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  2. What do you think of this one: CoolerMaster MWE 750W V2 80+ Bronze ?
  3. Does anyone know where I could get a handful of rj50 to usb signaling cables for some battery backup units I bought second hand? I have slowly given all of mine away and was only able to find one. I'd prefer to not pay anything but I will if I absolutely have to.
  4. If I'm not wrong it means there is an issue with graphics card. However, it is still very vague. I read it can mean that there is a bad connection, unrecognised GPU or also, a problem with the PSU. However it would actually be a shame since it's a pretty good 700W PSU, with all the 80+ Gold bells. Thank you for your answer
  5. So I bought a vacuum the manufacturer had a promo where you could send it back to them and get a refund if you don't like the product (it was an extended period of return covered by the manufacturer) I contact them, initially it was all alright until my bank didn't decide to change my iban for some reason, but I still didn't send to them the package(nor I got the refund), I telled to them the issue, they said that's all right I did only needed to communicate to them my new iban, I did so, but since then I got ghosted, I've also tried to recontact them with another mail
  6. What do you mean 1x PCI-E 8-pin for the GPU, and 1x PCI-E 6-pin for the fans? Both 8-pin and 6-pin are for powering the entire GPU / Card... Fan is powered and controlled by a controller on the board itself. For ASUS motherboards 1-long and 3-short beeps = No VGA Detected error. Ryzen 5600x CPU nor B550 motherboard has iGPU. If no graphics card is detected in the slot, the VGA error will sound. Re-seat the graphics card, and double check your PCI-E 8-pin and 6-pin connections.
  7. But yet you have $700+ for a graphics card.
  8. you can run ethernet in a crawlspace, basement, or attic then drill a hole through the bottom/top of the wall and drop it/push it through, then adding in a remodel box and ethernet plate are easy.
  9. Psu failure can fry components...
  10. *strums guitar* This is how I take photos, Of landscapes and my insta hoe, Blame it on my 80D.
  11. Did daddy Paul give you a baby hammer?
  12. they refer to the same thing, NAND memory stacked vertically on top of each other. if you want to know the difference between two different SSD's, please post the model nr.'s of both and the intended use for the SSD's.
  13. putting the rad at the top will likely result in a small increase in cpu temps and lower gpu temps... any way to draw air in from the bottom (thought process: put air under gpu)
  14. Is that really a problem?
  15. IDE to Serial ATA SATA 3.5" HDD Adapter Convertor Parallel To Serial Hard Drive SATA IDE adapter On Aliexpress they sell these, but are they any good? Like getting a SATA-HDD in a modded original Xbox, or DIY mediasenter with an old motherboard etc. What read/write speeds can you expect to get. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000253283507.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.21d9123fnxcJFy&algo_pvid=fab3e2b1-e751-47df-8609-1c9e3a0b1539&algo_expid=fab3e2b1-e751-47df-8609-1c9e3a0b1539-18&btsid=0bb0623a16062530416677525e437b&ws_ab_test=searchwe
  16. Hey all, When I'm playing Minecraft, Shadowplay has horrible quality unless I turn it off then on when I launch the game. Does anyone know why? It doesn't look like it's a lower resolution, just looks like its lower quality. Clip taken without toggling shadowplay off and on: https://youtu.be/mtzH2P4k7d4 Clip taken after toggling shadowplay off and on: https://youtu.be/vywggOeYyx0 Not sure how Youtube's compression will like the files, but there is a very clear quality difference between the toggled clip and the not toggled clip. Does a
  17. Can you please explain more? If I do find a cable, is it ok to just connect it ?
  18. I'd take the time to save up just a little bit more then. The PSU isn't something you want to take short-cuts with.
  19. Evening. my EVGA 3080 XC3 card is a little warm in my case. Currently I have a 360mm AIO cooling my cpu at the front, and 2x140mm fans at the top, and 1x 140mm fan at the rear. The AIO is pulling air in, and the others are exhausting it. So cool air is been drawn from outside, and warmed up in the rad before been blown into the case meaning my 3080 is been ‘bathed’ in warm air. Would I be better putting the AIO at the top and exhausting the hot air out of the case this way? thanks
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