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    2.8Ghz i7
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    16 GB
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    Radeon R9 370X
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    512 SSD, tons of RAID/JBOD
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    APC 1500 UPS + additional battery pack
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    2k 27" Asus IPS
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    Generic old school USB
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    Utilitech Venus MMO Gaming Mouse
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    SPDIF to stereo
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  1. I would be all over it. I normally carry an iPad around with me and leave my laptop docked at home unless I need to do computing instead of referencing/updating/recording. If the iPad Pro could run Mac OS, I'd do the upgrade, and then be looking at a bigger desktop upgrade instead of holding out as long as I can on the laptops so I can skip the desktop. In essence, I don't want to pull out a laptop when I'm always taking the device with me, but I'd love if the pad could actually replace the laptop when I connect a keyboard/mouse/trackpad to it.
  2. Too bad they iPad Pro isn't shipping with Mac OS instead of iPad OS. It would be much more interesting of a product that way, since Mac OS can also run phone/pad apps.
  3. OK, so who in here is going to do this in a less janky way to show it actually works?
  4. And just like that, I made the massive leap and was tied for first place output of the team!
  5. You keep your existing points, they just don't count for the team. Future points count for both you and the team. Welcome to the LTT Fold!
  6. Something I believe you're not accounting for is the rapid return bonus, which makes points not linear based on performance, but closer to exponential. A lot of the low end 6000 cards also don't have coolers capable of keeping them running at advertised speeds when under a long constant workflow like folding. When you combine those two factors, I wouldn't be surprised to see the 30% performance difference you mention be around 50% points difference in practice.
  7. I didn't read all of the comments here, but several people are missing a key point here. There are a lot of times when building a system with no iGPU (say, Ryzen high core count) out of commodity hardware would be great (say, pfsense firewall, a simple server that isn't for high performance, etc). In those sorts of situations, power draw is often a key thing as well (undervolting/underclocking), since the system is always running and needs to do a lot of things, but not be hyper responsive. While it is easy to say things like "just put a 1050 in it" or similar, those are still around 10w at
  8. That is a good question to ask, but the answer is sadly not cherry picking. There just aren't that many companies that do chip fab and design. Intel, AMD, Apple, TSMC, Samsung, nVidia...that'll be your top 6. Unfortunately the report itself is behind a wall, but I'd be curious if ARM and Power were listed, along with VIA for another x86 company. It would get even more interesting with things like Broadcom. I think the key here though is that they chose "the 17 most prominent players" (according to the report), which ensures this isn't just cherry picking random companies you haven't heard
  9. Congrats to all the winners, and the top producers! Neither of which are me! Somehow I wasn't last out of those that were producing either. See you all next time!
  10. FaceBook is a joke. The only reason we're hearing about this is because FB didn't get paid to hand all that info out like they usually do.
  11. Summary In a recent study "Semiconductors, the Supply Chain, and Cyber Security 2021" done by BlueVoyant, the majority of chip companies in the world show signs of already being hacked, thanks to monitoring malicious traffic coming out of them. There goes the neighborhood. Quotes My thoughts This is what happens when "we're too big, they won't go after us" and "the intern set it up 5 years ago" and "not my job" and "security isn't profitable" happen. Take a lesson from this if you've got a company or an IT department asking for security funding and
  12. I keep being pleasantly surprised that my cpu isn't in last place on any of these days.
  13. "In the beginning, there was the fold. On the first day, the fold saw events were good. And so it was."
  14. *cries in CPU only* I'd use my M370X, but they don't support Mac OS for GPU.