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    Engineer, Regional Manager, Designer, Musician


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    2.8Ghz i7
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    16 GB
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    Radeon R9 370X
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    512 SSD, tons of RAID/JBOD
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    APC 1500 UPS + additional battery pack
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    2k 27" Asus IPS
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    Generic old school USB
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    Utilitech Venus MMO Gaming Mouse
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    SPDIF to stereo
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  1. The DB says yes, but it is lumped together a lot, so unknown what is actually what.
  2. To point the obvious…this shouldn't be used as a single disk to dump all your stuff on and call it a day. That would be asking for trouble. But in a proper redundant setup, or as a rotated out backup disk of a set, this could be a great option. One would never use groups of these for performance, but rather for capacity, which generally cares less about iops unless it is something db driven…and that'd be one hell of a db.
  3. Honestly, it looks like the way to fold efficiently for electricity is 2080 super maxq…but then you'd need to have recent laptops, and those usually only come on more upper end systems, and probably don't have decent cooling. 30 series appear to beat everything else for performance per watt, even if they're significantly more expensive to buy and use more watts overall. 2080 TI sucks for performance per watt unless it is a rev a.
  4. Is the card actually performing worse after the update, or just that it didn't see a performance uplift like the nv cards? RDNA2 is also a drastically different animal.
  5. Somebody posted a spreadsheet a while back doing it both against prices and against power. I believe it was based off of lars db for performance and listed power draw. I'm not sure if they updated the sheet since the CUDA update or not. With miners supposedly liking AMD 6000 cards even more, I'll be curious to see how that turns out for folding once they get properly optimized.
  6. Setting up SSH or a vpn work great for F@H. I personally run SSH with port forwarding to my local system when I want to check on the control. Then I never have to open anything else on the remote box, and it acts as if it is local, so the remote system can keep everything completely blocked in the firewall, as well as only the single port forward to ssh. ssh -p <ssh_port_here> user@remote.server.com -L 36331:localhost:36330 Then just add it locally in the FAHControl program with port 36331 (the default local one is 36330). If the ssh connection is up, you s
  7. Except, they're not meaningless for LTT badges and event qualification. Something tells me I simply won't be able to output enough for next year's event, even using 6 computers and delaying work on the servers, just because I won't have GPUs folding.
  8. Yeah, my drop was just dropping down in "spare" CPU cores so the servers can do their normal work.
  9. Yep, definitely never getting the next badge. RIP CPU only folding.
  10. RIP CPU only folding. Guess I'll never get the next level badge.
  11. Too expensive. Besides, as the power company, they want it to be shocking.
  12. I lost a PS3 controller due to not using the computer as much, an external case interconnect board for HDs that was attached to a server after a restart, and the batteries in my main office UPS including an expansion module for it (APC 1500).
  13. It is a rebrand from a common OEM of bikes for other companies and stores (such as Walmart and Target). To say they can't be sold is ridiculous. To say they aren't safe depends entirely on level of use. If you're average Joe getting something to go back and forth to work on the side of the road or sidewalk with, this will be fine so long as you make sure the chain stays on…which is unfortunately par for the course on most bikes that aren't either a boutique/custom build or a major name like Specialized. Been there, done that. I road stuff like that hard for a long time when I w
  14. Once you're out of an apartment, go rooftop solar. Helps in the winter, cancels AC power usage bills (and more) in summer (and shades the roof in the process, so the AC works less too). In heavy AC user cases, roof mounted solar generally pays for itself QUICK.