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    gskill 2x8gb 3600
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    Evga sc black gtx 1080ti sli with 650ti
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    MM gold digger custom top
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    3x benq xl2420z 2x samsung ex2220
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    h100i v2
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    2x genovation 682, gmmk, model m, x8nighthawk, qfr87
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    g602, g502, g900
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    sound blaster x7
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  1. see this is where your thinking is off whats the tax rate on 1m? they just trying to justify their platform ms and sony really dont get that much considering replayable media
  2. and that whats needs to change if you think thats ok then we will never have anything truely open fuck even ms knows this more i get older the more it seems like everyone likes a closed ecosystem ideology HAS become cult like and next planetary exploration will be resource driven rome all over again
  3. well i can agree, like i said most only need mobo sound 90%+ i think that ever since others are ready to dive in more funds for this plateau they scalp others into it also to make their purchase much better
  4. is apple getting sued first or google? why is google in the picture now? google still lets you have options like amazon etc etc etc etc
  5. link microsofts 30% cut off the top for developing on windows and googles store can be bypassed by sideloading loading there is an option with a press show me this to with a link
  6. so apple gets 221m for their platform eco system and then gets corp tax cuts off your scenario just for hosting and doing some security checks talk about highway robbery
  7. hi i'm starting to think distributors are the problem
  8. if steam can do shit like it apple can do it too considering they own the platform and have all the data at their finger tips
  9. where did you say procedural problems? you just said irrelevant i simply said this
  10. raise the resolution with vsr/dsr and you will see a difference by far you become less dependent on cpu then rl and go are cpu dependent games if i recall though so raising res will do alittle relieving if i recall
  11. should look at apples tax breaks and off shore shit they dont even come close to paying same percentages as small companies do they didnt become the richest company just by microtransactions, platform fees, and devices
  12. agreed seems like mobo sound is fine to 90+% of users anyways but sound is so subjective their implementation it may sound great to you but crappy to someone else i think i gave up doing the audiophile things now days seems like it plateaued for me awhile ago