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  1. I think I've only had one Logitech product fail on me and those were $10 speakers. They randomly died on me yesterday but I'm not really complaining because they were only $10 and lasted me about four years. Those were replacing the same $10 speakers I bought a few years before that. It only died because my cat chewed through one of the cables, which I can't blame Logitech for.
  2. You can just buy it from him. At most, you'll have to put in the battery, RAM, SSD, and CMOS battery yourself if you don't want to buy that from him. Only issue is it's a bit pricey for older hardware, which is why I'm waiting for the custom motherboard version. As cool as it is to be able to solder off the duo-core CPU and solder on a quad-core, if I'm going to be spending $1000+ after everything, I want something with a fairly new CPU. One with an i7-3612QE, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, and CMOS battery would have run me close to $1000.
  3. Outside of what linuxfur said about a custom heatpipe setup or liquid metal for the CPU, I think that's the best you can do. This guy got his X230, which I believe uses the same heat sink as the X220, to drop from 88C to 68C with liquid metal under full load. However, that was only 6C lower than what he got with Prolimatech PK1, which I've never heard of. I got similar results with my T430, which dropped from 92C to 72C in Intel XTU after applying Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut. I may try again once I get a dGPU heat sink with more heat pipes just to see the results before I swap in an i7-3740QM or
  4. X1 Carbon or, if it's available there, the AMD variant of the X13 or T14s. If you value light weight more, go with the X1 Carbon. Otherwise, go with the T14s or X13. Competitive single core performance and significantly better multi-core performance than Intel, along with a much better iGPU, which will help some with video editing.
  5. Probably not but this is just a hobby thing. Plus, T460 can't be modded with the classic keyboard. (I already have a T440p and a specced out P53.) If I wanted a T460 or a T460p, I would have gotten one. I picked up a T460p on Facebook Marketplace for $250 for a friend. It had an i7-6820HQ, 940MX, 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB SSD. Just had to clean it off, blow out the dust, and change out the thermal paste.
  6. Yes. I used to have one. (Sold it somebody who got his T440p stolen because he forgot to take it out of his car and left the door unlocked overnight.) It took me some getting used to because my palms kept sliding off, After I got used to it, I rather liked it. Lots of ports in a very compact form factor. Really, though, in the immediate future, I'm going to go do a T430. I can swap out to a quad-core CPU without having to pay somebody to solder a new one on. I also found out I don't need to pay somebody to solder on an adapter board to get a 1080p IPS display. Just need the FHD kit. It'll be a
  7. Put that towards the next version of this modded X230 with a 16:10 display. He's making one with a custom motherboard with either Tiger Lake U or Renoir CPUs, IIRC. It'd be a nice upgrade over even the third-gen quad core CPUs he can solder onto the original motherboards and have a lower TDP.
  8. Well, if you don't mind higher price for double the RAM, a slightly better iGPU, a Ryzen 7 CPU, and much better build quality and ruggedness, there's an open box ThinkPad T495 on eBay for $683, with a warranty until 2023.
  9. Lenovo has a similar feature in Vantage. You can set it whatever threshold you want it. Not sure what other manufacturers do that or similar.
  10. Summary Somebody at MSI stole about 220 RTX 3090s. Quotes My thoughts Ah, balls. Is something going on with MSI? Their CEO jumps out a window or something, they get caught extorting YouTubers into not giving negative reviews of their laptops, they get caught scalping their own cards, one of their Chinese factories catches fire,and now this. Sources https://www.tomshardware.com/news/MSI-nvidia-rtx-3090-stolen-china
  11. I still buy ThinkPads even though Lenovo is partly owned (indirectly) by the Chinese government, who I'm not exactly a big fan of. (Grandfather on mother's side was arrested during the Cultural Revolution. Grandfather on father's side had to burn his air force uniform because he was on the Nationalist side.)
  12. Search for keyboard under diagnostics. Maybe that will help. I'm not sure. Closest I can find on their support page. You can also try the manual. 0a60342_05.pdf
  13. What the people above said to do for upgrades. As far as what it'd be capable of, I think all of those you listed except GTA Online will be fine. Among Us is not exactly graphically intensive.