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  1. If that does happen you know one of the top comments on many articles "Why didn't they just climb out the window!?"
  2. No, most of the laptops I fix tend to be pre-Windows 8 machines. Machines that used mini PCIe wifi cards. I haven't had to replace a M.2 wifi card yet. Its certainly possible things have changed or that the laptops that have this whitelist, are the ones that tend to have problematic wifi cards. - Not like the average person ever thinks to upgrade their a wifi card unless the thing is going bad. I used to read that manufacturers did this for FCC reasons... but that always sounded fishy to me since its not like desktops have whitelists, and I fail to understand how its a manufacturer's
  3. That is actually the norm with every laptop maker as far as I am aware. HP laptops will flat out refuse to boot if you have a wireless chip that isn't on the whitelist. Some are even devilish enough that it isn't enough to be the same model, it also has to be labeled as a "HP replacement part". I flat out hate that specially since the whitelist can just be full of absolute garbage wireless chips that all have driver issues. If your lucky someone on the internet will have made a hacked bios to remove the whitelist, but honestly unless its a Thinkpad the chances of that are slim. I actu
  4. Give me a Ryzen 5700x! Then we can make a Ryzen 5700x system on X570, with a RX 5700 XT (Cause good luck getting your hands on a RX 6700 when that comes out )
  5. There really is not really much the dock could do. The connection is USB based, not Thunderbolt, so its not like you could have a Docked GPU. The Switch does overclock it's self a bit when docked but thats mostly because its now connected to a power source rather then relying on a battery. Part of me doubts a new switch would really even render any game in 4K. (Maybe a couple of non graphically intensive games). If anything I think its more likely to get a Switch that just simply outputs a 4K/60fps upscaled signal of some sort - If its Nvidia's DLSS that be nice, that would call for
  6. Watch someone is gonna steal one take a blurry photo and try to sell it on ebay as: "NEW SONY PS5 MODEL".
  7. But now it does have a purpose! Its the only way to pay for Pornhub Premium! Im not kidding it really is the only way to pay premium now that all credit cards have dropped it which makes me realize how absolutely asinine and flawed our electronic currency system is since essentially credit card companies can have complete control on what you can and can't purchase on the internet. In that sense I 100% understand the draw to crypto... However I still find the method of generating it it's self asinine vs just having a better electronic currency system that does not rely on private ent
  8. Man these leaks are hundreds of times better then the leaks I got on the playground from the kid who's uncle worked at Nintendo.
  9. No it is pretty valid. The most well known Anti-Vtubers at this moment are the ones who got annoyed at Hachama and Coco because of the Taiwan thing. But even before that there has been vtuber harasment that one only needs to look a little into Hololive's own Mano Aloe who got doxxed and harassed despite as far as I am aware doing absolutely nothing. - She was temporarily suspended shortly after her debut but that wasn't directly the cause of her leaving or the harassment.
  10. Don't worry thats just Hachama. Shes very much an... acquired taste. Specially her cooking *shutters* The others are... more normal. I mean about as normal a horny pirate, a shitposting dragon,an adorable dog, a rabbit that laughs in tekken inputs, a duck, a knight who courting an elf, a devil who is actually an angel, a 0 year old princess, an angel with gorilla strength, a yandere necromancer who will make you disappear if you call her fla-
  11. Well lets hope that big ol Coffee mug didn't leave any rings on the desk.
  12. Your entertained by the numbers that crypto is generating? (If so I highly recommend a random number generator =P ) Or are you just entertained by what crypto mining brings and how much your hardware can do such a task? Would crypto be less entertaining if was calculating... I dunno a frame of the next CG movie or something else, something else where the numbers have actual meaning.
  13. I'll say this like I always do with mining. Shame and its a waste. Only cause mining does literally nothing to help. All that horsepower is going to...? Generate random garbage numbers that mean absolutely nothing at the end of the day. Its not calculating cancer research, quantum mechanics, weather forecasts, molecular mechanics. Or the next digit in Pi, heck its not even used to entertain someone. The more and more I think about crypto miners, the more I get reminded of bot goldfarm networks in MMOs. Automated systems taking away resources to generate virtual currency that will be exc
  14. Using a personal backup is legal (In the US) as precedented by Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Corp._of_America_v._Universal_City_Studios,_Inc. It is a perfect case of someone making a legal backup in a different medium (Live broadcast -> VHS) for personal use at a time of convenience for that person. This argument failed in A&M Records, Inc. v. Napster, Inc., and MGM Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd. because those involved distribution of those backups, which Bitter's example does not include.
  15. If I had a nickle for every time I had to explain to someone the highest tier something in the realm of science can achieve is Theory, because everything in science has to falsifiable - As in it has to have a condition that if met will prove that the thing is false, So actual scientific theories are not hypotheses like the colloquial English definition of the word, and that "Law" is the field of mathematics, meaning numbers can be used to represent the data. I'd probably have enough to pay for someone to go to college and get a science degree. A way Ive come to explain this is that Laws