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    32GB Trident Z RGB (B-Die)
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  1. I'd like of offer you a piece of advice. When the topic of cryptocurrency comes up, mentally block posts from certain folks on this site (You will quickly learn who). You ain't gonna convince them mining Crypto has any sorta negatives.
  2. Linus? Am I outta the loop or...? Anyways I wonder just how much the Soulja boy console made. Cause I'm fairly sure the only people who bought it were Youtubers who wanted to make a joke about it.
  3. I dunno how true this is, but Ive heard that the big problem with why Nintendo never properly fixed this is that there aren't any other analogue stick mechanisms on the market that could be a drop in replacement.A proper fix would require a redesign of the Joycons, and of course sourcing a part that is not only functional, but meets the smaller and portable needs the Switch has. - And I'm sure the pandemic isn't helping find a better source that can meet the demand that the switch has.
  4. Im not talking about displaying the text. That could easily be hidden behind the lock screen. Its the fact that the thing does not ring at all. Because its not ringing, I have 0 reason to look at it, because I don't look and unlock it that first time more messages will come in and I have no idea someone is trying to contact me. Oh and its annoying that all those messages will then me marked at what time I finally unlocked my phone, rather then what time they were sent. Cause why would I need to know that someone was trying to contact me 5 hours ago, I need to know when I finally unlo
  5. Will this fix the issue that I sometimes have where sometimes it takes me 10 min to 2 hours to recieve a notification? ... Or the problem where if my phone updates and restarts, It won't ring when I get a text message until I unlock my phone, at which point i will get inundated with a bunch of "WHERE R U!?" messages that apparently Ive been receiving all morning.
  6. Better then what I found out my mom has been using... A folder that is falling apart and just had random crap written all over it, and being unable to tell which password is the up to date password. You have no idea how much of a pain it was setting up her new PC...
  7. What if the ITX PC was the NAS Also higher capacity SSDs can't RAID themselves if kinda thing is important to ya.
  8. ITX boards usually only have 1 M.2 slot. Maybe 2 if your lucky. But they can still have 4-6 SATA ports. A couple of SFF cases only have mounts for 2 2.5" Sata drives. - Solution: cut the drive's size in half. Now you can mount 2 SSDs in the mount normally made for for 1 SSD! Example! (Mounting 4 SSDs in the place normally for 2!)
  9. This reeks of something that an IT guy has been yelling for years was going to happen, but whoever is in charge has just been waving it off because "My Windows XP machine still works!" Then when it finally happens the IT guy gets an angry person coming into their office yelling "Why didn't you tell me this would happen!? FIX IT NOW!"
  10. More like essentially what they did is take a PCB and drill pressed a hole in a spot they thought was ground/blank rather then make a PCB that was designed to have a hole in it. There should also be metal ground plate around the hole, just like any PCB you expected to put a screw through. (Note how close the hole is to the silk screened "KF6051" )
  11. Just curious... Do we have an idea of how many GPUs are actually made? Or really any part honestly. Ive been thinking about that ever since Linus made a comment about the Gigabyte Waterforce motherboard, and thinking "How many of these things do they actually make".
  12. Thank you somebody finally said it. They don't have to fly as a cloud. We are talking hundreds of tiny things in the sky, probably at distances where it might be visually difficult to see/track an individual. - Kinda like a fly thats buzzing around your room, and you keep loosing sight of it. - but multiply that by hundreds. Not to mention I imagine a good drone would have anti-flak maneuvers. Last I checked Flak guns can only point in a single direction at a time. If a swarm can visually identify the direction of a flak gun, they can move out of its line of fire. Also something tell
  13. Depending on how much of a PITA it be have you tried removing the motherboard from the case and powering it on (using your motherboard box as a handy test bench). A couple of times Ive had PCs that worked, put it in a new case or moved it around a bunch, it stops working, doing the same exact thing (Fans all spinning, but its not POSTing) but essentially rebuilding the thing made it work again. - I always assumed it might have been a piece of metal like a lose screw got stuck somewhere and was causing a short but who knows.