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  1. Windows 11, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. If you want to be macOS you can just say it, kek. 

  2. Yeah, no progress bar made using the Files App basically impossible. File transfers will also fail in the background (at least on my iPhone 8 Plus), and transfers are just super slow to begin with give that lighting is only USB 2.0.
  3. Replaced my aging 42mm Series 2 with a new 44mm SE. Got it on sale at MicroCenter for $289 (MSRP $309). It’s very nice and significantly faster.
  4. Got myself a new Apple Watch. It’s an SE 44mm. MicroCenter had them on sale for $289 (MSRP $309). 


    1. Bombastinator


      I’ve thought about getting one of those. They’re supposed to be handy for a couple of medical concerns I have.  I never got used to taking my watch off when I sleep though so I worry that the whole Apple Watch thing won’t work for me and it will be a waste of a bunch of money.  If they worked for longer on a charge I’m might do it though.

    2. RoseLuck462
  5. If it were a VPN, Apple would have put that in the keynote. It’s not, so it’s really not a big surprise that it can’t spoof your location since it was never intended to. It’s effectively free to anyone with iCloud storage so it’s pretty cool imo.
  6. My redesigned LEGO Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler! 

    LEGO Jeep inline wheels Front Quarter.png

    LEGO Jeep inline wheels Rear Quarterpng.png

    LEGO Jeep inline wheels SIde.png

    LEGO Jeep inline wheels front.png

    LEGO Jeep inline wheels Top.png

    1. TheGlenlivet



      Just out of curiosity,  do you enjoy the Legomasters TV show?

    2. DrMacintosh


      5 hours ago, TheGlenlivet said:


      Just out of curiosity,  do you enjoy the Legomasters TV show?

      I watched the whole thing with my ex. It was a great show, but the "winner" was selected out of PR, not the actual skill of the builders. 

  7. Apple Watch Series 2 was put through the ringer today. I put it on around 10-11am. Was wearing it passively, nothing more than closing my stand rings. Went on like a 12min walk (did not start a workout), then when 4:30 rolled around I started playing World of Warships. Heart rate shot up multiple times bc it was Clan Battles. After I finished playing I went on a 20min walk. When I got home I was alerted that my watch was at 8%. 



    I've had this watch since 2016 and have worn it extensively since then. It's nearing 5 years old and its tiny battery has a shit ton of cycles. 


    The September event is 4 months away, idk if replacing it now would be a good decision. Then again, the rumored new Apple Watch design looks like hot garbage so.... 



    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. DrMacintosh


      1 minute ago, SenKa said:

      I was super mixed on a square bodied watch. 


      on one hand it made it look like one of those knockoff nano's that came w/ a watch strap from the early 2000's and on the other it was entirely cohesive w/ apples other pro devices (including rumored 14 and 16" pros)

      Sure, its cohesive if you have a modern iPhone and iPad. I don't. I still have my 8 Plus and I have a 7th gen iPad. My MBP is the same design from 2016. Imo the rumored design is form over function. A square body is not comfortable on the wrist. The flat edge will dig in when you bend your wrist. 

    3. SenKa


      1 minute ago, DrMacintosh said:

      Sure, its cohesive if you have a modern iPhone and iPad. I don't. I still have my 8 Plus and I have a 7th gen iPad. My MBP is the same design from 2016. Imo the rumored design is form over function. A square body is not comfortable on the wrist. The flat edge will dig in when you bend your wrist. 

      All true points. i have a 12 pro max and 2020 ipad pro so it would match up pretty well. I would be pretty worried about the watch digging in to me, especially since i wear it at work.

    4. RorzNZ


      I think the new AW looks good, as long as its comfortable on the wrist and comes in black or silver. Not a fan of coloured watches. I will probably think about upgrading then too.

  8. Apple has finally added support for Windows Precision Trackpad drivers to Bootcamp. Literally after never supporting it before, and only after Intel Macs are all but discontinued....Is this the last hurrah before the Bootcamp developer team is sacked? 


    1. AluminiumTech
    2. captain_to_fire


      56 minutes ago, DrMacintosh said:

      Is this the last hurrah before the Bootcamp developer team is sacked? 

      Apple is probably waiting for WoA to get their shit right. Even on M1 Macs, Bootcamp is still there but refuses to run. As Craif Federhigi once said, they’re waiting for Microsoft to make Windows 10 on ARM available for everyone to download, not just through an insider program.

  9. There is most definitely a reason. It's Apple Silicon. Apple is maintaining only the most recent Macs because they have to, otherwise they would be lying about their "years of support." At the end of the day though, they need to increase sales of Apple Silicon, the best way to do that is to make the older Macs unsupported anymore.
  10. So I was looking through the entire change log for macOS Monterey here: https://www.apple.com/macos/monterey-preview/features/


    As suspected, Apple still has refused to add MST to macOS. There isn't a Mac that exists today that can output to 2 displays through a USB-C dock. You must have an expensive Thunderbolt Dock. 

  11. Dashlane looks like a pretty good service. I'm going to try and get approval to require that all of our users are on it. I'm not equipped to deal with the aftermath of a data breach. 

    1. captain_to_fire


      Dashlane used to be good until they’ve axed support for their desktop app in favor of web apps in the browser. I’m waiting for my subscription to expire in October and switch to 1Password. 

    2. DrMacintosh


      Is the web app any less functional than the desktop app? Their website does not say anything about not supporting their desktop apps, at least for businesses. 

  12. I want to buy things but then I look at prices and then I realize that I can live without them. Kek.

    1. TheGlenlivet


      Wise beyond your years...

  13. I have a 144Hz 1440p 27" gaming monitor as my main display. Sadly, its a TN panel. However, it being 144Hz and a very modern display makes it near impossible to replace. This thing was over $300 in 2019. I'd like to have a large, IPS, high refresh rate and high resolution monitor. If I were to get a 4K display that's affordable, it won't be high refresh rate and probably won't be very color accurate. If I get a color accurate display it won't be high refresh rate. If I do nothing I save about $600+ and call it a day xD 

    1. RoseLuck462


      Hopefully they're be decent offerings for Black Friday 

    2. Caroline


      Technically I have a 1440p monitor too, it's just 1920*1440. Hits 120Hz but I don't even need it to be that fast considering my hardware.

      LED colouring and brightness just looks... terrible, when compared to this bad boy of course.

  14. One thing I'm looking forward to is low power mode on the Mac with macOS Monterey. Keeping system clocks low sounds great for thermals of all supported intel Macs. 

    1. FakeKGB


      Wait, that's not a thing yet?
      No wonder my Mac mini 2011 is so hot all the time...


      Side note, I wonder if Low Power Mode will be compatible with Hackintoshes?

  15. I thought the whole point of crypto was that you weren't supposed to be able to do this. Lmao. it's time for it to die imo and for everyone to realize that crypto is never going to become what cash is today. Nations won't allow it.