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  1. 2 justifications: 1. The screen below the notch is 16:10 aspect ratio 2. MacOS has a permanent menubar that is the only thing obstructed by the notch in everything except media consumption and playing games. The latter not being disturbed by the notch since point 1 But yeah it’s estetically unpleasing.
  2. Someones autocorrect on a swedish system strikes Alternativeley writing something else and missing where the cursor was I can’t make sense of it either. But just FYI ”ryktet sen” translates to ”then the rumor”
  3. Node advantage is like 20% in energy efficiency but the M1 is like 6x in PPW compared to the x86 competition so node advantage does not explain everything.
  4. This has nothing to do with software ”openness”. On that front Windows is as locked down as MacOS. Windows is more configurable from a HW perspective. But please don’t use MS Windows and ”it being open” in the same sentance. Windows is as closed as they come.
  5. The CPU part is expected to be around 30 W at full tilt on all of the cores if it’s the same as OG M1 with just more high performance cores.
  6. Interesting tidbit about the difference between 14” and 16” MBPs https://www.macrumors.com/2021/10/21/new-macbook-pros-high-power-mode/
  7. To add to this in my experience I can not tell if an app is running native or under Rosetta without checking activitymonitor.
  8. Also in car racing 0-100 (km/h) is kind of irrelevant, the impressive numbers are 100-200 (km/h). 0-100 is once a race, 100-200 is after every corner.
  9. They are actually a lot like apples M1 SoC you get a hell of a lot of power out of the fuel you put in. Nvidia and AMD are more like an old american V8. Want more power increase the bore of the cylinders but at the expense of bad fuel consumption.
  10. I don’t know the status of M1 support but engineering using software like radiance and different forms of CAD. But yeah just as with x86 ecosystem in engineering you rent server time for most real heavy lifting and can do with a less powerful GPU most of the time. Also some ”industry standard” simulation software (in my field, in my country) is so poorly written so it’s CPU only and really can’t be divided up in more than 4 threads before you get computational errors (transient determenistic calculations). As for CAD it depends on what you do, I use AutoCAD
  11. My opinion is the same as when I got my M1 Mini in late november last year (ordered at the end of 2020 apple M1 event). It was like moving from the stone age to be sitting in Apollo 11 at the launch pad. Sadly I have to travel back to the stone age every time I need to use my work issued computer.
  12. I was doing a hyperbole But in general, in my opinion, sites/yt channels linger way to long on stuff like Cinebench. The market needing that kind of rendering performance is miniscule compared to the market with workloads more aking to i e GB. I my self work in engineering and mainly use standard Office apps (mostly excel) and AutoCAD. And for me the M1 from last year is more than sufficient. Still wouldn’t mind a M1 Max but I really don’t need it. But, as for me, the vast majority of people using computers a real life work load is more aking to a GB test than
  13. Cinebench is trash. At least of you look at my kind of work. For my use case GB is closer to the way a computer uses its resources, meaning short bursty loads (mainly ST). Not that cinebench is making my M1 Mini throttle, it’s just that that kind of long sistained load is nothing like how I use my machine.
  14. Hmmm laptop CPU at around 50 W rivaling a desktop CPU at 2,5 times the power draw. At least of this is true. https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/10478011
  15. Just a side note to people complaining about the notch. It’s obvious you have not used macOS. Aside from games and media consumption nothing really runs at full screen. MacOS is designed with a fixed menu bar that is dynamic (changes content depending on what application is in focus) and always on top. The notch basically only covers that. It’s not like windows or most linux guis where every window has it’s own menu bar. Not really a fan of the notch (mainly because it is ugly), but if I would get one of these it wouldn’t really bother the UX either.