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  1. Given a single Cpu core can fully strut the dual channel on the M1 they can't continue to just go with that, and then consider that they are going from an 8Core GPU to a 32Core gpu even for the single die they need to support more channels (if they are staying with LPDDR). So one thing to remember with apples GPUs the 8 core GPU in the M1 really should not be considered a single GPU, it behaves much more like 8 GPUs running in crossfire. Apple strongly! discourage us devs from doing any core to core communication (since that runs through system memory) there is no direct core t
  2. You assuming that a single die (as it will be in the 16") will only have 1/4 of a channel of LPDDR4x. I expect the 16" MBP will be 4 channels of LPDDR5x or 2 stacks of down clocked HBM2e. So a 4 die arrangement will have either 16 Channels of LPDDR5x or 8 HBM2e (maybe even not down clocked as they are not in a laptop). The chip in the 16" will not use the same memory subsystem as the M1 (that has 68GB/s)! it will be at least 4x faster but i expect more than that since a single M1 performance core can use up 60GB/s and in a pro machine providing enough bandwidth for all cores to
  3. I think games console would likely not need a chip that has all the cpu cores fully functional it would be a perfect place for apple to use-up M1 (or higher end) chips that have 1 defective cpu core. The way to get AAA devs to look at your platform is to offer them $$$ investment into their game ideas, apple have been spending big on apple arcade but big games take a long time so we should not expect to see any big titles for another few years.
  4. Apple really does not do software exclusives even games that have been bankrolled by apple to be in apple arcade are permitted to ship on other consoles, the exclusives is only to iOS. Many Apple arade games are on stream and even on PS and Xbox. Apple could price it quite aggressively, they have a large history of SoCs (from older iPhones) that are each more powerful than the Switch or Steam Dec. If apple wanted to support x86 translation (apple are not doing emulation) (they absolutely could) and even use proton (with a metal backend) they could also bring over many mo
  5. Personally i think apple should just go back to the macBook name would be cleaner but like many companies apple is not very good at coming up with good naming solutions across their product lines.
  6. I expect they will have a GPU on the SoC Package, likely using the same dies a step 16" MBP but 4 of them. That would lead to a 128 Core GPU for the SoC. (this would put it above the 3090 in performance by a good margin). Then they will also mount these SoCs to PCIe/MPX cards and offer them as add in GPUs, this will let them use up the dies that have defective cpu cores and mean they do not need to bother making a dedicated GPU die for the extremely low volume optional add in market of the mac pro. These will be rather powerful as add in compute cards since they will not only have 128 GP
  7. I would suggest looking into latency numbers as for day to day operations (using the OS) this will make the most difference between drivers. This tool has full cross platform support https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/02/how-fast-are-your-disks-find-out-the-open-source-way-with-fio/
  8. Thats not quite true, since the SSD controller users the same shared memory as the rest of the system cache backed writes (and reads) are no-op operations were the page pointer already in memory is just returned. (compared to a remote PCIe SSD controller were when you do a read/write it even if that data is in ssd local memory it needs to copy back to the system memory) this does have a miserable impact in random IOPS not in sustained loads. Given macOS uses APSF most operations (even file copies) are not large date copy operations but small meta data mutations so IOP latency is imports, while
  9. In perfomance it will be easy, the M1 runs circles around the framework laptop on every spec point (even price).
  10. I was just talking about the SSD NAND apple does not serializing these, people have upgraded these in the past on T2 macs, M1 macs and iPhones (these all use the same SSD controller embedded within the SOC). Any board level repair shop can do this, the difficult part for them is finding out what spec of SSD dies apple is using. the BGA grid used on SSD NAND is not that dense and if you are used to replacing other BGA parts (like anyone doing board level repair will need to do all the time to fix broken charging systems) this is not a hard task. As I said with respect to the SSD re
  11. To be clear im saying in professional tasks were a mobile 3080 will end up memory limited (due to having at most 16GB of memory) and having a high latency (low bandwidth) connection to the cpu memory. The 32Core Gpu in the 16" MBP will have full bandwidth (low latency) connection to the full 32GB or even 64GB memory of the system and for pro tasks that are mixed CPU/GPU (NPU etc) the fact that the GPU and CPU can share memory in the same way 2 CPU cores can share memory (eg point to the exact same location and modify and read bytes from that locations) can result in a massive performance boost
  12. Im talking about perfomance given the power budget. Using a PCIe based SSD would draw a LOT more power even if it were an NVMe solution that was just PCIe3. Do you want your SSD to draw more power that multiple Cpu cores under full load? They will not build graphic cards (and even if they did they would be useless for windows systems depending on DX and VK as apples gpu IP is tightly linked to Metal features.. see some of the blogs from the teams working on getting linux on M1). What apple will do (for the macPro) is sell additional (optional) add in MPX cards that
  13. Given that the GPU will have access to the full system memory for many pro tasks it will not be hard for the 32Core GPU to massively out perform a mobile 3080. But also even in games (if those games are well optimised for Metal on Appel Silicon GPU family 8...) the GPU will outperform a mobile 3080... however there really are no games out there that are optimised for the full feature set of apples GPUs. What apple need to do is be a little bit like sony and pay a big studio to develop a game (elusively for their platforms) that is very well optimised for the hardware and software stack but
  14. which mac do you have? (i was looking at the M1 devices). While these ssd dies might have different product IDs if you can find a spec sheet (there are some leaked on the internet) you can find the needed voltages and that will let you figure out what parts will work (there are only a few different standards for NAND to talk to the controller).