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  1. yes, but I don't want to turn off all notifications. I just want the sound off. But when I click on Go to notification settings this app doesn't show up there
  2. There is an app that I need to see the notification banner that pops out, but I want to mute the notification sound for it. So I click on the small gear wheel on that notification and it opens Notifications & actions. But this app does not show there. Is there a way to fix it?
  3. Does it exist? Something like this nice table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d9_E3h8bLp-TXr-0zTJFqqVxdCR9daIVNyMatydkpFA/edit#gid=611478281
  4. Hi, I saw that Amazon has the LG 27gl83a-b at a nice sale price, less than 300$. The specs show that it's really good: 27", 2K, 1ms, 144Hz. But I didn't find anything about the panel, and I already had bad experience with good on-paper specs, but very bad panel (with another brand) I remember it was a Panda panel or something like that - it was terrible. But with this LG monitor, I couldn't find any reviews about the panel itself. I just saw that it has 5 full stars on Amazon (4.8 score) so it looks good. Anyone has experience with it,
  5. thanks guys! I was just worried because Samsung Magician showed that it's always 60C and above when under load and it shows "Very High" like it's really bad. So if this sticker is partially aluminium I think I will give this extra heat sink a chance and report back when it arrives
  6. Hi, I want to buy a heatsink for my Samsung 970 Evo - and it comes with a silicone pad. Now the chips on the 970 are covered with a sticker. And I think removing the sticker voids warranty - is using a heatsink on the sticker effective? (With the pad between the heatsink and the sticker) Thanks
  7. I already checked in BIOS - nothing there. I think I'll just replace. Thank you. But normally I don't replace every year or even two, only if something is wrong.. Too much work and I'm not OCing
  8. My friend has an old Lenovo Q190 Desktop (ideacentre) - Type 6281 with Intel i3-3217u CPU. The temps seem to be alright: It idles at 50-55C and when he's doing his regular tasks it goes to 65~. When running stress test for (100% CPU), the temps don't go beyond 72C. But, the fan always spins at 4000+ rpm. Even when the temp is 50C So I wonder if the fan spins fast because although the temps are good, the thermal paste is dry and the fan is constantly getting readings of high temps, causing it to spin at high RPM all the time, thus resulting in seemingly
  9. Thanks guys, I put the plastic back on (It was hard considering the holes are really tiny, the pins move around and it's therefore hard to align it perfectly.. But I did it.. till the next time, or the next Type-E motherboard
  10. I really hate this connector.. Too hard to connect and harder to disconnect.. Any changes coming soon?
  11. Ok so they do it on purpose? I might have been too grumpy because it's the second time this board had issues (it's already a replacement) I might remove the last part of my post that sounds like a cry baby...
  12. Haha yes I have no idea why they make it so hard... But it's 2/2 for this motherboard.. Maybe it's a coincidence but these are 2 different issue so they just build up
  13. I tried to disconnect the case's front panel USB hub connector from the motherboard, and the plastic came off with it... Well I know they list these ASRock cheap motherboards as very nice value for the money, but damn, this motherboard is already the replacement after the first one died a few days after using it: And I bought it from Amazon US, and I'm not from the US, so no warranty(or yes, but shipping costs more than the motherboard). So I can't recommend those cheap ASRocks to anyone. You really should pay a few extra $$ to get better quality produ
  14. Update: This PSU is so old that, the CPU cable is too short! It was not designed for today's cases I guess