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    Electronic designer


  • CPU
    intel 6500
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    Asus H170-Pro
  • RAM
    HyperX 32GB dddr4 2100MHz
  • GPU
    Sapphire R9 390
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide Spec-01
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    Samsung 250GB SSD, WD 1TB Caviar Blue drive
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    Corsair CX650W
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    Benq GL2450
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    Noctua NH-D9L, Noctua NF-F12 Linus Edition, Noctua NF-F14 Linus Edition
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    Cooler Master CMSTORM
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    Cooler Master CMSTORM
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    Ubuntu 16.04

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  1. garbage would be a better description for it complete waste of perfectly good raw silicon
  2. It's not under linux and Wine, but pretty much what AMD has been showcasing with renoir
  3. Then Radeon Chill and cap it at 60fps That's what i used to do with my 390 Glad to see that it only sip power at 1080p, ima be getting a silent setup finally (Not that it was that bad with the 390, but if it can get quiter, i'll take it. Probably will just have to replace some fans in my case afterwards)
  4. Good for Apple I'd have to say. They might have a winner in their hands right now! Though I'd most definitely never buy one cause Apple and ,maybe iPad aside, I'm long gone from that wagon, I do hope this sends a shockwave throughout the industry. Now that AMD has caught some momentum with Ryzen I would love to see them race Apple instead of just trying to one up Intel. Would also love to see someone within the RISC-V movement rise up and give the likes of Qualcomm a run for their money. Maybe give a wake-up shake to Intel but have lost confidence in them trying to do anyth
  5. And the sky is blue Not really shocked, there's a reason why i completely stopped fanboying for any company in any sector for almost a decade now.
  6. meh, subscribed to the 2$ sub at the begining of the year. Not going to feel a thing from this news.
  7. "Now that Apple is out of the intel train they gonna make cheaper macs" they said ... 999