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  1. Wave length in a (or most) Microwave ovens is 6,4 cm. If the opening is smaller the waves stay inside. Actually you can... *DISCLAIMER* I DO NOT ENDORSE ANYONE DOING THIS AT HOME /*DISCLAIMER* ...drill a a small hole with i e a 10 mm drill at the back of the microwave oven and it really won't effect how the oven works
  2. Both The Prince and Art of War are interesting reads. But even for its "chineseiness" I felt that Art of War was easier to read, partly because it is a really short text and also because Machiavelli being, I don't know, Italian (?) there are so much superfluous writing for describing things. I mean just get to the point old dead dude!
  3. Read it more because if its historical implications. The only story I remember in (somewhat) detail is the one with the general, known for his cunning, that when defending a city against an superior army opened the gates and sat on top of the wall playing his flute. When the generals of the invading armies saw this they found it to be suspicious and they decided to retreat and not sack the city. A plus is that its a book that is not as tiring to read as the Prince I have Miyamoto Musashis Book of Five Rings in my book shelf, someday I will read that too
  4. I remember this was a thing some 20 years ago to with mobile phones being able to mess with the pace maker just by doing what a mobile phone does. Granted nowadays they signal strength is lower (when in standby mode) than the burst that 2G phones used to give out when communicating with a tower. Not saying these news should be waved away but just a reminder that mobile phones and pace makers have a long history of not liking eachother.
  5. Spindel

    Fan Issues

    Wait until these young ones learn about that a lot of CPUs used to come with bare dies back in the day. Oh those where the days, here is a picture of a real CPU and how to OC it without fancy menus in the BIOS
  6. I've never felt Hue was a rip off. Of all my "smart" home things my Hue lights have been the most reliable, has the wides usable range of dimming etc. (I don't use that much colored lights as I use Hue stuff mainly for general lighting and I don't want my home to feel like a borthel)
  7. Isn't the reasoning in OP flawed? Or at least not fully formulated. Yes you can't simulate the universe in real time because of the reasons given in OP. But you could still make an simulation of the universe (theoretically). If we set all initial parameters as they are right now, then run a simulation of what will happen in the next 2 minutes you theoretically will get the answer from that simulation. Only caveat you get the answer 3 days after the simulation started. But real time simulation might not be what is interesting, to a scientist it
  8. Spindel

    Fan Issues

    Man I feel old when someone comment that a standard molex connector is "weird" Back in the stone age, when I still built computers, those where the connectors used for delivering power to: Floppy drives, CD/DVD drives, HDD, All fans except CPU and GPU fan. I remember not having enough molex connectors for my case fans so I simply wired multiple fans into a single molex connector. Oh and forget any form of fan speed control back then, all fans where either on (plugged in) or off (disconnected).
  9. The answer is boring and simple: -Because they don't have to. And someone at the companies sellin computers have probably made the math that extending warranty does not give a competitive advantage so they simply don't add any warranty. You can reason even further that all laptop manufacturers (except Apple) simply assemble components, all made/designed by other companies (except for the mother board PCB in some cases) and they simply don't want to be liable for stuff that someone else makes.
  10. Everything I write is from an assumption that you go the engineering route. If you are going to university choose something that interest you. What you major in at university does not have that big of an impact on what you actually will work with as long as you have an engineering degree. To put it in over simplified terms, what you learn when you get a engineering degree is not the actual topic you major in but you get the toolbox to take in, process, and analyze data in a fast and effective way no matter what topic. That is what is of value for a future employer when
  11. But I want one, preferably with passive cooling (natural convection and radiation), that can fit under my windows like my current electric radiators to prevent the cold convection from the windows when it's cold outside. Heating a house isn't just about throwing W of heat into it. If you want proper thermal comfort you should also think about where you put your heat sources and have a decent mix of the heat being emitted by radiation and convection. Where I live the standard for radiators is beneath the windows for 2 reasons. 1. Stop the cold convection from the
  12. Someone should seriously make an affordable space heater/mining rig. I live in a cold country and my house is mainly heated by electric radiators (and a air to air heat pump). A mining rig with a thermostat (just as my radiators) would actually be a excellent idea. Heat my house earn some BTC (or what ever) in the process. The waste heat is used for something I need. It just can't cost $3000 or whatever that space heater mining rig Linus looked at a couple of years back.
  13. I fear the day it breaks. Best keyboard I have ever used. This one I've had since 2013.
  14. Is my mac allowed in here? Apple M1 Mac Mini 16 GB RAM 512 GB SSD A1243 keyboard Magic Mouse Gen 1 Asus ProArt PA27AC Edifier Exclaim Connect Speakers Logitech C920 WebCam EDIT:// The switch behind the monitor is a D-Link DGS-108