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  1. The 4710MQ on my T440p is still doing alright. Sold it to a friend and he loves it. If I didn't have my T430 and my incoming "X330," both with the old school keyboard mod, I'd have kept it.
  2. Video example. You can see CPU wattage drop several times, causing massive framerate drops. CPU or GPU temperatures are running fine and it doesn't appear to exceed the limits of the power brick, which is a 230 watt one. This is happening in Doom and Fallout 4 as well. Not sure what can be done to fix it. I would try to see if undervolting would help but that's locked. EDIT: Was suggest on Reddit that I try ThrottleStop instead of XTU. Will give that a go later.
  3. Oh okay, I don't feel so bad that I've missed all the opportunities so far then. (I would have totally picked Mortal Kombat. Sub-Zero main, though I haven't put that much time in 11.)
  4. I think this is the first PC build video I've watched where I was screaming internally the whole time.
  5. Outside of some laptops with desktop CPUs, the last time you could swap CPUs was with Haswell.
  6. According to this thread, DDR3-1600 should work. I use Timetec RAM on my X230 and T430. They've been working fine on both of those and they're a bit more affordable. Currently $63 on Amazon but I've bought them before for as low as $54. As far as mods, I would look into the ones from xyte.ch, though that might get pricey.
  7. There should be a second Thunderbolt port. It’s the left one of that weird dock connector. Back when I had a T480, I plugged in USB-C docks in there.
  8. Zen 3 is the last generation of AM4 socket CPUs. AM5 will be Zen 4. You can skate by on 8 GB of RAM but 16 is preferable. For 1080p 60 Hz, you don't need particularly powerful hardware. You could do fine with a reasonably recent Ryzen CPU and RX 580 (assuming you can get one that hasn't been price gouged to all hell).
  9. Yeah, those are pretty normal. The only one of my laptops that don't idle that low are some of my older ones like my X230 or T430 (even then, idle temps are in the 40s).
  10. It depends. With this one, it's not great. TN panel = eye cancer. I've also owned an IdeaPad in a similar price range. The build quality on that thing was not good at all. It had a similar battery capacity as well. The battery died very quickly. I would suggest buying a refurbished ThinkPad instead, if you go with Lenovo. It looks like this will be around $400. For not that much more, you can get a good condition i7 T460p with an 1080 IPS display for $430 and get a 135W AC adapter for $20. Just make a Windows install USB drive and you're good to go. Alternatively, you can try this i5 T460p wit
  11. I think I've only had one Logitech product fail on me and those were $10 speakers. They randomly died on me yesterday but I'm not really complaining because they were only $10 and lasted me about four years. Those were replacing the same $10 speakers I bought a few years before that. It only died because my cat chewed through one of the cables, which I can't blame Logitech for.
  12. You can just buy it from him. At most, you'll have to put in the battery, RAM, SSD, and CMOS battery yourself if you don't want to buy that from him. Only issue is it's a bit pricey for older hardware, which is why I'm waiting for the custom motherboard version. As cool as it is to be able to solder off the duo-core CPU and solder on a quad-core, if I'm going to be spending $1000+ after everything, I want something with a fairly new CPU. One with an i7-3612QE, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, and CMOS battery would have run me close to $1000.
  13. Outside of what linuxfur said about a custom heatpipe setup or liquid metal for the CPU, I think that's the best you can do. This guy got his X230, which I believe uses the same heat sink as the X220, to drop from 88C to 68C with liquid metal under full load. However, that was only 6C lower than what he got with Prolimatech PK1, which I've never heard of. I got similar results with my T430, which dropped from 92C to 72C in Intel XTU after applying Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut. I may try again once I get a dGPU heat sink with more heat pipes just to see the results before I swap in an i7-3740QM or
  14. X1 Carbon or, if it's available there, the AMD variant of the X13 or T14s. If you value light weight more, go with the X1 Carbon. Otherwise, go with the T14s or X13. Competitive single core performance and significantly better multi-core performance than Intel, along with a much better iGPU, which will help some with video editing.
  15. Probably not but this is just a hobby thing. Plus, T460 can't be modded with the classic keyboard. (I already have a T440p and a specced out P53.) If I wanted a T460 or a T460p, I would have gotten one. I picked up a T460p on Facebook Marketplace for $250 for a friend. It had an i7-6820HQ, 940MX, 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB SSD. Just had to clean it off, blow out the dust, and change out the thermal paste.