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    I own a unicorn.

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    On a prison island hidden in the summer for a million years.
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    Social science, special needs integration/education. human development and personal information adoption and problem solving. In short I like to watch people be people.
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    jobs: EE, pc tech, ITC consultant, Production/manufacturing training supervisor, Heritage building restoration consultant, human services, special education/integration specialist. Hobbies: backyard mechanic, music, electronics, 4x4 and camping.
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    Ryzen 3600
  • Motherboard
    prime 350
  • RAM
    16 Corsair vegance
  • GPU
    Asus RX 570
  • Case
    rotanium hardened glass monstrosity
  • Storage
    WD Black 250G NVME, 3TB and 2TB cuda hdd's
  • PSU
    Seasonic 650gold
  • Display(s)
    BenQ 22.3" + Viewsonic 17" + 2x 17" think visions
  • Cooling
    All stock
  • Keyboard
    Cougar 600K
  • Mouse
    Corsair bog stock thing
  • Sound
    cheap arse USB thing.
  • Operating System
    win 10

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  1. I think the reality is the majority of people who complain about netflix live in first world countries with way more than $15 a month to blow on netflix. Even if 90% of those who shared accounts reverted to piracy, netflix is still going to improve it's revenue on that last 10%.
  2. Wind, solar and their associated battery needs are largely driving the price of copper, aluminium and lithium higher. These energy sources require upto 10x the amount. This has been reported on several times over the last year (or longer), so much so that we have large corporations in Australia dumping almost a billion into startup mines for it.
  3. I've been using Linux on and off all the time Since 2003/4 (or thereabouts), I currently have 2 systems with it and its generally my go to for PCs that are too good to toss but I don't want to buy windows for (I like to keep all my software legit). And I have to say, for all the glory talk it gets I still encounter too many problems to recommend to anyone as a daily driver. What works here doesn't work there, work arounds for unsupported hardware can be a nightmare and random crashes with no error codes. Unless something seriously changes in the linux camp I don't think we will ever se
  4. We'll all have to pay a 30% breath tax. then: Apple face ID... No sorry that's not your face, your face violated our terms of service, you'll have to sue us if you want it back.
  5. I posted this in the other thread earlier today, One of the reasons PC sales took a massive shit over the last 10 years is because smart phones are all the average person needs. Laptop became good enough for nearly everything a smartphone can't do. We are already at a point where if you don't have internet there are many things you cannot do (banking being one as more and more branches close). Smart phones are already competitively essential in many cases, the person who can email, web browse, edit pdf and doc on the go has a distinct advantage over those who can only txt.
  6. I use the win 10 mail app, everything opens in FF for me Except PDF which I switched to a different app altogether. Although I have to say every now and then for pdf it opens a window passively begging me to use edge.
  7. And on top of that, mobile phones and tablets are almost an essential part of life these days, they have replaced the computer for a good number of people.
  8. I only see people complaining. Not sure what forums you are reading.
  9. None of that makes it any better. If anything it makes it all worse. Besides, II am not here to compare one evil to another in some vane hope it makes things look better, the end consumer has been analized by these practices and it will take a lot more than just allowing 3rd party payments before I consider apple not to be the cemetery of software purchases.
  10. That just makes it even worse, I don't understand how anyone can defend that.
  11. Yep, a 30% cut for a basic financial transaction is ludicrous, for hosting the store and proving developer support is another argument, but for simple in-app purchases it would be as greedy as Mastercard or visa charging a 30% fee for every purchase.
  12. Because the law does not define a monopoly in numbers. It defines it as having market power, essentially a power that cannot be competed with. Apple has the control of a significant portion of mobile users dictating what apps they can and can't install and up until now dictating the only way they can pay for those apps/services and the terms of said payment.
  13. Which makes those who oppose said laws odd bed fellows. Protecting people form having to hand over incriminating data only means that you become the victim of those who would abuse that freedom. You don't become any freer when your 5yo daughter goes missing from the mall and the only thing that stands in the way of her safe return is lack of compelled access to private data. The only concern I have is that we don't have good due process, I would not have any issues with government having more power int he digital world so long as we have good honest due process for everyone
  14. If you want to reduce the entire debate surrounding which product is more secure to only one type of exploit then sure. But seeing as we are specifically informing people that the number of exploits that exist is unknown and not just one and the fact I specifically said that we do not know how many exploits are known but not made known to AMD or Intel (let alone to the public), then the question about one being more secure is not resolvable. Intel could have mitigated a hundred known vulnerabilities while AMD only has 2and it would only look like AMD is better. If AMD has 30 vuln
  15. remember when ccleaner ( a highly recommended sys tool from a large antivirus company) was compromised with malware causing millions of people to download a backdoor? https://www.wired.com/story/inside-the-unnerving-supply-chain-attack-that-corrupted-ccleaner/ I also believe there was malware distributed through Linux repositories, but I haven't got a link and couldn't be bothered looking. But that one was a bit nasty because the recommended way to get secure software installed was compromised (falaks or something if I remember). It's no longer good enough