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  1. It's higher than you think. Particularly when people google "download (thing) free" and various spammy piracy sites pop up. I'd be more willing to believe that someone downloaded one of the fake downloaders first. No honor among thieves. Video piracy is almost impossible to catch malware unless, again, someone is downloading a "player" instead of the video.
  2. Eh no. A third party AV, like norton/mcafee etc is obsolete by virtue of Windows including an AV product that is less invasive, less naggy, and zero cost. Some of these rubbish third party products are no better than snake oil (often flagging cookies as spyware to scare you), nothing is improved with any version, and the latest UI's for these products include entire web browser UI nonsense for no reason other than to upsell you on their most expensive product. AV products for mobile, mac and linux, are some of the worst snake oil, because viruses tend to not get onto th
  3. LG's phones were never good other than a few odd models. They were very average-to-poor build quality.
  4. YT is used to train machine learning algorithms, particularly text to speech and speech recognition.
  5. I had a content id claim on something that was in the public domain and youtube did nothing, and as the rights owners are apparently not in the US, no way of escalating it, so I just muted that part of the video because an IDENTICAL video I made with a different sound generator didn't get claimed and pointed to that. It really sucks for content creators who know what they're doing when the machine learning doesn't, and the people who review the content aren't allowed to use their personal knowledge to make a decision. Ultimately, what needs to go away is the "strikes" s
  6. Have you ever talked to law enforcement? They still use paper for everything. Most of the people you speak to in law enforcement are not interested in high-hanging fruit that requires work unless it involves a team of people to take down something nefarious. Low hanging fruit like speeders and drug/weapon offences are easy to solve because the physical evidence is usually on the subject. I doubt any city police force has a "internet crimes" division. I know the RCMP/CSIS and FBI/DHS do monitor social media, but it's usually only for reports of crime-in-progress (eg idio
  7. That's why code need to be audited. Machine learning is a bit of a wild card as it's not trained to have bias, it learns that bias from the input variables, that's why twitter has a problem with identifying black people in it's auto photo cropping. If you only train the face detection on white faces, of course that will happen. It's the same with googles nudity detection, it will frequently identify cartoons as nudity because of the solid colors. Google also has some kind of detection for detecting those under the age of 13 in videos by voice because at least one person
  8. Easy. They're not allowed to look at it. At the (auction site) there is a department called "prohibited items" and only a handful of people are permitted to look at the horrible content people post there, and it's traumatizing. You don't want your entire staff to be exposed to that.
  9. There is no bias. Machine learning, learns from what it's fed. If it's fed "this language is violent, find posts containing this language to bury" then it will bury a lot of right-wing content along with a lot of trash-talking gaming. Two different people on twitter, will have two different experiences based on who they follow. If you are following a bunch of idiots, and they complain they are being censored, perhaps it's their targets reporting it. They are literately being censored by their own actions.
  10. Youtube doesn't have an exclusivity clause. Twitch affiliate/partner does. I'm only vaguely aware of the onison person because one person I follow on twitter was basically posting about them negatively every week for about a year before I kinda stopped caring about the topic. Here's the thing though, there are channels on youtube that are basically drama channels, they look for people to tear down, and will find any grief to do it to. This is completely unchanged behavior from the previous generation of social media, only now the content gets picked up by search engines
  11. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube all have algorithms that push engagement, but they make no distinction between cesspools, astroturfing or echo chambering. The problem I find is that people have been asking for Twitter to enforce it's own rules against the ex-president since before 2016, and Twitter just didn't. Meanwhile both left-wing and right-wing people have being complaining about being censored on Twitter and Youtube, because again, algorithms bury their content. There is no secret censorship cabal. It's algorthims, and algorithms learn by what content they were train
  12. OEM's don't include GPU's for free. Like there's really only two scenarios that make sense: - Insufficient stock to fill all OEM orders, so they have to produce a minimum of X amount of GPU's on Y foundry - They want to cash in on the supply problem. The miners are only after the high end cards, but a RTX 2060 is roughly the same performance as a GTX 1080 So whatever is released, isn't going to solve a supply problem driven by scalping and cryptocoin madness. Most of the sales of laptops and desktops in the low-end tier, tend to use these kinds of
  13. You mean Apple's good decisions. You after all don't want someone who steals your phone able to unlock it by swapping the secure enclave with another. The thing that Samsung likely botched here is having a process to backup the secure enclave, disable the driver to it, replace it, re-enable the driver to it, and then restore the enclave. This is the same thing that happens on Windows laptops if you don't turn bitlocker off before doing various maintenance items. I'm sure Samsung was tired of losing to Apple in the government/business contracts.
  14. I think we're reading too much into this. It's more likely these are being re-introduced for OEMS (eg Dell and HP) because otherwise they will have to resort to selling only iGPU systems when their current stock of... everything, runs out. There would be no other compelling reason to introduce them back into the market other than OEM's being unable to make budget low-end systems.
  15. That's actually not how it's done. It uses the macos kernel-extension tool So you have to have the file already on the machine.