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    Thinkpad T14 (AMD) - RAM Upgrade!

    Thinkpad T14 (AMD) already has 16GB DDR4-3200 RAM (soldered), but I added 16GB more just 'cos I could. 😁


    'Chew's first time upgrading a laptop's hardware. It's a simple enough process with the Thinkpad T14, but I was still stupid nervous. More nervous than my first time building a PC, lol. 619039042725740563.gif


    Disassembly & Upgrade



    Thinkpad T14 (AMD) - Underside

    🍑-side, hehe.



    SD Card Slot Removal

    Unsure if this was a necessary step or not, but the two guides I was blindly following pointed out this step.



    Thinkpad T14 (AMD) Disassembly - Screws

    Screws aren't removable and stay put in the the laptop's bottom case(?).



    Thinkpad T14 (AMD) Disassembly - Bottom Case Removal

    Janky solution. Hey, it works. 😆

    (Use a random spare card or discontinued credit card -- something you wouldn't mind accidentally breaking.)

    I don't do electronic repair/upgrades often enough to justify a $5 plastic spudger purchase...

    Read: 'Chew is a cheap bastard. 🤣



    Thinkpad T14 (AMD) Internals

    Everything is so... exposed.

    Blanking out stuff probably wasn't necessary, IDK, erring on the side of caution.

    Empty RAM slot in smack-dab in the middle of the laptop. 👀



    RAM Installation

    Oooh, it's just like installing an M.2 SSD.

    Angle. Push. Click.



    Thinkpad T14 (AMD) - RAM Installed


    So many sweat marks (dun worry, I cleaned them off). 'CHEW WAS SUPER NERVOUS OKAY.

    I was cringing the entire time I squished the bottom case back on the laptop. 😩



    HWiNFO64 System Summary

    Yeeey~ parrot.gif

    A lil' elbow grease and a cool $65 later, laptop has 32 GB total RAM!

    ...My palms are still sweaty. 619039042725740563.gif

  3. Nobody can guarantee a drive won't fail a year, month, week, or even a day after you purchase it, so your best policy is to backup any files you cannot bear to lose. I've had drives fail within a few weeks of ownership, and I've got drives over 10 years old that are still working, albeit not well.
  4. It could be worse, they could have baited you into mixing all inks to produce "black", as my Epson did.
  5. I don't have a power supply tester and the psu is a dell proprietary pinout to match the dell motherboard. I don't wanna throw the PC out but the proprietary hardware makes it hard to salvage...
  6. i may have posted in the wrong section but i just created my account and still learning the site, but i recently purchased a 970 evo for my asus Z97-k mobo, which i bought used and didnt have a heatsink so i bought a rgb one. i figured out how to put the heatsink on, but have no clue where to hook up the rgb. I'm still learning so I'm not even sure if it has a rgb header cus I've been looking and googling trying to find out where it is but only find that some do have a rgb header but possibly not all? any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Maybe 3070 uses the same one, but 3080 and 3090 doesnt From https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/j3feyu/pinout_for_12pin_adapter_included_with_rtx_3080/
  8. Really? Never knew that. I have an upcoming build for a customer with a 2600, glad I haven't decided on the Ram yet.....I'll stick to bog standard 2400 and OC it. Where does the 2600 like to sit? 2933? Although your sig say you're running 3200mhz.
  9. just get 2 4tb drives and use raid 1, the ssd speed won't really matter. Normally 10gbe won't help with pictures or documents performance, gigabit should be fine, esp with how small your amount of storage is. If you want 10gbe, you can do it with just a switch, no need for a router. vms make it much easier to to backups and restore of things like the minecraft server, and you can set things up with out the worry of affecting the host. I don't see a reason not to here.
  10. hmmm... ill think on this for a bit but lets see if anyone else has suggestions...
  11. Alright. So after checking the wattage requirements of the q150b's it looks like they'd still be fine even without the extra claimed wattage. Am I wrong? Any other concerns?
  12. 5800x ofc, it's better at high frame rates which I think is the reason why you chose 1080p240hz over say, 1440p144hz
  13. I know you can't pre-order at Scan, OcUK or Amazon. I'll just be happy knowing I'm officially in a queue, even if it takes weeks / months for the device to ship.
  14. This is honestly sadly the truth. I believe the main reason they made this video is because LG gave/loaned them the TV for free and to be fair probably also paid them. One of the saddest things about the video is that Linus says he has to go close to see a difference between the TV and 4K so essentially this should conclude that the TV is POINTLESS. You would expect a reviewer to not only make this point but surely come to this conclusion? But he just didn't. He could have also added further to his console statement that next gen consoles might be able to render in 8K since it is complete
  15. it vibrates too can i take of the glass and the screen ? it is a samsung A30
  16. I haven't tried that switch before, those aren't cherry mx switches. Long story short, around few years back there was a trend of manufacturers making their own inhouse switches instead of using Cherry MX ones (A different company makes them) this was done for obvious reasons, but at the time when I somewhat was keeping up with the news, lot of them are basically designed to feel like their cherry counter parts. It'll get confusing really fast if you decide to look at all the new switches, a lot of companies cooked up their own mechanical switches now. Back then, the mainstream wa
  17. I saw an LTT video a few months ago where Linus was saying there was a single USB dongle with bluetooth that you can use with four controllers at the same time like with a raspberry pi and retropie. I've googled but cannot find it. Did I dreamed of it or does it really exist?!
  18. there's nothing illegal with a doxx, it's all publicly available information. they're not likely to do anything, I would tighten up online privacy, ie, deleting accounts, changing online identity etc.
  19. No probs glad you got it sorted, not exactly sure why that worked but heyho
  20. I did not, however after reseating the battery I was able to clear the CMOS (I previously wasn’t sure if I could because I didn’t see a jumper) and I’m now in the BIOS so I think I should have it fixed soon!
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