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  1. Sad to hear of his passing. I would say the Sinclair computers are relatively unknown to Americans because they never came out here. My biggest exposure to them is from Retro Gamer magazine, which was a British magazine that I used to see on the shelves of Barnes and Noble back when videogame magazines were still a big thing.
  2. The joke of it all is at some point these fines are just viewed as just a cost of doing business. Once you are big enough breaking the law and paying a fine still earns you more then whatever you would make if you actually complied. *Insert some corporate shill / lobbyist making comments on how increasing the fine for breaking the law to properly reflect the amount of money a company made via breaking the law would hurt 'small business' or that being held accountable for breaking the law is a bad thing.* $225M feels like nothing, specially since Im seeing a revenue of 5 billion
  3. I imagine its... well regular R&D work. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't lead to a product. Always good to keep your eyes out and head on a swivel, look for what might be or will help lead to the next big thing. Research: How viable is RISC V, what advantages does it have, If a future where RISC V explodes in popularity, and ARM's usage declines... Or Apple doesn't want to deal with whoever owns the rights to ARM (Nvidia....) How much will it affect them to switch over to it? (How easy of a transition... given that they just switched to ARM) What about it's use for smaller de
  4. Well at least for people who already bought and built in the case the fan hub isn't exactly essential and should be easy enough to remove and replace.
  5. This sounds like what happened with Rampart for Gameboy. A couple of years ago someone wanted to experiment a claim 'Pat the NES Punk' made about resellers driving up prices. So they did an experiment choosing a game that wasn't rare by any means, but wasn't something you'd have heard about. Rampart for Gameboy (Grey cart, not the GBC version). Basically buying all copies on Ebay for a year. The average price used to be ~$3-4. They only needed to amass ~18 copies before the price spiked to $25. (At its height a 'loose' copy was $40!) Is Rampart GB really worth that much? No! But 'T
  6. Thats honestly what pissess me off the most with my ISPs new "all in one" boxes.(its a modem, cablebox, and router in one box, and you cannot turn off the router to use it as just a modem and cablebox.) Its also the only reason I am not looking forward to fibre to the home with them. Cause they are doing the same thing with that box, and initial reports showed it was a terrible router missing even some basic features. Oh and it has the major bug that you can set the wifi password to anything you want sure, but if the password has non alphanumeric characters, you wont be a
  7. Am I the only person in the world who didn't really notice the UI redesign? Like okay yeah things look a bit different. But I fail to understand how it take more then 5 seconds to get used to. Unless you did some super heavy customization that literally any sort of change would cause it to break, but at that point who's fault is it really? - A BIT different! The Tabs are no longer connected to the URL bar! the Horror!!!! The Icons... they are rounded! Things are so spaced out! (You mean the removable "Flexible space" parts if you go into customize toolbar?)
  8. Depends. I wouldn't put it past companies to design a system where the best way to bypass a lockout system is to mess with the most hazardous part of the machine, that you really shouldn't be messing with unless you know what you are doing. Like lets say this was directly attached to a lithium battery... or inside the PSU of the device, wouldn't be surprised to read a story about someone burning their house down attempting to install a bypass. - Then queue all the comment section "ThE gUy oBvIoUslY sToLe iT!", "ThIs iS pErFeCtLy FiNe".
  9. Does Intel name anything in a simple to understand way? Not sure I understand where you get "4" from 7nm, and "3" from 7nm+ Or where 20A comes from unless the processors use 20 Amps. - I know it states "Ångström" but if 10 Ångström = 1nm, then shouldn't 20 Ångström be... 2nm? when in this case its 5nm?
  10. Exactly. I can think of a handful of older PC games or older console games that were ported to PC that haven't been released on Switch (yet if ever).
  11. If Netflix fails at this, can we finally declare cloud gaming as Dead like VR gaming was the 90s? Or will we hear some other company that has even lesser odds of making it work trying their hat in the game? I'd personally wager Netflix has a lesser chance of making this work then Google or Amazon. While they have the infrastructure for video streaming, it isn't 0 buffer 100% live. Also I doubt their infrastructure is set up in any way shape or form for running games, vs streaming a video file off of a hard drive.
  12. These images reminds me of how the US airforce made a super computer comprised of 1700 PS3s back in the day. https://phys.org/news/2010-12-air-playstation-3s-supercomputer.html
  13. I know black makes it more readable, but Blue at this point is more recognizable as "issue has happened!" My PC displaying black with white text makes me think I'd just seeing some kinda BIOS related shiznaz.
  14. "TV like ads" You mean that in the cutscene before a boss fight, the game will fade to black, then show me of an old guy saying he has ED, and if I do too I should ask my doctor about ____ (insert all side effects) ... Return to the game.
  15. Well, this is gonna suck and break a lot of random posts... Its like someone looked at old forum posts about how to do/fix something and how a good chunk look like this: And thought "YES we need another wave of this!" Seriously I can't describe how much Ive seen those two images, when trying to research some stupid obscure bug/error message.
  16. The last laptop I got that didn't have one was my old Thinkpad W520 - a 2011 laptop. It had a "Thinklight" instead, which is essentially a lil spotlight at the top of the screen that pointed down towards the keyboard. (I actually really liked that feature over backlit keys) It but even then it was uncommon for laptops to not have web cameras back then. Its a weird requirement that probably has good intentions (get laptop makers to put an actual decent quality web camera in their machines rather then the same garbage they have been using for 10+ years. But that could totally get in the way
  17. I'm not even talking big games. These days it tends to be those super small "This sold < 50K copies" Developer and publisher are long gone. Then again... I guess if The Mystery of the Druids got revived, and Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is getting a rerelease anything is possible if its meme worthy enough.
  18. Buying media as a kid, even if you have cash was, and still is difficult. When I was a youth, piracy was the only way to get some titles. There was no Steam, no GOG, no digital stores whats so ever, so unless you could find the game in stores you were outta luck. - Gamestop stopped stocking PC games besides WoW for a long time, and Bestbuy's selection tended to be lacking - Even with new releases. Oh and flat out forget anything older then a few years. I was unable to purchase a PC copy of Morrowind till sometime after Skyrim came out. (Same story with Diablo 2, DOOM 3 exc.) A whole gen
  19. Can you actually verify that some guy got payed to go to a test bench, boot Windows 11, do whatever kinda test protocall. Turn off the machine swap a Ryzen 3600 for a Ryzen 3600X, did the test again... (exc exc) Personally that seems like a waste of time if you have lets say 5 SKUs that only have a change in clock speed. It make more sense to verify the slowest, and then the fastest, then assume the other 3 where the only difference is clock speed, all work. Unless there has been an incident in the past where 2Ghz works, 2.1Ghz works, 2.2Ghz fails, 2.3Ghz works. And did they actually te
  20. Its probably more like "Minimum requirements" that games give. Beyond the OS, DX versions, and storage requirements, "minimum requirements" is completely subjective, and most of the time are based on a test bench developers have. (Thats why games always list mid to high end GPUs of yesteryear rather then ever mentioning low end cards, and why you can often go with lower end hardware then what they say is the "minimum". ) I'd seriously take the CPU suppoted list as a "These are the CPUs we have verified actually works." - (And by verify I mean they probably only tested a few from each ge
  21. Maybe I'm a lil outa touch, but weren't there notable issues with SecureBoot, to the point its actually kinda pointless, and more then anything just gets in the way of someone who wants to install a different OS on their system?
  22. How far back does one need to go before GPUs no longer support DX12? Off the top of my head I am pretty sure the HD Radeon 7000 series was the first to support DX12, (Long live the HDR 7870!!!) Nvidia it seems to be the Geforce 400 series, and Intel-Oh.... RIP everything pre Skylake without a dGPU. Looks like my parents Thinkpads aren't going to Win11.
  23. Taskbar is forced to the bottom!? Okay that does not make me happy. Not at all. Ive been a Taskbar on top sorta guy for ~10 years now. It just made sense, since tabs are also on top, so swapping between different windows was like swapping through groups of tabs.
  24. He installed Pro (for Workstations) keep in mind. What I quoted was about Home. Which I'm going to assume most people are going to have. And as NotTheFirstDaniel noted in a reply "Windows 11 Home Build 21996 waited for you to connect to the internet. They must assume that you would either slipstream drivers, or buy Pro". That is a huge oversight in the long run if you ask me, cause again. In like 2 years your gonna have new Wifi chips that Win11 will not recognize outta the box. Requiring slipstreaming drivers is a foolish idea. In the very far past I believe Windows did let you in