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    gskill 2x8gb 3600
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    Evga sc black gtx 1080ti sli with 650ti
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    MM gold digger custom top
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    3x benq xl2420z 2x samsung ex2220
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    h100i v2
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    2x genovation 682, gmmk, model m, x8nighthawk, qfr87
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    g602, g502, g900
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    sound blaster x7
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  1. Prices are increasing on everything Top tier products have increased by far in all industries
  2. 2 decades ago what was price of 20oz coke compared to now
  3. Watch they won't even tell many users with default on and still charge them for the av Probably have to uninstall miner separately too lol Typical users can't even uninstall and clean Norton of their machines Genius move from Norton's perspective?
  4. a tweet shouldnt hurt anything shows you how broken the stockmarket is for starters but then again its gambling kinda so its part of that game and life in prison/death penalty should be option for some considering from insurance perspective
  5. 8yr is too little financial crimes should be elevated in penalty people that think it doesnt hurt anyone? really it hurts everyone because you PAY for it with taxes and many people working the case are under pressure that money and resources could be going towards other crimes but I am biased I think alot of criminals are let off easy and with your logic we all should just try to steal instead of working because a small timeout is definitely worth the risk becoming rich
  6. I'm fine with the price to performance thing if you can get one at that msrp Supply and demand is tough right now in the chip area Steel prices are ridiculous wood prices are ridiculous Fuck a 12pk of coke is ridiculous at gas stations phones and tablets are crazy too seems like inflation/pandemic/printing money/etc shit is gone too far Everything going out of control in pricing It's like a dollar turned into a peso (no offense)
  7. is there going to be a performance hit for patch or fix?
  8. at the given prices might be better option even for gamers lol oh wait they out of stock too lol
  9. Didn't it use to be 20 pin before the 24? In all seriousness why isn't it getting smaller ?
  10. yeah same here all i remember is they stopped trying because of expense of going and possible patent infringement on their part too think tsmc sued them first for couple dozen patent infringements and they turned around and sued for those 16 think thats why tsmc easily did the cross patent thing cause tsmc is already having 5 4 and 3 in the works which tsmc could have done the legal battle and prolly hurt glofo in legal fees but hurt themselves on their older nodes not sure though been too busy with adulting to take time to read actual truths
  11. didnt tsmc and glofo come to cross license deal which could mean glofo could actually get something similar to tsmc 7nm process going?