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    Intel i7 7700K 4.7Ghz
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    GIGABYTE Aorus GA-Z270X-Gaming 5
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    Gskil Ripjaws V 16GB (8GB x2) 2400Mhz
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    Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 OC
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  1. Considering AMD is limited by fab supply, I have doubt on those claims.
  2. Gamers aren't loyal at all, with cpus anyway lol. Although gamers will buy nvidia because of the name, AMD still has the reputation "bUt dRiVerS baD".
  3. So its a similar complaint to the AIBs essentially having no profit on Nvidia 30 series cards. Although I think there was some rumor on Nvidia giving their AIBs a discount on board cost, maybe how companies like Asus can make a card that has better cooling than the FE design at only slightly more than base MSRP. Supply cost could be related to low supplies, but doesn't cooler and board design get more costly as GPU's require more cooling,VRM's, and more board layers to handle faster VRAM? A card can suddenly get more expensive if it requires a 3 slot cooler, and more expensive MLCC cap
  4. Tech youtubers only report on what gets confirmed by a source or the company themselves, I really doubt Nvidia would admit they're selling chips to miners, or AMD say they're pissed the AIBs are selling their cards for $150-200 over the base $649 MSRP. Some of the gossip stuff could be true, but who knows how much as you say its wild guesses, I don't bother with the rumor mill channels myself.
  5. Some people seem to be insisting mining is more important than anything else even though it's not a steady source of income. Even if its 6% that still matters with how bad the RTX 30 series launch went. But with supplies on everything being lower, and shipping being delayed this release is probably worse. Like no stores had stock, at least with the RTX 20 series I recall if you wanted a GPU so badly you could hurry through the checkout to at least have a chance at getting a card.
  6. Yeah waiting for availability is the problem, sure you could get into a queue or pre-order but with the rumors of Nvidia having 30 series cards with more VRAM, I really don't see the point. That Q&A is mostly a load of BS anyway, if they're selling GPU dies to miners, or maybe that Q&A is aimed at the miners. And I'm sure Nvidia knows a lot of people kept their Pascal cards because the Turing cards weren't worth upgrading to unless you absolutely needed raytracing, so of course theres higher demand.
  7. What stores in NA actually had stock? I noticed some stores were announcing they didn't get any RX6000 cards at all. But AMD has it worse considering they're limited by fab capacity with TSMC, probably why Nvidia went with Samsung, although apparently yields on Samsung 8nm aren't great. I guess thats slightly better than selling consumers cards to miners, but they're still selling wafers that would otherwise go to AIB's. Several reviewers have said AIB's have very low margins on RTX 30 series GPU's, and they need to make cards to get back the cost of designing PCB's and coolers.
  8. With consumer graphics cards its a matter of supply and demand, demand is more than supply with the Nvidia RTX30 series cards,and AMD RX 6000 cards, so prices are going to be higher. MSRP is simply a suggestion of what prices to set. And consoles are sold at a loss, cost is made up through things like people buying games through the store.
  9. On the hardware level or in the drivers? The RX 6000 launch has basically been a paper launch, AMD uses TSMC for consoles, CPU's and GPU's but I doubt supply could've been that bad, I wouldn't be surprised if they were selling to miners even if the cards aren't good for mining.
  10. I do get your point, theres people that have to have a gpu immediately, those people wait in line for days or set up a bot, but I can wait i'm not in a hurry to get anything new. The annoying thing is Nvidia selling directly to miners again, when supply is already low.
  11. Theres plenty of people that can use a GPU while working from home. Do miners need a GPU for every day life? No, and mining is definitely a problem that ruins the market for the consumer that these GPUs are intended to be sold to.
  12. A business telling its consumers there is "unprecedented demand" and they're trying to get cards on the shelves, but instead selling cards to miners directly is a total lie, companies get sued for being deceptive to their consumer market. And its different when those miners are getting cards directly instead of signing up for pre-orders like a regular consumer. But it's interesting people are whining those that want anything new are entitled, because how dare anyone that worked for it or saved up for it and waited, to want to upgrade to a new GPU.
  13. The miners are going to nvidia directly, the average consumer doesn't have the luxury of getting thousands of GPUs, and nvidia has been sued for selling directly to mining farms before.