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  1. Just because something is the market leader for something, does not make it the best option for everything. Quite the opposite really, that fastlyCDN outage is a good example of why you don't want to be using the thing everyone else is using. The same goes for AWS (all of them) and Cloudflare. Most "cloud" options are usually the worst options for something that has an established usage pattern, and really you only want to use cloud services for bursty loads you can't ever get enough capacity for. Floatplane is not netflix, you aren't going to have a million people hamm
  2. No. It doesn't work that way. The device needs to either have a pass-thru mode, or needs a capture card to do that, and even then, you still need the device to work. It's not worth the energy expense to use it that way.
  3. This. Or rather more in line with "MacOS", and "FreeBSD" and similar where the version number is no longer a meaningful thing. Along comes a OS update, and everything just works (within reason.) Windows and Linux are unfortunately very "reinstall the OS from scratch to update", which results in a lot of tinkering, complaining and that's just not user friendly and doesn't retain users to those OS's. Windows at least seems to work, though the vast majority of broken programs is due to Microsoft removing/depreciation functionality (go ahead, try to run a Win32s
  4. C = NVME SSD on a PCIe card with a heatsink (no fan) and thermal pad, 7956 POH, WD V = SATA SSD, 11900 POH, Crucial, on the backside of the case, so it's not being cooled by the air cooling. V also has 50TBW, and C has 25TBW For reference the other drives are mechanical and located in different locations H = 7200RPM, 28200 POH, WD Black, bottom drive chassis D = 7200RPM, 70,050 POH, WD Black, bottom drive chassis, oldest drive G = 7200RPM, 24540 POH, Seagate BarraCuda Pro, bottom drive chassis F = 2677 POH, External powered USB chassis, WD (Gree
  5. Nothing wrong with using Windows. At least it comes with the PC and can be reasonably expected to work without the user having to fiddle and tweak things. nvidia discontinued mobile kepler support 2 years ago with the end of Windows 7, so really this was expected.
  6. It seems in this case, Microsoft is going "me first", and I guess to a certain extent, which includes Stadia and PS's version of cloud gaming, this can work, at least temporarily when the hardware isn't available. Just I kind of fear for the future if everything but indies go cloud gaming, like MMO(RPG/FPS) games already kind of suck just for playing the more characters and actions are on screen already. The best games end up being 4-12 player maps, exclusive of any other players, because then the netcode ends up being too garbage with people who aren't in the same timezone, let al
  7. No. Captcha's can be solved by bots or solved by humans via amazon mechanical turk. At best, all captcha's do is delay things, which is why they're still used. In fact things are going in the opposite direction now where captchas are now actively harmful when used by systems like Cloudflare CDN because all captcha's were intended for was "spam-able" situations, like comment fields on forums. That can take the spam rate down from 1000's per minute to 1's per hour. Putting them on stores however, doesn't solve anything. If you were to put one on a store, all
  8. No, nobody in this thread is a lawyer, and everyone is just throwing in their armchair 2 cents, you included. Nothing is ever as black and white as what a bunch of commenters on a forum think it is. This is not a game where there is a winning condition.
  9. That's just standard pass-the-buck from any computer shop. "Backup your data before you hand it over to us" (because we are going to wipe the machine, and not actually fix it.) This happens with PC's, this happens with Mac's, this happens with Nintendo 3DS, Wii, WiiU, and Switch devices, and it happens with mobile phones. The thing is, ultimately businesses want customers to be liable for everything (which is why you get phonebook-sized Terms of service, end user licenses, privacy agreements, etc), and for them to be liable for nothing, and you get kicked to
  10. Yes, someone with no knowledge of how the game works, if shown the photo from the book and a screenshot where the alleged texture appears, would be hard pressed to say those are the same image unless there is something unique about the photo. The photo on the cdrom is NOT the image in the game, no matter how you spin it if looked at from a digital level. That's why you have to prove Capcom actually copied that image, unaltered, at some point into the game, and not merely re-created something that looks like it. The hack does not prove this. She could be claiming more than what is actually in t
  11. And yet you still missed the point. She has not proven that. It's speculation. You are arguing like nobody could recreate a texture. Remember what the license is for? https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/0393730077 You could use this book to make you own stuff look like the photos. That's the entire point of the book. Nobody has proven all the images from the book are in the finished game. Period. It's speculation.
  12. Steam, just move the SteamLibrary to a external drive, done in one. EGS you can technically do the same, but getting EGS to actually use it is another matter and suffice it to say it would rather you redownload everything.
  13. It matters, because the evidence here is the hack, not the game, where the same file names were present. Let me reframe this, because people in this thread are being really obtuse about this point. You have a real house, you have a photo of a house, and you have a house created inside a computer. No matter which way you spin it, you have not stolen that real world house, even if you've taken photos of that house to build that house inside the computer. You obviously could not create that house from scratch without the photos, but that doesn't mean you simply put the ph
  14. Please stop interpreting what I say as "is" instead of "could" regarding procedural generation. The point I'm making here is that Capcom's artists had the opportunity to re-create a lot of those "pattern" textures, that doesn't mean those textures from the cdrom are in the game. The hack only proves that some of those images were used in the development of the game, not in the game itself. I'm not about to sit there and do a LP of a game just to prove or disprove this, especially since I don't have Judy's cdrom to even know what I'm looking for. As I said before, th
  15. No, I very much know how copyright works thank you very much, and have been sending DMCA's on behalf of artists for years. I wish some of y'all would realize that this a field that I have experience with. I repeated Leonards argument about "there only being one registered copyright" , which is at most $150,000. Actual damages are not going to to be 80 x $150,000, because first of all, she can not prove that all 80 images would count, and second she has claimed to have licensed others before, and I somehow doubt she was licensing them for $150,000 each either. Did