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    Engineer, Regional Manager, Designer, Musician


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    2.8Ghz i7
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    16 GB
  • GPU
    Radeon R9 370X
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    512 SSD, tons of RAID/JBOD
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    APC 1500 UPS + additional battery pack
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    2k 27" Asus IPS
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    Generic old school USB
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    Utilitech Venus MMO Gaming Mouse
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    SPDIF to stereo
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  1. Summary First death directly attributable to ransomware is an infant during birth, alleges lawsuit. Quotes My thoughts We knew the incident was bad and unprecedented back when this happened, but now we have likely proof that ransomware and other infrastructure cybersecurity attacks can literally kill. While unlikely to be a surprise, this is super sobering, and amazingly sad for an infant to be the first likely recorded death due to ransomware. Security with immediate mitigation plans needs to be directive number one for everything
  2. For a week I can basically avoid playing games and put off heavy number crunching and graphics work. I got lucky with some 2+ day WUs that I was able to pause for a few hours until the event started, too.
  3. I'm just low key CPU folding, but I haven't been having WU issues.
  4. Good summer sprint event! May the proteins be with you and fold well! Time to put my CPUs mostly back to their normal work tasks until folding month!
  5. You do you. The spreadsheets will still remain when you're ready.
  6. I did the same...just less signups, and I happened to preload one of those 3 day WUs to turn in an hour after we started. LOL
  7. Thanks to my slight pre-loading of turn ins, I MIGHT be able to make the minimum requirements after all!
  8. At least the list is short, unlike for folding month. LOL
  9. Take one down and pass it around, 99 kinds of alcohol in thy blood!
  10. Fold away, fold away, fold away. My CPUs fold away.
  11. I hope the ring doesn't need to stay in there. Congrats on that stage, and good luck!