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  1. Well that is something I had not considered at all. Apple getting back in to the server ecosystem would be exciting, even if they never plan to sell the servers. Would make some nice ebay finds in the years to come.
  2. I wouldn't either, I just wouldn't be totally surprised if/when the time comes around it ends up being another Intel or AMD based platform. I know that is unlikely based on what Apple has stated about the ARM transition. It just also seems unlikely to me Apple would pay for the entire development process of a very large SoC suitable for the Mac Pro considering how expensive that actually is. But I guess even that is viable if the price is high enough and it's not like people haven't been buying the current top spec Mac Pros which are not cheap at all. Or Apple just slightly adjusts
  3. No it's not, non consumers might want to run Windows ARM on the M1, that is a thing. You said 3rd parties cannot get it and they can and business customers are a huge part of Windows so there is no case to just ignore this because it's not consumer. You might not be able to get it right now but millions and millions of others can or can by way of their employer being able to. I'm not sure any business actually want to or not, or their users, because Window ARM is in general rather bad and that's not just from having slow CPU options either. Still as a device a MacBook A
  4. I've already addressed that. Adding the labels wouldn't make it harder to read so for those that care they have it and those that do not can ignore it. Yes they can, as long as something is factually correct any company is allowed to talk about another company. They generally do not do it because they fear making a mistake therefore making their statement not factually correct, or like most marketing are doing so in a way that is not fully representative which opens up potential litigation attempts. AMD during their Ryzen 5000 and RX 6800 presentation directly compar
  5. Only because you are, the graph is bad and simply is a fact. Like someone else said the same information could have been given without the graph in a different way and would of had the same meaning and value as the graph that was given. As a graph it adds no value because it lacks all the things that makes a graph actually useful and why they are used. We did not during that presentation where it was shown, that's the point. Future information does not excuse a past wrong, just because we have the information now doesn't mean the graph wasn't totally uninformative as a graph at
  6. Then tell me the power of the "Latest PC laptop chip" at the maximum performance mark. You can't can you? Point of reference with no scale is useless. As a marketing slide it portrays what Apple wanted to show very well, no doubt about that but it does so in a bad manor that is susceptible to being used to deceive because you cannot independently prove or disprove what is being shown, it requires you to trust and thus means you should not because any source of information you cannot verify should not be trusted. That's why people say do not trust first party information like this a
  7. Those are not actually called graph labels, those are the legends. Graph labels are the values of each axis. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/change-axis-labels-in-a-chart-1c32436b-fb12-450b-aefa-cc7e4584456a#:~:text=In a chart you create,data for these axis labels.
  8. This argument falls apart by the sheer fact that other companies in the consumer electronics space have been able to and have labeled graphs, sometimes they scale them badly sure but at least each axis is labeled and graph data point values given, the bare minimum to be called a graph otherwise it's just a picture. You can't deep dive if the information does not exist. If people are not interested in that information on the graph they can ignore it, it doesn't make the graphs harder to read, not at all. As a side note these bad practices strike right at the hearts of ma
  9. Really? They do actually, I'm certainly not Microsoft and I can get Windows ARM edition just fine. What is the case is the avenues to get Windows ARM editions is limited, either from a device that comes with it or with a Microsoft license agreement and you purchase it, there is no retail purchasing of Windows ARM editions (the OS specifically). It isn't supported because there isn't an agreement between both companies to get it working, whether that be because one or the other doesn't want to or hasn't allowed it or both don't. I'd say both do not, neither is going to
  10. Well I'd argue in that referenced situation it wasn't capable, they'd never boot in to Windows enough and the computer account kept getting tombstoned breaking domain trust relationship, which was a damn pain in my ass lol. Basically I only care about me haha.
  11. The answer to this sort of this is always "Anything is possible"
  12. Hmm good point, maybe. They have pretty good GPU technology of their own but you may be right that for much larger designs utilizing AMD like Matrox does might be what they will do.
  13. Nice, good to hear this is changing. A lot of why in the past was the lack of consumer 10Gb switches or integrated router/switch combos with 10Gb ports. Correct but no ISP I am aware of that has GPON network provisions more than 1Gbps to a single customer, at least not residential anyway. All reference GPON configuration from the equipment providers offer a maximum of 950Mbps.
  14. What other PCIe cards do you have? Also Apple has thrown away things after a single generation before. If they do make their own dGPU I don't see why they wouldn't bring the capabilities of the Afterburner card in to the dGPU. So it might go away but the technology and capability they designed not. Also generalizations are not negated by exceptions either, that's why they are exceptions. In general really does mean in general. But what I pointed to is actually a real thing, not talking about Apple users but entire computer market. So many people buy full size motherboar