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  1. You had me until 'Curved'! Despite political correctness, I still like my lines to be straight!
  2. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad play, I mean, Samsung used to make the Apple A series chips until the A7 (and kinda the A9)
  3. This makes the MacBook Air all the more appealing to me. It has good enough battery life, good enough screen, great keyboard, it doesn't have the Touch Bar, and is cheaper. Let's be real, if you're using a 13" MacBook Air for power intensive tasks on your lap for an extended period of time, it's probably not the right device for you. Using it on your lap is horrific in terms of ergonomic, I pretty much always use my laptop, and even Windows tablet on a table. Basically the only time I don't is if I'm sitting on the sofa and need to send a few emails.
  4. This is absolutely ridiculous, and not to get political but you can instantly tell which parties this came from! So is this also going to outlaw the automated systems that stores use to order goods from suppliers as well? And if they're saying "gaming consoles and computer components should be available to all customers at no more than the Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price", isn't that just price fixing? If I want to buy all the graphics cards, I should be able to. If I want to use a bot to buy them, I should be able to. If I want to then se
  5. I've been procrastinating with a job and the client has been chasing me this morning to send over a report, thankfully Google has come to my rescue and given me some extra time!
  6. Maybe MSI are just taking advantage of the fact MiniLED is the latest buzz word and are making a large profit in it. Have we seen what the actual panel cost is yet?
  7. DPD, at least in my area, have gone downhill considerably. The only courier that I've had any luck with over the past year or so has actually been Hermes! But, that's totally down to who your local delivery driver is. I also quite like Amazon's own service, I'm on the border of two different areas, so sometimes I get my deliveries from Newcastle, others Carlisle and I've never had an issue with either. The only thing is you have to basically ignore the time slot they give you, yesterday I had a few things getting delivered and it started off as 1pm to 4pm, and by the t
  8. The car might be able to take it, but would you really want to be driving around with soggy legs?
  9. At that deep, I'd be just as worried about the electricals, or water getting into the cabin. The safe wading depth for our car is 450mm (it can go deeper, but that's what the manufacturer recommends), but I honestly wouldn't trust the door seals at that depth!
  10. For me, it has to be Air Conditioning and Heated Seats, both on at the same time because I like the cold air, but I like feeling warm I also couldn't live without power chairs, we had a hire car and it had manual seats, and I couldn't find a comfortable position, it was either one click too far forward or backwards Oh, and a good wading depth, the roads round here often flood so it's nice to be able to go shopping without a 5 mile detour Finally, either Xenon or LED headlights, the aforementioned hire car only had halogen headlights and honestly it was easi
  11. It would all have to be downloaded after the fact anyway, so even if they do upload to Google Drive there'd still be the multiple days of downloading. The other issue is the fact that for some reason there is an insistence on using FTP for the transfer, maybe this is easier for the client? It'd be 2tb in total. That seems like it could be a good option, they never showed up in my previous search. They need FTP so a storage box may be better than the storage share for the same price
  12. So my uncle runs a small TV production company and needs a FTP server to ingest the footage from one of his foreign clients since with things the way they are at the minute, international travel isn't exactly the best option! The latest project he is working on requires about 2tb of data to be transferred which is too much for their current solution to handle without moving to a much more expensive plan, so asked if I could look into quickly knocking up a local server they can transfer the data to (and by quickly I mean within the next day or two) Now, I have a few old
  13. All the people that used Beats are now using Airpods. It's not about the sound quality, it's about the image, and Airpods are the new thing to be seen wearing
  14. Realistically though, as long as it still runs software at the same performance level than the current Intel chips perform, does it really matter what architecture they're using?