotations. Hopefully I survive. I'm on Discord anyway should anyone wants to talk about something be it tech, life related. 

    1. Benji


      Oh, okay.

      I wish you all the best 🙂

      See you then!

    2. lewdicrous


      Good luck to ya.

      Stay safe out there.

    3. Schnoz
  2. Call an exterminator for god’s sake.
  3. But it’s only IP addresses right? Proton Mail didn’t hand over the email contents to authorities nor did they unlocked the email contents.
  4. I live 15 degrees above the equator. Hence, only wet and dry seasons. Considering how disgusting snow looks is when it starts to melt and mix with mud, I probably won’t be living in any country with four seasons. I don’t like the extra work of digging snow out of my car’s tire before I can get away from a parking lot.
  5. You can blame sanctions to that. Huawei for instance cannot outsource manufacturing of their Kirin chips to TSMC due to US sanctions, that’s why the current P50 Pro uses SD 888 but only on 4G. Apple right now still uses Qualcomm modems, I’m not sure what are they doing with their in-house modems after buying Intel’s modem division. I wouldn’t call it marvelous that much. One of the reasons why Apple chips are faster than Qualcomm is because they have a larger cache and it’s not a general use chip any OEM can use. https://www.androidauthority.com/why-are-apples-chips-faster-than-qu
  6. One of the reasons why I find it hard to switch to an Android phone is because almost all of them lack a physical mute switch, something iPhones had for many years and I hope it stays that way.
  7. Mini version of a big flagship = same resolution display = same chip = lower battery capacity = abysmal battery life… so no
  8. 15 year anniversary. I’d say Justin Timberlake still does the best falsetto among American singers.
  9. Then tech journos will roast them in the press calling it the most boring Apple event ever. They gotta talk a solid 10-15 minutes about how the 5nm+ in the A15 is miles ahead than what Qualcomm has or how the iPhone supports more 4G and 5G bands which is another 10-15 minutes. Then camera features another 15 minutes, then a talking head video with Apple execs on how they delivered those features. If you ask me, their videos talking about their chips kinda sounds like an Intel or AMD event. I kinda miss Jonathan Ive’s “chamfered anodized Aluminium alloy” in Apple videos.
  10. The latter I assume. Apple tends to split their product launches in different months in order to create hype. The event would’ve been too long if they launched both the new Macs and iPhones on the same day. Edit: I don’t know why did Apple typed HTML tags for italicize in the subtitles as seen in their Oct 2020 event?
  11. If a whole chicken won’t fit, you can always try a Cornish game hen.
  12. You can do roast chicken, but keep your expectations in check when doing air fried chicken. Deep fried chicken is still better. If you’re roasting chicken, better to do a whole chicken instead of parts. Right now my use case for an air fryer is roasted root vegetables. Drizzle with olive oil, little salt and pepper and my quick dinner is done.
  13. Still a stupid and half-asses solution. Well, this wouldn’t be the first time Apple implemented something shitty and half-assed. For the longest time notifications arrive chronologically until iOS 12 fixed it. Just place the damn Touch ID sensor in the power button.
  14. I’d rather have a Touch ID button on the power button just like the iPad Air and place it on the right side. Since most people in the world are right handed, putting it in the right side is fine for pressing with the thumb.