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  2. I'm sure it won't work. The Quadro I have access to at the moment is a Quadro 2000, which is no longer supported. My sister is using a K620, which I believe is still supported, but she's not very techy and doesn't live with me.
  3. This I agree with. A gaming channel I watch has "Sponsered Content" ghosted in the corner of an entire video even when the video is about them playing D&D and the sponsorship is beer they were given to drink. While that may be overdoing, I think overdoing is better than under, ESPECIALLY when the video is about the sponserd product. For the topic itself...I feel they're pretty ethical in their dealings. I'm often critical on the "hows" they do, but not the "why's".
  4. Those would still sustain you for awhile, and i definitely would shoot for a GPU instead of a quick upgrade with used 3700X. But as @Dr0idGh0sT try to get things at MSRP, you can get 3080 for 3070 street price right now.
  5. If you have money for it, Try to get video card at MSRP. Id you can do it, Than it's worth upgrading, If can't, It'll cost you more than it's worth.
  6. I dont know alternate but I'll look into them! What I'll do is I'll look at some sites, research components and get back to you guys with a build once I'm closer to getting it. Thanks!
  7. Oh i just saw 3000mhz 16-18-18-36 and thought its cl16. Nah might be able to get a better one. Thanks
  8. Simply because livestreams cause more watchtime and interaction. This video besides the main point also explains why livestreams tend to be a creator's highest revenue generating video type: i.e. it's not "youtube favors livestreams", it's "people favor livestreams" and so YT does too.
  9. The thing is that you are talking about the wall wart. That's not what people are talking about when talking about wanting "a single charger". When people say they want a single charger, they talk about the same wall wart AND the same cable. It's not really a single, convenient charger if you need to also carry like 3 different cables. If you only care about the wall wart and not the cables then you might as well say we already had a "universal" charging standard back with USB-A. You just need to carry like 10 cables and you'll be ready to charge whenever you are.
  10. evga GQ 850 hybrid modular 80+ PSU EVG geforce gtx 1080 founders ed amd rysen 7 1700 proccesor msi x370 gaming rpo carboin socket-am4 corsair hydro h60 cpu corsair vengence LPX DDR4 3200MHz 16gb
  11. I found my father's old PC (2000) and I remove the parts and cleaned it and reassemble it. After I assemble it I powered it on (using motherboard because the case power button didn't work) the PC powered on but the monitor doesn't got any signal (the monitor indicator LED turned Orange) I checked plunging into a another monitor using a new cable, but the result was same. Is it a problem with the VGA?? The CPU and the RAM is getting hot when I turn on the motherboard and the HDD and floppy disk, DVD drive is emitting Green light. The VGA is GW905A (Can somebody tell
  12. The reason it's black on a fresh install is because the graphics drivers haven't been installed yet and thus the transparency effects aren't available. So yes turn them off to have that look back.
  13. Got it. By the way, I think I found a flaw in the Peerless Assassin: Many reviews in Amazon complain that the fans are very noisy with annoying high-pitched sound, which can be a deal breaker: https://www.amazon.com/Thermalright-Peerless-Assassin-Aluminium-Technology/dp/B08S77DVDS/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=peerless%2Bassassin&qid=1631957234&sr=8-4&th=1
  14. Hmm ok. Would you mind doing me a favour to test out installing the latest game ready driver on your quadro using the exe downloaded from their website? (I suppose your quadro is not so old that it is out of support) Here is the link to download: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/180225/en-us You may want to uninstall the existing driver first to ensure that it actually works. Thanks!
  15. These are the 3 keyboards that I've been stuck inbetween the last few days and I don't know which I want to use and I want to know the pros and cons of these keyboards and which one is the best out of these 3?
  16. I have power but no signal to my monitor on a new build. MSI TOMAHAWK Z490 VETROO V5 CPU COOLER I7-10700K MSI MPG A750GF CORSAIR CMW16GX4M2C3200C16 2X8 DDR4 3200MHZ GEFORCE RTX 3060
  17. SorryClaire

    I dont have a problem, you do.

  18. Im having that same issue you just described. Have you found a fix?
  19. 1gb ryzen/tr support and drop tmp.. then i switch.
  20. Contact MS support to ask? You maybe didn't cancel in time before autorenewal.
  21. I dont have a problem, you do.



    1. SorryClaire



      > Tracks just released 4 days ago, already topped my top listens in spotify, yes i have a problem.


  22. I too keep forgetting it's called geforce experience as the only time I interact with it is when they send me a game ready driver notification :p. I mean I still call the amd radeon software thing catalyst control center :p.
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