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  1. Apples fight against right to repair meant I couldn’t replace the kidneys in my cat when they failed.
  2. Hey just wait a minute. Is this really a problem? Dosen’t basically all hardware that isn’t ancient have TPM allready?
  3. Damn I forgot Agent Carter! That TV series, particularly S1 was really good.
  4. Seen all in the list except The Hulk (#2). In addition I've seen Blade 1 and 2 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Dare Devil movie Dare Devil Netflix series Jessica Jones Netflix Series Luke Cage Netflix series The Punisher Netflix series Ghost Rider movie Elektra movie Deadpool 1 and 2 All X-men movies Fantastic Four (2016 movie) Spiderman (Tobi McGuire version all three of them) The Amazing Spiderman (both of them) Venom All Transformer movies (I consider them Marvel since they made the comics) Th
  5. It isn't even an issue today. The issue is developers demanding subscription or micro transactions for everything.
  6. Do not underestimate convenience factor. If we think back to pre streaming services and usable digital stores piracy was damn more convenient. And to be frank today if we look at services that let you "buy" a file it is only music that is kind of more convenient than piracy nowadays by being able to play the files on any device without a crap load of DRM locking down the files. For movies this is sadly still a thing. Also with the fragmentation of streaming movie/TV services there still is a convenience factor to piracy where (I won't go into details) the
  7. Voting with your wallet is absolutely the right thing to do. What you and other people in threads like this don't seem to realize is that the, to you, really big issue is a non issue to most other people. Products fail and brands fall out of favour all the time because people do vote with their wallet (they stop buying said products and brands).
  8. No you can in fact not if you listen to anything a bit off the main stream path that is a bit older. I don't personally use streaming music services because they are a rip off. But most of my library is legal. But there are certain albums and artists that you simply can not get hold of in any other way than piracy or the odd chance you stumble upon them in a second hand shop (some times in another country).
  9. If you refer to this I still consider this fairly vague. I mean just because stuff don't get updates it doesn't mean it stops working. My TVs won't stop working even if they don't get any updates (given I don't use the built in "smart" functions anyway) in that case "the conformity" of the devices thus work even without any updates. A phone that is not sold as "safe" do well even without security updates it's just a bit less safe but "the conformity" of the device is still within contract. Don't get me wrong I think the concept is great, it's just toothless i
  10. Unless this law also specifys what an update must contain I see it as kind of useless.
  11. Let's see Gen 1 Apple Magic mouse, is 9 years old still going strong D-Link DIR-868L router that is 8 years old but nowadays is flashed to DD-WRT and runs as an WiFi AP and switch on my home network 2013 27" iMac but to be fair it has been packed in it's box on the attic since november when I got my M1 Mini Apple A1243 keyboard 7 years An mechanical Tissot watch from somewhere 1946-1948 that my great grand father bought (don't wear it much since I got my AW tho)
  12. Don't come here and destroy a good circlejerk with your facts! EDIT:// typo
  13. Damn I'm happy I live where I live from this regard. Now I have fiber, but even with ADSL I would get waaaaaaaaaay better than those numbers (except that I have cut all incoming copper to my house )