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  1. But we would never microwave a cat on live TV, so here's one we prepared earlier...
  2. mr moose

    Following the leaked Windows 11 build I've seen…

    My location (even without VPN) can only be checked via my public IP which my ISP changes frequently and is literally anywhere from Rockhampton to SA (about 4000K of possible locations). I do not use facebook on my mobile at all. No app, not in browser nothing. The best they could do outside of some sort of finger print (which I believe FF blocks anyway) is to ascertain it from when my dumb arse family tag my in a post with sufficient information. I know all that, For now what I have done is the best one can do without just ditching it completely (which I have done before),
  3. mr moose

    What is with the irresistible urge that people…

    Some people have to make up for a lackluster reality by mimicking what they think is an popular persona online. It's much easier than trying to fool people in RL.
  4. mr moose

    Rumors has it that Samsung are in talks with fo…

    I don't really keep up with the ARM performance stuff anymore (at least not in a granular way anyway), do apples chips perform better or is it largely that they can customize both the processor and the software together to a much larger degree that results in better performance? Is it possible to run the same OS and testing software on all chips to get a fair comparison. Having asked that, I'm not sure that would even result in a fair comparison for the end user anyway.
  5. mr moose

    Following the leaked Windows 11 build I've seen…

    I get email on my phone, so I see it as often as I see txt. But it seems my family are sheeple like the rest.
  6. mr moose

    Following the leaked Windows 11 build I've seen…

    Half my family lives 5000K away and I can't get the pricks to use email.
  7. mr moose

    Following the leaked Windows 11 build I've seen…

    And we in the tech community essentially spend our time arguing with each other about what company X is doing rather than spending our resources educating the laymen of the world. Mind you, educating people who think they know better is really really hard, My facebook (yes I have an account) name is not my real name, my location is spoofed and listed as elsewhere in the world, nothing in my profile relates to me, the email address I used is a throwaway one and I run it in an FF container. All people think when I explain why is that I am some sort of conspiracy nut. I simply d
  8. mr moose

    Following the leaked Windows 11 build I've seen…

    I thought I better add, the general population that complain about change do so while accepting facebook's advice to ad more friends or share their phone number/email are likely the hardest people to educate on the topic. Which makes the whole situation just that little bit harder to discuss.
  9. mr moose

    Following the leaked Windows 11 build I've seen…

    I agree that MS did not make it easy for themselves with "check for updates" downloading untested updates and with MS not being more forthright with data collection and initial settings etc (not too mention the insidious way they push edge). But I feel the biggest problem with windows updates is not so much peoples general experience but all the misinformation on the web about it. A quick search for "updates" returns more pages on how to avoid them and why to avoid them and very few actual good sites explaining the how and why's. My biggest bug bear is the myth that MS outsourced QC on sec
  10. Add to the that that if we keep adding to the acronym so every one is represented, then there is literally no point in the acronym, just refer to them as "people".
  11. mr moose

    I've been looking for some LED light panels to…

    It makes as much sense as the claims that gluten causes autism (genuinely been told that before). Market to the easiest morons you can extract the cash from.
  12. Most surfaces in the sun in Australia (even the lower states) will easily hit 50c. This seems to be a big problem,
  13. Not to mention the backbone of the financial world is rooted in mainframes that run a dead programing language, the dangers of upgrading such systems for the banking sector or the military is so high (not just financial cost but, security and fail safes) that they simply cannot do it. And there are millions of large manufacturing plants that sit in the myriad of grey areas in between. EDIT: and yes it was a shit example, just in a hurry and wanted to show my musings aren't all in my head.
  14. The whole point is MS makes more money from enterprise than consumers (and gamers are barely a choc button in the cake). They are not going to drop 32bit support any time soon. When the vast majority of manufacturing can upgrade infrastructure and get away from legacy protocols and interfaces, that's when MS will drop support. Until then I would not hold my breath that they will streamline windows (let alone make a new version) that the vast majority of domestic users won't even notice.
  15. I'd just say that in business you don't fix what isn't broken unless you want to risk breaking it. By that I mean Windows and MS's general business strategy keeps them on the lions share of all computers. It doesn't seem to matter how good apple is, was or is becoming, they can't seem to catch MS for market share and likely won't while MS maintains support for all the old implementations. In fact it is such a big market that there are professional devices out there that give modern computers and operating systems legacy interfaces (RS232, Parallel, etc) so they can still run old softwar
  16. mr moose

    Last week's WAN show was one of the few I've en…

    I just bought a new monitor, I had enough budget to get a 4K curved monster with all the bells and whistles, but I settled for a 27" 1080 slightly curved samsung VA. Why? because I know my games are games, I don't need them to look real, I don't need more pixels than my eye can see and 300 active light paths bouncing around the scene to enjoy the game. If others want that then be my guest, but an RX570 and 1080 monitor is making me happy. Hell my last upgrade was from an i5 3550 to a 5 3600, and only did that because I wanted to, the 3550 and benq 23" monitor for last decade was fine for m
  17. I have lost faith in the US courts, nothing they say will sway me on the guilt of anyone. I don't blame her that much (more want to help educate people). Having worked extensively outside of tech circles, the vast majority of the population don't even know the difference between wifi and the internet. Hell, I know people who think facebook is all secureity and roses. I'm getting tired of trying to explain how nothing is free. And with mobile phones and the internet being almost (if not already) essential, I think it is prudent the law look after those who don't
  18. I agree with the logic behind your argument. But I still don't think it is entirely apples fault, there is only so much they can do and the authorized dealer is an independent who took the job. Ultimately they are the ones who should bear the consequences. But apple being the name on the service has stepped in and seen it through to ensure they don't get bad press from it.
  19. They're not, they only stepped in and paid up because in this day and age bad PR is bad PR regardless who's at fault.
  20. It's good to see AMD's marketing strategies haven't changed... ever... I guess if it works why reinvent the wheel? it did get them through a really rough patch a decade ago.
  21. mr moose

    [quote] But while the industry has taken steps…

    Over the last several decades things like this have happened ad nausea, not just in manufacturing but in political landscapes as well. I don't think humans will ever adequately predict shortcomings until it is almost too late. Hence why we are always on the brink of a world war or why it seems there is always a hardware shortage going on.
  22. mr moose

    Back into Lockdown......FFS

    I don't think it was the SA quarantine that was the issue, He tested negative when he left so it would have been a problem anywhere. I think we would have been fine if the Vic contact tracers did their job properly (i.e not listing the wrong sites allowing this thing to spread before people knew they were in danger). Anyway, all that shit aside, fucking lockdown , 7 days at home with 5 kids a bludger in the back yard and the missus
  23. mr moose

    If Apple is forced to allow third party app-sto…

    My biggest bug bear with ios versus apple (as it is with console versus PC) is that you shouldn't have to buy software twice to use it on a different OS/device. With many productivity programs (stuff like fruity loops, adobe etc) you buy the software then down load the version relevant to your PC. In my opinion games and mobile apps should be the same.
  24. mr moose

    I am honestly kind of tempted to switch over to…

    The biggest thing that turns me off apple is the way they artificially control repairs and the whole monopoly with the app store, which essentially leaves us at their mercy if something should go wrong. It certainly seems as if they are coming back around to making half decent products again which is a good thing (though in Australia the price is still way too high). Kinda tired of the "lets design it to sell more rather than last" attitude all the manufacturers seem to have these days.