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    R5 2600
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    ASRock B450M Pro4
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    Ballistix Sport 16GB (4 x 4GB) 2666
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    Apple PowerMac G5
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    2020 13" MacBook Pro, 4C/8T @2.0Ghz, 512GB, G7 Graphics, 16GB LPDDR4X
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    iPhone 8 Plus 64GB
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  1. Coming from an 8 Plus, if you had to choose, what would you get. A 13 or a 12? 

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    2. AluminiumTech


      14 hours ago, sub68 said:

      a SE 2?

      But that's going from A11 Bionic to A13 Bionic. If @DrMacintoshwants to get the most out of a replacementi iphone then I'd say choose an A14 device minimum. A15 and iPhone 13 don't seem to be major improvements on the base model. If considering Pro then 13 Pro is big step up from 12 Pro. Otherwise 13 is basically a 12S and you can get a 12 for $100 less from Apple.


      Edit: Also forgot to mention, iPhone SE 2 uses the same iPhone 8 design (regular 8, not plus) so that would probably be a turnoff to DrMacintosh.

    3. DrMacintosh


      14 hours ago, AluminiumTech said:

      Edit: Also forgot to mention, iPhone SE 2 uses the same iPhone 8 design (regular 8, not plus) so that would probably be a turnoff to DrMacintosh.

      The SE2 is a turn off for me because it’s tiny. Sure it has new internals but it wouldn’t be an upgrade. 

    4. sub68


      7 hours ago, DrMacintosh said:

      The SE2 is a turn off for me because it’s tiny. Sure it has new internals but it wouldn’t be an upgrade. 

      Ahh ok, I am fine with that size of iphone but that's just me

  2. From my understanding of the printout, it looks like the tool fixed some issues. Glad to help.
  3. I just installed the update but haven't used my computer since. I recommend running the DISM tool in terminal so that you can check to make sure your Windows install is healthy.
  4. Fortunately for my wallet, it looks like even though the iPhone 13 has been released. The iPhone 12 is still priced crazy high. 

    The 64GB model is still $699 ($739 for an unlocked). My current 8 Plus is 64GB and I don’t really run into storage issues. My biggest space consumer is music. 

    Don’t think my 8 Plus is bad enough to justify an $800 purchase after taxes. 

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    2. DrMacintosh


      Just now, Murasaki said:

      old iPhones go brrrrrr

      My 8 Plus is still surprisingly at 84% battery capacity. 

    3. FloRolf


      It feels so strange that you guys have to pay extra to get an unlocked phone. Like wtf, why is that worth $40?

    4. TheGlenlivet


      7 hours ago, DrMacintosh said:

      My 8 Plus is still surprisingly at 84% battery capacity. 

      Got me beat by 2%...


  5. I absolutely love my new AX4200 router. It maxes out my network speed all the way in my bedroom. Standard Spectrum speed is 200Mbps (but in my area you usually get between 220-240Mbps). Linksys makes some good shit. I really like the Linksys app and I'm glad I decided to stick with them again. 

  6. How exactly does this relate to the topic? Epic is/was the aggressor in this case.
  7. Jake seems to do a lot of the backend work at LTT. Especially networking. It's weird to admit but a MacBook is super capable for that sort of work.
  8. Got a new Wifi 6 router. The AX4200. It lowered in price from $250 to $200 on Amazon. It’s a Tri-band router with 2.4/5/5. No 6GHz unfortunately. 


    I was a bit bummed when I realized there was no 6GHz band, but then I ran a speed test on my PC with the new router installed…



    Even with only an AC wifi card installed in my PC I get the full speed of my network over wifi in my bedroom. With my previous router I could only get 90mbps at best. Definitely don’t need 6GHz for my network yet. 

    So far I’m very satisfied with the purchase. 

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    2. TheCoder2019


      I have one




    3. TheGlenlivet


      It looks like an airport extreme to me.


      Dr. Macintosh - If I can't get a good Apple wifi router, I'll get one that looks like, one at least!

    4. DrMacintosh


      5 hours ago, TheGlenlivet said:

      It looks like an airport extreme to me.


      Dr. Macintosh - If I can't get a good Apple wifi router, I'll get one that looks like, one at least!



      the design was literally 7/10 the reason I bought this router. 


  9. pog For the whole Epic vs. Apple thing...I'm glad Epic didn't get their way in terms of wanting 3rd party app stores on iOS. I just don't see the argument for opening iOS to 3rd party stores. However I totally agree that developers should be able to choose their own payment processors. It's a lose lose for both companies but imo, Epic took the biggest hit.
  10. Incomplete post and misleading information. Epic did in fact not win. Apple didn't win either but Epic lost the most from this ruling.
  11. As if no other manufacturer hasn't had just as many issues of similar scale. The difference is there are only a few MacBook models and they cost $999+. When a $600 HP special craps out after 2 years it doesn't make news headlines because they expect those devices to be shit. At least Apple does extended warranty programs that fix issues that people are having.
  12. I'm pretty sure the screen assembly is no different than the 2020 13" Intel MacBook Pros. Either way, glass does not "spontaneously crack." Glass fails for a reason, either it was twisted or it was pierced. What is a main cause of display shatters for MacBooks? (Keep in mind the gap between the display and the keyboard deck is about a mm) Debris and webcam covers. Apple explicitly states not to use webcam covers or keyboard covers for your Mac....it's also best practice to make sure that when you close your display that there isn't a small rock that you're about to slam your displ
  13. I wonder what Apple will do with iTunes in the near future. It does not support lossless audio with Apple Music, though it does support playing back lossless audio period. 

    1. Arika S

      Arika S

      i imagine the plan would be to eventually switch the m4a container over to all alac instead of a weird split between aac and alac, or just deliver music in a different lossless format.


      I dont think getting rid of the ability to buy and own individual songs is a good idea, i hope places dont go full ham into streaming services, even if you can download for offline listening because of the DRM nightmares that comes with it.

  14. I started my Apple Music free trial to try out the lossless audio. I really don’t know why people use Spotify. 



    The Music app is awesome and integrates flawlessly with your personal audio library and your Apple Music library. 

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    2. captain_to_fire


      32 minutes ago, DrMacintosh said:

      really don’t know why people use Spotify. 

      • Because iTunes is shit on Windows.
      • Not everyone can take advantage of lossless audio on Apple Music especially with Bluetooth headphones compressing everything which defeats the purpose of lossless audio.
      • Spotify plays nice with broader ecosystems like Chromecast and AirPlay.
      • Curated playlists of Spotify is just better than Apple Music.
      • Apple Music app for Android is a poor rip off of the iOS app.
      • In order to use Apple Music family tier, someone must’ve owned an Apple device first before sharing a subscription. I can’t just share it to someone with an Android phone who hasn’t owned an Apple device ever,
      • Spotify is a single app to rule them all whether it’s music or podcasts. With Apple Music, I have to use the separate Podcast app.
      • I’m still not over when Apple Music in 2015 ruined my iTunes library.
      • Spotify plays nice with Google Maps and Waze. Apple Maps only work in California.
      • Spotify can now talk to Siri just like Apple Music.
    3. Spotty


      5 hours ago, DrMacintosh said:

      I really don’t know why people use Spotify. 

      I like the recommended playlists Spotify gives you. I don't know much about music or bands so I just chuck on their daily mixes to listen to music and while there's some songs that I don't like for the most part it's pretty good at selecting stuff I like. Also opened me up to a lot of new songs/bands I wouldn't have found otherwise.


      I have the Amazon music thing included with Prime but never listen to it because either they don't create playlists tailored for you or it's rubbish. Every time I've tried searching for a specific song or album on Amazon Music it has been locked behind the paywall. I just find myself searching for something, not being able to listen to it, then closing the app.

    4. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      i tried Apple Music multiple times, and i find the music app slower, particularly with slow internet which i have to deal with, where it takes 10 or more seconds to load a song in lossless quality after i click or tap it. Spotify takes 2 seconds at most, even at it's high quality setting. 


      also, spotify connect is very useful, i can just effortlessly connect spotify on my iphone to a google cast enabled tv at a friends house to play music. 

  15. VirtualBox on macOS for a Windows VM is horrific. Basically nothing about it works. The display settings are god awful. If you install the guest extensions hardware acceleration breaks and Windows becomes unusable. 

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    2. TheCoder2019


      How about VirtualBox on Windows for a macOS VM? Kind of wish I had an ISO, or any Mac to rip the OS from

    3. captain_to_fire


      VMWare or Parallels for Mac are the good ones

    4. Ashley MLP Fangirl

      Ashley MLP Fangirl

      try UTM, it's basically a GUI for QEMU.