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  1. For starters waste, disposals, consumables, etc are part of everything to get something else most of the time "plastics in general" Electricity to get digital good is common If there are brown outs etc that's not the fault of someone using it for intented uses example miners, home shops, etc Business and residential places have amperage limits Blame the power companies for not having or using regulations and not having infrastructure to handle it This is the digital age is it not Requires electricity right What dictates energy wastage? Having 15
  2. think you are missing the point you are regulating what you think is important for electricity uses which all should be equal if you want to go the data route which data is more important yours mine or the nexts? you think we should restrict how data is used over the web? oh wait you pay for certain amount and speed and once you g over you pay extra if you dont have caps then you shouldnt be able to use more? what data is considered wasteful? isnt majority of it? as we talk in a 140 billion(wasteful) of bitcoin thread large enough to buy few
  3. consumer issues has nothing to do with it a gpu consumer is a gpu consumer if i want to buy 1000 3090 to piss on and bash them I can if i pay for them if i want to buy a pallet of amd 5900x and make necklaces out of them I can and for electricity, its none of you business what i do in my business or personal life on what i use electricity for unless i'm doing something illegal if i want to waste energy turning a non insulated open warehouse into polar arctic or heat haven, i can if i want to pay for it until there are regulations/laws etc put into place
  4. exactly you cant blame the bag manufacturers or users until something is put into place
  5. recycling costs are there and you think its cheap? solution for certain areas yes but that isnt a mining or whatever issue thats the areas issue like i said post before your response tariff? you mean overage fees? thats up to the area with said issues if they have them
  6. thats on the areas to enforce it their caps if they have them in place cant blame xx on being the issue if there is nothing in place if there is then they arent following the law, which then its a problem which is spoken about in the iran topic doesnt matter if they make plastic bags or crytpo because thats irrelevant
  7. same shit with gas and is a limited resource prices fluctuate now are you going to say you can only buy 100 gallons a month because it is directly affecting the quality of life for others?
  8. @bolded it doesnt matter what the heck they are doing its their business as long as they are doing it legally free market right? how is a shop making plastic bags greater than a crypto mining shop? like i said its none of you business of what they are doing as long as follow laws and pay their bills or are you going to regulate what business can be running
  9. source on this but also we covered this posts later
  10. if they are paying for the energy then whats the problem? so whats the difference between a crypto mining shop vs a xx shop that uses shit load of energy
  11. question is how is what a company or person does any of your business if they are following the laws and paying for it? if i want to waste energy or buy 1000 gpus to piss and bash them how is it any of you business if i'm not breaking a law and paying for said electricity
  12. if they follow regulations then no harm no foul i dont get this whole i hate cryto shit because i should be entitled to a gpu for my uses lol
  13. so whats your point? is what they do with 1 or 100 gpus any of your business if they bought them? same with power consumption if they pay for it
  14. oh wow the irony cancer waste etc etc but gaming ok cause of entertainment but crypto cant be entertaining to see if they get rich people have bought cars houses business with their crypto just like gamers do with their earnings