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  1. It's been a long time argument that loads like this don't represent the majority of use cases. Especially since you're not overclocking, I wouldn't worry about it. The thermal throttle is unlikely to hit in other use cases. Now if you do happen to have workloads that do stress it that much, then you might want to consider adjusting settings in bios to help tame it. For example, setting a lower power limit. Most mobos, especially enthusiast overclocking enabled ones (regardless if you overclock or not) use aggressive settings to get max performance. Reality is even a small power lim
  2. It's normal. FPU test is by far more stressful. It is kinda like a lite version of Prime95. It depends a bit on the mobo too. I've tried the same a 11700k on two mobos. First under a D15 on Gigabyte Z490, I got throttling with boost to 4.6 GHz. Switch to Asus B560 only boosting to 4.2 GHz with "only" an Arctic 34 eSports duo, didn't hit throttling. Generally speaking, even though it is running hotter, it is doing more work in that state.
  3. Ok, I'm a little slow to start but got two systems on the marathon now and looking at what else I can add. The warning about stop-starting makes it unsuitable for my daily use systems, especially given the long run times. To be realistic don't count on more than some marathon background crunching from me.
  4. Following is a rough guide, but you will have to research the detail. Assuming you have a wallet already, note the payment address, which you will use to mine into. Find mining software you like. Personally I'm using Phoenix Miner. Others are available. Find a mining pool. I'm using ethermine, others are available. These spread the payments out in that mined income is split between everyone in the pool. If you run solo, you can hit the jackpot but it might happen only once in many years if ever. With a pool, payouts are smaller but more consistent.
  5. Confirming it is showing up on my iPad. Only felt like days ago I updated version. The routine updates seem to be made available but not notified until some time has passed.
  6. Possible, maybe. Practical, nope. VRAM has very high bandwidths, but only locally on the card. The second you go off card, you're limited by the much slower PCIe bus. If you're using 1x risers on a mobo like this, you're down to roughly 1GB/s per card. 13 cards, 13 GB/s if you raid 0 them, if we assume all that bandwidth can be used at once which is not a given depending on how that particular mobo lays out its lanes between CPU and chipset ones. Single channel system ram is much FASTER. If you were to make the ultimate plotting machine, just fill it with fast ram inste
  7. In case of ambiguity, I do use an avatar when streaming, although I don't consider myself exactly a VTuber in that I'm totally inconsistent in my online persona. The avatar is my main character in FFXIV although I use it for (m)any games. Like many starting out on Twitch, most followers are people I know already in some way so chat is a mix of in character and IRL, so that breaks the 4th wall. I want to stay in character but RP was never my strong point. I don't claim to understand the whole implementation but as far as I can see, in reality the 2D models are essentially depth l
  8. This is one of the more annoying parts in the community, where rumours are treated as facts and outrage expressed when a product that doesn't exist gets changed in some way. To best of my knowledge, AMD has never referenced Zen 3+ existing. It is a big question. They have the potential to put it on AM4 by having different IOD versions to the same chiplets, but as I speculated in another thread, they might have to do something different with Infinity Fabric to cope with the higher possible ram bandwidth otherwise the ram increases would be pointless. I hadn't considered backward
  9. Or both. If I feel like streaming I just turn on the streaming computer, fire up the software and I'm good to go. My friend who uses a camera, she spends time on her appearance and also the streaming environment (what you see behind her) before she can start. Look at the Live2D models, even from long established high profile VTubers like those from Hololive JP. They're really not that complicated and will run pretty easily on any PC that isn't a total potato. If they're designed to be too complex, that's a design problem. My streaming PC is currently a 7920X with 1080Ti. It does
  10. I'll join in on this as usual. I'm not motivated enough to manage bunkering though, but at the least will have something simmering away on the marathon.
  11. Thanks for raising awareness of this crypto. I don't think I'm in the market for new hardware just to do it, but I'm recycling some left over bits I had threw at burst last time around. It looks like around 10 hours per ~100GB plot using a HD for temp which is pretty slow. I don't have SSDs to wear out to speed it up, but I think I can work around the slowness simply by using multiple systems. Why have one fast system when you can have many slower ones?
  12. That DDR4 running at 7000 was the most extreme of extreme overclocks using LN2 and you're not going to see that in any system running normally. It's better to look at the highest speed grades offered normally on DDR4 for comparison, we're looking around 4600 for easily available kits. I think I saw some 5000 kits offered before but they're the most cherry picked samples. Also DDR4 is very mature. That overclock was achieved 6 years after DDR4s consumer availability. We're not even at launch of DDR5 yet. DDR5 eventually running at 7000 is within the standards defined range, so it wi
  13. Rocket Lake is the biggest improvement in performance since Skylake (on Intel desktop side). As a stand alone product, it is great. In my testing so far, perf/watt is near enough the same as Comet Lake. When it uses more power, it is doing more work. Most of that perf is from using AVX-512, which I will accept is not mainstream by any means, but it has given better perf increases than I expected. Outside of that, I'll give it is not much different from Comet Lake but it is not worse either unless you're one of the few people where the 10 core makes sense and didn't buy Ryzen to go 12+ cores. Y
  14. Turn on XMP in bios, but then manually lower the speed to say 3600 and see if that boots. When it comes to high speed ram, compatibility is never 100%. You could also try messing around with SA/IO voltages but that's messy. Edit: Woof beat me to it! Intel IMC might not have changed much but it doesn't make it bad. I have a kit of Kingston 4000 I use for testing and it works is all my Intel systems since Skylake, but there have been variations in performance depending on the motherboard. A minor problem is that with growing adoption of AMD CPUs, some memory modules ha
  15. Thanks, I had seen that before, but from memory it was tough reading and didn't break it down to answer the question I had on if the errors were in storage or in transfer. Kinda makes sense, if the ram has a week spot, that would continue to be a problem. ECC masks fixes problem after it happens, but doesn't prevent it in the first place. I suppose that could also expose you to increased risk of uncorrectable errors if you're already eating into the ability with correctable ones. I still think it comes down to risk vs cost. Imagine if road cars had to go th