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  1. monkaS do i have covid? i feel hot (fever) and cold at the same time but i dont really have any other symptoms
  2. if that happens then people that live in certain parts would never receive another package. also not to mention troops overseas would have to pay significantly more for letters/packages
  3. well inertia exists. objects at rest tend to stay at rest it takes more energy to get an object at rest to start moving than it does to accelerate a moving object. also its always well known that gas cars in the city is more inefficient than on the highway thats why they publish two miles per gallon ratings city and highway. also my point is its much easier to pump gas with a mechanical pump or a siphon than it is to store enough electricity in batteries or get enough backup generators to keep usps trucks running during an outage.
  4. yeah but the lying and laziness shows a mindset that will damage other parts of the game also
  5. the blackout isnt due to powerline failures its due to power stations not being able to generate enough power. more EVs would have made the issue worth and usps would have been forced to hold off on operations for longer
  6. sure but the strain of a few thousand EV trucks would have put much more pressure on the power grid
  7. they were probably about to give the contract to workhorse a company that pitched an EV usps truck but then texas happened. if the trucks were all EV in texas they would have been stranded
  8. yeah i personally dont care about textures or reused models. id even be fine with it if it looked like old diamond and pearl. but what i was concerned about is the lies and the apparent laziness since that mindset will make an impact on the quality of the gameplay/story itself. and imo it showed in both
  9. i remember getting so much shit for making a post 2 years ago that I was worried that since they are reusing models when they promised not to they are going to be lazy with sword and shield and make it a bad game. and people were like nun uh you cant know that you are just a hater. i hope gamefreak learned their lesson and actually put in the work for this one but ill avoid getting hyped and just be cautiously optimistic edit: found it sort of funny in hindsight
  10. my gf asked me to buy her some weed so i opened up my coinbase wallet for the first time in a while and i found out the 5 cents worth of bitcoin i forgot about became 36 dollars
    but then i looked in my history and apparently i had 20 dollars worth of bitcoin and i sold most of them notlikethis
    if i didnt sell i would have 14,400 dollars today
    1. Windows7ge


      I'd be sitting on about $25,000 if I didn't sell the 0.47BTC I had back in like 2015.

  11. its more like they are for different purposes. I cant think of a better community chat program than discord where you have hundreds of people
  12. stockfish is a traditional chess engine not a neural network edit: apparently stockfish does incorporate neural networks into its search tree now i didnt know that
  13. image.png.e96c73415de56f23a4e69364e5ddaaa6.png

    When you get a good camera but the photos are too big

  14. i mean this is a paradox. the vegans that dont tell you then you never know that they are vegan. so that's why you think all the vegans tell you because the only vegans you know told you.
  15. he probably makes millions a year so it doesnt matter to him
  16. less expensive vehicles can be unreliable and break down often and less fuel efficient so you can be paying more in the long term. same for renting when you buy a house once you paid it off you dont have to pay anymore and you can sell it and get most of your money back. meanwhile renting is basically throwing away money forever.
  17. i got a vintage omega seamaster. setting the correct date was such a pain since theres no quickset LUL i had to turn it back to 9pm then turn it to 12am and then turn it back over and over again to advance the date to the correct one
  18. "if you cant buy it twice you can't afford it" guess i cant afford to buy a house or car Kappa. but anyways depends on the definition of a lot. the smallest amount of money that I would definitely notice missing/miss is about 50 dollars. The amount of money that would be "life changing" for me is probably like 20,000
  19. https://atelierdegriff.com/2021/02/14/breaking-major-rolex-ad-sued-by-former-employee-for-racketeering-and-selling-directly-to-grey-market/?fbclid=IwAR0K-erfunoBmPB-F-uVWDv8csDAugLGnYbyWwSyAJunoZQKMDiFgFwgttk yikes big if true. i never liked rolex's antics of restricting stock and forcing people to buy multiple watches before a chance to buy the watch they want.
  20. we would probably need to use something like carbon nanotubes or optical interconnects to reduce the power usage and heat output