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  1. If I were to guess, I'm going to say that Premire Pro has not been optimized for the M1 or M1's hardware decoder/encoders, as I know off hand the Geforce parts have "locked" encoders, where the quadro's do not. GP104/GP102 (Pascal) had 2 or 3 NVEnc's on the high end parts, where as TU (Turing) and GA (Ampere) only have 1. On PLEX benchmarks the x80 parts (Pascal and Turing) can only encode 6 4k streams at a time, or 19-24 1080p streams. Keep in mind that each encoder requires explicit amounts of video memory, transcoding 4K requires 1.3GB of VRAM where 1080p to 1080 is 320MB. At an
  2. All they need to do is come out with a GPU that beats the 3060/3060Ti with 12GB of VRAM to make a dent in adoption. But if they price it where the 3060/3060Ti is right now, it's only going to be purchased by OEM/SI's who have essentially no other option. Pretty much if you go into any computer store right now, the only computers you can buy have 1050Ti/1650/1660's in them, if they have dGPU's at all. Everything else if it's in stock at all is overpriced, and a poor value compared to holding onto anything 2 years or older. Heck the only reason I bought the 11th gen Intel CPU was be
  3. The problem is that this benchmark is kinda vague. Like note how the Geforce 3090 is behind the 3080 Ti. If anything the benchmark favored the system with larger amounts of memory and barely weighed in on the GPU because the bottleneck was very likely the system memory. As I mentioned before in another thread, the memory bandwidth of the 3060 is slightly under the M1 Max. So those scores being similar to the 3060 seem pretty much where it should be.
  4. Why. It would reduce RSI from constantly having to reach across the keyboard. Especially in cases where you just need a dang number pad.
  5. The smart thing would have been to return the Function keys, and move the "touchbar" functionality into the touchpad.
  6. Various places I've worked/volunteered/visited: - 80's, All paper, few computers, printers directly attached to computers. - 90's, All computers, printers in 1:10 ratio, usually with mechanical or auto-switches, network printers didn't exist until like 1996. - 2000's, All computers, sometimes with 2 screens, printers in 1:50 ratio, no inter-office communication on paper - 2010's, All computers, sometimes with 2 large screens, even at home. Rarely anything get's printed unless it needs to be signed -2020's, everyone works from home now. Honestly, there's bee
  7. Dell has those problems with the 12/13/14/15" model laptops. I have actual photos of warped laptops. This is a Dell Precision 5530, note the height of the A and Capslock. This prevents the screen from closing. The warping required Dell to replace the entire top of the laptop. This is even worse. These are Latitude E5270's On the Latitudes, the warping will not only prevent the screen from closing, but warp the top and bottom of the laptop. The laptop beside it is flush with the desk. I have more pictures of dell's being warped, b
  8. They shouldn't have to if you unlock it first. The "machine gets wiped when I get it serviced" trope is specific to software or replacement of the hard drive. So with Mac's that have a soldered-to-the-MB SDD, if they have to replace the MB, then yes, you'd lose it.
  9. Again, until there's software that is optimized to use that configuration, you're going to end up with "ports" of software that doesn't work like that. Apple has been behind for literately a decade on anything that is "gaming" and only the MacPro ever been a real computer, and they neglect that platform. Honestly I'm more optimistic about what Apple might release as an iMac/MacMini based on the same M1 Pro/Max, since those devices are less limited by the laptop form factor, and do not have battery-life issues. I've never been thrilled about owning an iMac, because I felt if you're
  10. Buzzword. https://www.theverge.com/22701104/metaverse-explained-fortnite-roblox-facebook-horizon Basically it's just "internet where you persist as an avatar in it", which is something that's happening already with vtubers, and MMORPG games that don't use instancing. Minecraft and Roblox are examples of "metaverse" type of games where the sandbox permits creative freedom. VRChat is closer to the kind of mash-up-ness seen in Ready Player One. But since VRChat or Second Life is owned by a company, it's not yet there. But ultimately we're not there. Facebook is doi
  11. You're going to run into thermal problems on any laptop for any heavy workload. For reference, The Dell Precision 5xxx parts are equal to the XPS models. The only way you're going to get extra headroom is either moving to the 17" model or acquiring the Precision 7xxx version of of the same model, which have pretty much the same hardware with better cooling headroom.
  12. If you've seen what you can do with Civil3D, Revit, and various rendering systems, they quite literately demand some stupid levels of GPU power/memory bandwidth. https://lumion.com/autodesk-autocad.html Lumion eats GPU's for breakfast, and actually complains if you install it into a system below a 4000-series Quadro, it's high-end requirements is literately "RTX 2080Ti/RTX 6000 or better with G3DMark of 20,000." Take a note that on the G3DMark list, there is not a single mobile GPU above 18500 (Quadro A5000 mobile.)
  13. No, you're right. But those laptops can also be configured as 128GB. The 17" laptops from 2016 had 32GB, the ones from 2020 had 64GB. But ultimately the determining factor is the dGPU memory bandwidth. And that's on AutoCAD I guess. This is the same software that the performance falls off a cliff when you plug in a docking station because AutoCAD won't use the dGPU if the primary monitor is on a iGPU or software-GPU like a rubbish displaylink dock. Right, and I've only encountered two engineers that demanded the maximum Dell configuration. I wouldn't be trying to sell them on an
  14. If you've ever seen a workstation laptop try to load a large, as in "does not fit in system memory" project (most laptops had to come with 64GB of system RAM just to load them) you'd also note that most 17" laptops have an additional 16GB of video memory on TOP of the system memory. Memory bandwidth requirements are dictated by the underlying Autodesk products, which like any software out there, is often extremely conservative and not realistic of actual use. Use cases will vary, but for the engineers I worked with, the ones with 3-4 monitors hooked up to their laptop, they would t