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  1. But of you have mayo on the sandwich you still put butter on the bread first
  2. Well that is the exception since peanutbutter basically is butter.
  3. Always put butter on a sandwich, unless (the horror) you’ve run out of butter. Doesn’t matter what you put on else, you always put butter on the bread first. My mind was blown by reading that thread on Reddit, I can’t comprehend the crime against humanity of not always buttering your bread when making a sandwich.
  4. Does my Commodore 128 count? In that case my Commodore 128 with a tape deck (no floppy drive). Otherwise if we talk IBM compatible my family got an IBM something with a 33 MHz 486SX, 16 MB of RAM and I think one 50 MB HDD and one 125 MB HDD and a 3,5" floppy drive, so that would be my first IBM compatible.
  5. I don't hate them, I just don't see the hype around them. I also think they are to loud in most cases. My favorite keyboard to use of all the keyboards that I have tried is Apple 1243 (or 1242 if we only talk about how it feels to write on, but to me a num pad is a must, would never get a keyboard with out one). But even if I have a favorite I'm actually not that picky, as long as the keyboard has some tactic feel and actually register the key strokes (looking at you my mid range logitech keyboard at the office, that I've not worked from in about a year now, that cons
  6. So I read a thread on Reddit this weekend and was utterly horrified by a thing you americans do (or in this case don't do)! Is it really true you don't put butter on your sandwiches?
  7. I CBA to read all the comments so someone has probably already said this (or something similar). While I have an understanding that this video was made more for shits and giggles they could at least have made some good improvised fittings so all the water didn't leak out. I mean they have an entire workshop where they could manufacture more "proper" nipples that you would be able to get leak free. Also with that amount of surface area they probably would be able to run the computer completely without fans and gotten "OK" cooling. But it felt rushed and so
  8. Have you tried to completely remove te OC and run it at stock speeds and voltages?
  9. For the record I have never liked pop outside a few exceptions. Always been and still am a metalhead listening mostly to extreme metal. Just listen around to everything from classical to chart music until you find what you like.
  10. Yes we have designated roads for driving, and not all of those roads will be designated for autonomous driving. And no I'm not moving the goal posts, de discussion is about level 5 self driving witch means self driving under all conditions a human can drive on all roads.
  11. Straw man argument. Your mother in law is not the norm if she can't see well in the dark. The norm is that with head lights humans see ok in the dark. I can see autonomous driving on certain roads like freeways, but that's not level 5 autonomous driving. And as you say a large bulk of the driving will be taken care of by having "designated roads" for self driving. But we are talking about full self driving and I stand by my point, we will never see that.
  12. OK sorry let me rephrase. Under all normal conditions a human can drive.
  13. As certain as you are that is will be a thing I'm equally certain it will never be a thing under all conditions.