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  1. meant to say "can't go for more than what the article points out" not as much as you wish to believe eh, at least i managed to get my gpu and am close to pay for a new CPU at scalper price if i wanted to. Where's yours at?
  2. fiio btr5/btr3k, bluetooth hifi receiver kz zsn pro, in ear monitors sennheiser hd 6xx/650 58x/580, over ear open and closed backs headphones this should be a good starting point
  3. for now just eth mining, just a rumour, so can go for more than what the articles points out and again, might as well blame all miners for every markets currently affected by a shortage.
  4. actually stand behind their own words. Instead of just playing an act and putting up a facade for one side of the world. they already miss on out plenty. This is they want it to stay, let them have it. If they want change, well... It wonìt. Still better than being an accomplice to the CCP's crimes.
  5. no. It will lack features compared to the OG ones, so inferior by design. But priced equally to the OG. And don't worry, this one will be scalped too out of oblivion. But keep telling yourself that it's only "because of the evil miners" if i helps you sleep at night. At this point might as well miners for: - Consoles getting scalped - SoC for cars being in low quanity for manufacturers - Ryzen 3 CPU low shortage - toilet paper - Chip for TVs being in low quanity for manufacturers - steel - lumber
  6. If you keep repeating the same rumour over and over, eventually it will be right
  7. So worst cards branded as 3080 3070 3060ti at the same price as the og ones, got it
  8. And if apple believed half the words they throw in the western market, they would drop China at the drop of a hat. But they don't, it's all empty words and marketing speech.
  9. Watch out, you gonna anger the "I'm too lazy to push a switch to turn on/off the light" folks
  10. if the y actually believed in half of what they advocated, they'd let themselves get kicked out of china and use it as a marketing prop "We at Apple give so much focus to privacy, we took a great Courage to say "NO" to the CCP's human right violations"
  11. Here's lies the issue: People want to keep the cake AND eat it too
  12. It doesn't but in musks case it's warranted. Middle class Didn't get where he got with his parents money,but through actual entrepreneurship and risk taking decisions And now there is constant drive to deny those who got at the top their accomplishment with a sprinkle of their accumulated wealth should be stripped from them because reasons. And also getting demonised Sure, but it's a gamble that majority of people wouldn't take if given the choice. Immagine giving random Joe the option between risking is house by selling it to fund an idea that has no warranty of g
  13. funny how those who build nothing and contribute nothing to the world are always the ones criticizing those who achieve in life. Not a fan of Tesla, both the company and the products, but the man behind it all deserves all the praise for building it and make it successfull