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  1. looks like an OEM copy lol It's nice to be cautious but I don't think getting paranoid is good either. The stress of overthinking if you got exposed might actually be bad to you as stress causes the release of cortisol which is an immunosuppressive hormone.
  2. Are you saying that this guy's Norton antivirus mask will not protect him from Covid ridden droplets? /s
  3. Nothing beats flu and cornaviruses better than taking a bath or handwashing with soap and water. I remember around March where many people are hoarding every bottle of rubbing alcohol and toilet paper in every supermarket shelf, but no one pays attention to hand and bath soaps.
  4. around 90% effective to the OG SARS-Coronavirus-2, the SA and Brazil mutations lead to decreased efficacy you can still carry the virus through fomites and infect others, but assuming your body was able to quickly ramp up antibodies and other immune cells, you cannot transmit the virus through sneezing respiratory droplets. The adaptive immune system once it recognizes a known antigen can quickly respond in a matter of few hours instead of two weeks.
  5. I'm a cold brew, dark roast coffee supremacist

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    2. Schnoz


      12 minutes ago, RorzNZ said:

      How many cups a day are you on?


    3. RorzNZ


      Just now, Schnoz said:


      I'm on 5 and i time them perfectly. 2 with breakfast, 1 when i get to work, 1 at 10, 1 at 2. 

    4. captain_to_fire


      17 minutes ago, RorzNZ said:

      How many cups a day are you on?

      usually one to two servings per day (250-300 ml/serving) and I use a lab beaker to measure my coffee. I usually get three servings per day if exams are coming. I used to drink just like you before but after getting hospitalized for GERD back in 2016, I drink less and I found out that of all the ways to make coffee, cold brewing using a French press extracts less of the acidic substances and dark roast has the least of it. Prolonged roasting results to decrease in the acidic stuff.


      That's why I was never a fan on blonde roasts or medium roast with the hipster fruity notes coffee because it's more acidic. 

  6. If only it was seasonal but it has survived four seasons
  7. Well our gov't basically said screw the CDC guidelines and let anyone who want it have it because even before Covid, we have high cases of bacterial pneumonia. I had it before I started my treatment for my autoimmune disease, my mom, dad and my sister had it. But I can understand as to why some countries would restrict it to healthcare workers and people with preexisting conditions in order to maintain adequate supply.
  8. Well that sucks! Is it because of logistics issues or concerns for supply? I got mine last year in a private clinic with no questions asked other than my intent to get a shot. The only adverse effect I experienced is mild soreness and feeling of heaviness in my deltoid for two days.
  9. Don't forget to get a pneumococcal vaccine too (PCV13 and/or PPSV23), ask your doctor about it. It will not protect you from Covid-19 but it should help reducing mortality due to S.pneumoniae, a common secondary bacterial infection in cases viral pneumonia.
  10. I stand by #mask4mask. I always carry rubbing alcohol with me.
  11. Not even a Covid-19 outbreak can stop me from going on a date next week.
  12. I'm pretty sure you can find reviews on YouTube about M1 excelling in those heavy stuffs. In the last video attached below, the M1 Mac mini is is trading blows with the Mac Pro with 12 Xeon and Vega II with 32 GB VRAM. By the time the last video was made, the some of the programs used for the M1 are running on Rosetta 2 translation.
  13. Why would resolution be a problem for Apple Silicon Macs especially the upcoming iMac? The M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro both have a 2560 x 1600 display resolution. Also, as weak as the current base Intel iMac with dual core 7th gen i5 without dGPU, that already has a 1080p display.