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  1. Today
    1. Letgomyleghoe


      reminds of the monolith in "2001: a space odyssey" 


      *reads first paragraph* 


  2. Just saw the P400A is $89 on Newegg Canada ... but $50 shipping ??? damn !!



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    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      Shipping is a pain.

      Mindfactory takes $10. Which is a complete disaster if you think about buying a $20 product like a SD-card, small SATA SSD or some fans.

      On the other hand where I bought the SSD today is the opposite. Yes they use Hermes as this was there own company but they give you 15€ newsletter discount (just 30€ or more purchase required) + some months "prime"/free shipping and from there on it is either 10€ per year or 6€ per order at the moment.


      For the $50 shipping I guess they ship it from newegg USA to canada.

    3. wkdpaul


      Actually, that would make sense, I know Newegg sometimes do ship stuff from the US.

    4. dizmo


      It's actually not that bad considering it's coming from the US. But, it's definitely a reason why I don't buy from NewEgg.

  3. Now the forum is getting sassy





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    2. Letgomyleghoe


      jesus christ, what OS?

    3. ragnarok0273


      Windows 98.

      The hard drive is dying though - when booting the loading screen freezes occasionally and I hear "cliiiiiick, tic, <silence>, CLICK" a bunch.

      Thankfully I have attics.

      So many weird things in attics.

    4. fpo


      I think lazy game reviews showed of a product that lets you use sd cards as storage. May be worth looking into, ragnarok. 

  4. Stop this nonsense MK11 first it was terminator/robocop + Rambo + Joker + Spawn and now these skins....MILK MILK MILK DLCs

  5. ';plsd;ljas;lakdsfpAF WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?! 😫




    It said this the second it shipped lol...



    I feel like the driver that picked this up just threw a temper tantrum about working conditions and drove off into the sunset with my package.

    At least that is what I'm telling myself to make myself feel better.


    Sucks tho.
    Won't have my case to finish this new server build over the long weekend.

    Oh well, there are worse things going on in the world than waiting a few days for a package.

    1. soldier_ph


      oOo which case are you getting ?

    2. Tristerin


      pakidge noise intensifies

    3. Den-Fi
  6. I wish LMG and its giveaway partners were more clear on countrys eligible for giveaways. I usually have to dig into the Terms and Conditions to find it saying "US AND CA RESIDENTS ONLY"


    So yeah I wish you guys were more clear on this and it also causes a load of people who aren't American or Canadian citizens to not realise that they are not eligible for the giveaway even after completing all entries


    also pls do international giveaways

    1. soldier_ph


      Yeah I agree. I think that foreigners deserve to be included in the Giveaways as well as US and CA Citizens do. 

    2. Letgomyleghoe


      @soldier_ph It's more of logistical issues, the cost to ship something from one country to another is insane, let alone if you can ship something across country's ATM, then you also run into the issue of people from somewhere in the middle of nowhere winning the competition and not being able to ship the prize.

    3. Bananasplit_00


      i agree that it should be clear if a giveaway is geo restricted but giveaways are so rarely international that you might as well assume its not beyond  the region  the giver is located.

  7. There don't seem to be particularly many people here who are into actual hobby electronics and I haven't seen anyone else mention anything about it, but...I am *totes* excited about Espressif's upcoming ESP32-C3! RISC-V + WiFi, with Espressif's popular and pretty good SDK? Yes, please!


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    2. WereCatf


      @LetgomyleghoeBetter? For what? MCUs and SoCs are meant for entirely different kinds of tasks, so comparing ESP32's to Raspberry Pis misses the point entirely. It'd be like comparing a race-car to one of those massive dump trucks -- while both can technically drive on the same road, one is meant go fast and react quickly, the other is meant to do a ton of work.

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      idk i was just asking a question, i know Jack about hobby electronics

    4. WereCatf


      @LetgomyleghoeWell, okay. MCUs are good for all sorts of sensors, driving motors and in general tasks where you want millisecond or even microseconds response-times to events. MCUs are all about very tight control over every aspect of the software running on it and doing it extremely efficiently. SoCs in devices like Raspberry Pis are really more for running more complex software, like e.g. routers, media-players, low-end laptops.


      Just as a quick example, I have a small sensor in the basement monitoring temperature and humidity and reporting the values over a long-range, low-speed radio-system called LoRa. The sensor spends extremely little time in collecting the info it needs and sending it off, before going to sleep, and thus it last about 1.5 years on a single charge of its battery. With an RPi Zero or something, I'd maybe get a week of runtime doing the same thing.

  8. Ok who had random Alien thing in the middle of nowhere for November ?


  9. Selling stuff on Facebook is literally the worst.

  10. I started folding once again (I've had to move some machines around so I missed folding month), and one of my machines is estimating 475 PPD. Dang, talk about fast!

  11. 2005 called, they want their riced cars back








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    2. Levent


      Widebody kits are making a comeback for worse. Shit, people are ricing out Ferraris now. (Ps, I actually liked Victor's Supra, don't hate me.)

    3. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @LeventVic's Supra is one of the best looking cars in that game. Izzy's RX8, Earl's EVO and of course the M3 GTR are also nice. Webster's Corvette too. this game has loads of cool cars in it.

    4. handymanshandle



      where's the lexus gs430

      wait this isn't midnight club 3

  12. It's so bright 🌈😮

  13. There would appear to be a lot of "used" PS5 and XBOX Series X consoles on sale at three times the price (compared to "legitimate" sellers) 😒

  14. I received something very smoll and expensive today:

    I also got an appointment for a Covid 19 Test tomorrow.

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    2. sub68


      @Benji they probably coated the camera with a anathsestic



    3. Schnoz


      I'd make a schnoz-related joke about getting  impaled by a Q-tip, but I don't think now's the time.


      We wish you the best with your COVID test tomorrow!

    4. Letgomyleghoe


      The nasal swab COVID test isn't actually as bad as it's made out to be lol, it takes like 1.5 seconds and then you just feel like you have water in your nose for a few minutes.

  15. 150g MX Springs.



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    2. Den-Fi


      Great for when you want to make sure a keypress is very intentional.

      Or if you're 'chew.

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      Den-Fi after 150G switches 




    4. Energycore


      Almost missed the GN Bar Runner acting as backdrop

  16. is the gtx 1660 super worth the money?

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    2. WaggishOhio383


      Okay. That should be able to handle a 1660. You just might want to upgrade the CPU some time down the line

    3. N001


      i probably will, but ill probably buy a new motherboard as well. cuz i heard amd makes some badass cpus

    4. N001
  17. You think you know alot about tv's, moniters and pc hardware until a freaking NASA engineer comes along and makes you look dumb.

  18. First snow of the season. ☕🍩☃️

  19. Intel....what are you doing man?


    You finally make something I am actually interested in but your marketing men decided that it'd be better to conduct a smear campaign on your main rival rather than pushing forth the reasons I should buy laptops with your Tiger Lake processors...

    1. soldier_ph


      Intel be like rn:


  20. Revenge of the AIBs.


    AIB AMD cards for the 6000 series will be above MSRP because AIBs are salty that Nvidia is screwing them.


    Reference AMD cards sold from AMD's website will be sold at MSRP.


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    2. AluminiumTech


      @Spotty It's not a conspiracy, Nvidia is forcing AIBs to accept profit margins so small that if they sold Nvidia 30 cards for MSRP then they would go bankrupt. GN has 4-5 sources confirming this.


      The only way to counteract this is to increase the final retail price as GN's sources said they did.


      MLID's sources are saying because these profit margins are still very low for Nvidia, Nvidia is selling tons of cards straight to miners and switching allocation away from gaming.


      AIBs are super pissed off about this and will milk every last product that they can sell to make up for the fact that Nvidia is doing this. This isn't a conspiracy. This is what AIBs themselves are admitting to.

    3. Mateyyy



      Reference AMD cards sold from AMD's website will be sold at MSRP.

      What cards?

    4. Blademaster91


      Nvidia is taking the hit on margins with the 3080FE? The FE cooler design is much more complicated than AIB cards, I doubt that.

      And AIB's raising the cost $50-150 over the $649 MSRP is just shooting themselves in the foot, I think its more of supply being low so AIB's are going to take advantage of it and keep the prices higher.

  21. i finally ran it




    1. Energycore


      What a flex


      I can't even bench 4000 points 😛

    2. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      @Energycorei mena for an almsot 11 year old computer it's not bad at all. dirt cheap too. you should just build a dual xeon system ;) 

    3. Energycore


      I have no personal use for one, other than flexing, which might be reason enough 🤔

  22. Tired of all the green yet?




    If you said no, we can be friends.

    Unless... I don't like you. :)

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    2. piratemonkey
    3. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama


      @Den-Fi so AMD is like " It should work but we can't guarantee it 100% "

      I mean if your work is so serious that it needs ECC and high reliability you'd probably have the resources for an Epyc cpu.

    4. Den-Fi


      @Drama Lama Nah, it's more "we really don't want to eat into our EPYC market-share by advertising this feature." I'm sure they tested it.

      It was just an extra jab at Intel for disabling feature for the sake of product segmentation.

  23. Man, does it ever feel good managing to move a heavy office chair up a ladder through a hole which it doesn't quite fit into

    1. soldier_ph


      u wot m8 ?

    2. wANKER


      You mean that 

      I'm going to die here 

      Whey I didn't die 


    3. Schnoz


      "Physics is just a suggestion."


      -@Red :), probably

  24. I've got 2 of MSI's diagnostic brackets in my Ebay watchlist, and the cheapest of the 2 in my cart. I was given an offer of 20% off. However the first one costs just under 9GBP+4GBP postage, while the second costs just under 14GBP alone in postage...and they are both from close areas within the UK.

    Yeah, not going to take the offer.

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