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  2. At one point the pixels become so bunched together, that from a normal viewing distance, you don’t see a difference. Add the fact that larger monitors are more popular and you got a 2 reasons to not make small feature filled monitors. I personally have seen the trend that 24” monitors are going the way of 20” and 22” monitors.
  3. Do you know what caused it to break? Was it an older motherboard or do these things just happen?
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  5. dual290x

    So while I was fixing my gf's car, she created…

    Bud, she is perfect for you. I still think you are lying to us because of your gay @$$.
  6. More fans won’t do more at a certain point, especially if the case is as bad as the one it’s currently in. Oh boy, if I had a nickel for every userbenchmark scandal. Just know that it’s so bad that it’s banned on some other forums including popular subreddits. The cables are strong enough to life the GPU, and as of now they’re pulling it down. Do a bit of research on where you can route the cables, it just needs be from an upwards direction, not directly from the fans. You should be able to access the PSU via removing the back panel, the shroud is non-removable on most case
  7. So if the MB description says "Fins-Array Heatsink & Direct Touch Heatpipe", I'm assuming that means it has a pre-built heatsink for the SSD?
  8. Thank you for the clarification! I appreciate the lessons.
  9. I am at work currently I will get you that when I get home. I should add the first time this problem happened I did an sfc /scannow and the problem went away for about a month. i am not sure if this is what fixed it or if its just correlated. I tried this again when I had the problem yesterday and I it didn't seem to work.
  10. Wow is that thing cheap perfect! Where do people shop around for sensors and stuff, amazon? elsewhere? Get familiar with a kit from amazon first?
  11. That wasn't at all my intention! This is only my 2nd ever 'forum post', I don't exactly know how it all works...
  12. Hmm what do you mean by that? Isn't, say, every version of an RTX 3090 that's not Founders Edition technically the aftermarket?
  13. Hello, so recently I got a prebuilt from ibuypower and plugged it in and it didn’t turn on not even a fan spin. I was going to rearrange the parts with a different pc to make 2 separate PCs so I thought I’d troubleshoot from there. I’ve made sure that both power supply’s work. The graphics card works. The only thing that I thought it could be was the motherboard. So I swapped it and the processor out with a previous one I had from another system and it still won’t turn on. Is it possible it could be the case? Even then I tried bridging the power switch connector and it wouldn’t do a thing. If
  14. Few days ago I bought steak, now I cooked it Spoiler because Ramadan
  15. Den-Fi

    So while I was fixing my gf's car, she created…

    That is a tad unsettling lol
  16. What ram are you using? You mentioned additional fans. Are those fans that you already have or are you asking for fan recommendations?
  17. Budget (including currency): $1,000-1,200 Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Minecraft, Fortnite, Valorant, Rocket League, Rust. Record gaming sessions for uploading to Youtube later. Ability to edit captured video. No plans on streaming currently. Other details: Current peripherals - Keyboard, SteelSeries Apex Pro Wired TKL OmniPoint Switch RGB. Monitor, Dell 27' LED Curved FHD FreeSync and G-SYNC Monitor (Model S2721HGF). Mouse, Logitech G502 HERO Wired Optical Gaming Mouse. He currently uses a gaming laptop paired with the se
  18. I do not believe its the speed, it sounds to me like either you don't have the height on the 3d printer right or you aren't using a clean buildplate. But from what I've tested the buildplate doesn't have to be perfectly clean for it to work, just can't be covered in dust. (coming from someone who owns an ender 3 pro)
  19. Speaking aesthetically rgb is basically lighting. Really really expensive lighting. So if you’ve got something that would benefit from being lit it can do that. Lighting can be a really twitchy thing though. There are books on it. If the bios has been flashed there’s another possibility down. If there was a BIOS that had rgb bugs in it that was fixed there would have been swaths of people having that problem. Haven’t heard of any. Clearing the CMOS also might not hurt. Just because. It might be an incompatibility with that specific model of memory and that specific board and some speci
  20. dont. forums are a good place to find information from one dude 3 years ago who had the same problem an d no one else had that problem ever again. also only a mod can delete the thread...
  21. Hi just a fan of the channel don't mind me.

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