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  1. Normally we would not see many signs of an product in development at apple until its ready for reales however apple have seen how when they do this in the past `Apple Watch` the software story for developers takes at least 2 to 3 years to take shape. A lot of this is them working out what sort of APIs they need to provide to enable developer to make use of the hardware. Clearly apple want the glasses to be a hit from day one, they do not want to risk waiting 3 years for the platform to be mature enough to be compelling so they are using the iPhone platform to try out SDK ideas and adapt and l
  2. The M1 8Core GPU at just 7 W is ~= desktop 1050ti. The fact that is connected to the rest of the system using a much faster interconnect than any PCIe gpu helps it not hinders it.
  3. In perf/W it is well above what AMD and Nvidia and intel produce. And when comes to scaling up a GPU (as we have seen with this last years GPUs) the limit in the end if power and cooling. Yer the M1 is not a very powerful gpu but for a gpu that draws just 7W of power it is very very powerful GPU. And there is nothing stoping apple scaling that gpu out, by building dedicated dies with many many GPU cores. I expect the 16" MBP will have as the top end configuration 2 GPU dies each with 32cores this will provide apple with a GPU ~= RTX 3070 (desktop card) while only drawing ~56W + Me
  4. By buying a new apple silicon mac when they ship. Given the perf/W of apples GPUs if you are willing to pay for the (massive number of) transistors apple can make you are very powerful GPU. A 128Core GPU running at the same frequency as the GPU cores in the M1 would provide over 40Tflops of fp32 (for context that is more than a RTX3090) and that 128Core gpu would draw less than 150W! Apples perf/W advantage and extreme focus over the last 10 years is going to pay off very well.. But that aside for this headset the trick is the eye tracking, the 2 8K displays does not mean you need to r
  5. Apple already have a form of variable rate shading (apple call this Rasterization Rate) support in their GPUs, likely they will use that in conjunction with the eye tracking so that maybe the total number of pixels render at any given time per eye is != to a 1080p image but these are not uniformly distributed with the majority of the being very small at the location the eye is looking and others being massive pixels on the edge of your field of vision. This is not new tec, some razing games will use this to render the background (that is later blurred out anyway) at a much lower fill rat
  6. The newer generation of keyboards on mac laptops are in fact very good after apple got rid of the butterfly when went back to the magic keyboard.
  7. Yer the copywrite would only happen if they copy in a binary bundles from macOS. Luckily it turns out all the system firmware is loaded by the iBoot bootloader (that is provided by apple) before the bootloader boots linux so the linux team do not need to copy in any of the firmware, this includes the GPU firmware since the iBoot UI is fully metal accelerated.
  8. No booting macOS on other hardware is simpler, since in many cases if you need a driver you can find a linux or BSD open source one modify it (a very small amount commonly if its from the BSD space at least) compile and add it to the set of kernel drivers that boots. Depends people maintain the nvidia open source driver, if apple make as big a splash in the laptop space as it looks they are making then it is very possible in 3 years time there might be more devices with M* GPUs being sold the Nvidia GPUs.
  9. Well not impossible, there are open source NVidia drivers on linux, apples GPUs are just as undocumented as nvidia's are. It is worth noting that the 2D graphics api being used to render that linux desktop is using the gpu, just in a legacy mode. Also the GPU is not entirely novel, it is based on the Imagination Technologies GPUs (that are documented a lot better than say an nvidia GPU). Reverse engining of the GPU and its instruction set has already started. https://rosenzweig.io/blog/asahi-gpu-part-1.html https://github.com/AsahiLinux/gpu Would require getting PCIe over USB-4 wo
  10. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201263 This includes iPhone 10, 11, 12
  11. So you can reset from this using the DFU reset that fully re-flashes the firmware. (warning you do loss all data on the device). You need a mac or a pc with iTurns installed. https://help.ifixit.com/article/108-dfu-restore
  12. That would be Samsung doing something of their own, apple do not have such a boot-loader, if you jailbreak your device you can always flash back a non JailBreak os (using DFU mode from iTunes and there is not trace a JailBreak was installed). Apple or Samsung could put something in firmware that made this detectable some games consoles in the past have used eFUSE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_eFUSE to stop you being able to install OS downgrades after installing an update. EDIT: Samsung already do this !! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Knox
  13. I do completely understand that they can require a calibration step for displays, since that is something that happens at the factory not every display panel is the same (even if they are form the same batch small defects have impacts) so part of the calibration is to detect these differences (in brightness, cooler reproduction etc) and store these somewhere so that the OS can read the info and adjust the signal it sends to the display. Some displays units include this on a small bit of memory that is part of the display unit, but that does increase the cost of the display unit and means you c
  14. Recording different to composing when it comes to inputs, composers will keep old instruments around just so that they can keep that `sound` as a tool for their work (just in case they need the `sound). They could pipe those old instruments in through a intermediate system (and many do, they had to in the days of the trashcan mac after all)..
  15. Well part of keeping the old stuff is sound. You might be able to replace it with new stuff but your digital instruments will sound different. Its not just PCIe slots used for IO out to external input/output devices but also PCIe slots are used for digital synthesis (that yes you can have just running on your cpu but the cpu versions sound different). These users are artists and they have given set of tools that create the effects they need (and also they might need to pick up an old project at any time) take a look at this guys channel https://www.youtube.com/c/NeilParfittMusic/videos he did