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  1. Well that's sad , LG was like the last one that cared about audio and kept the 3.5mm jack. I think LG would've competed better if they did what Nokia or Motorola are doing, making good mid range phones that aren't overpriced. I won't be going with Samsung again considering they're cutting too many features yet still charging flagship prices, i guess I'll go with a Pixel or Nokia if LG isn't going to make phones.
  2. So Samsung is cutting out even more features while still charging $800, thats disappointing. No micro SD slot, lower display resolution, no charger, no earphones, and a plastic back, plastic is better for drop resistance but a lot worse if you care about the back getting scratched, the S21 looks to be a downgrade compared to the S20.
  3. Interesting to see more support for resizable BAR, but no AMD didn't lie about support for Smart Access Memory, since Intel B360 is supported, that may mean Intel could've brought out resizable BAR support back in 2018 when that chipset was released. Intel or Nvidia didn't say anything about the feature until AMD marketed it first.
  4. I use a case with my phone but yeah at $800 I agree, Samsung could use something more scratch resistant than the plastic they're using in their cheaper phones. Yeah lol, its just disappointing the Android phone companies like Samsung brag about the features they have then go and take it away and then tell you the phone is cheaper, but its not once you buy a decent charger and earphones.
  5. A flat screen is usually better in my opinion as its less prone to breaking, plastic is fine though, a glass back really isnt needed especially if you put a sticker skin or case on the phone. But no mention of no charger in the box with the S21? Thats more of a downside than a plastic back IMO on a $800 phone.
  6. I agree EA killed off a lot of good game studios, hopefully Ubisoft makes a decent StarWars game.
  7. Ah nice, more graphics cards that are gonna be out of stock.
  8. Even looking back to a few generations of GPU's and CPU's, you could get a GTX 1080 for $600, and the best consumer CPU, a i7 8700K for $350, now it's just ridiculous IMO that a 3070 can be up to $700 for the higher tier models, and if you want the best consumer CPU you have to spend $500 on an i9. Have you seen the prices on things like power supplies? For example a 850W gold rated unit used to go for about $120-150, now they're all about $200, and I doubt theres that much more of a demand for people building their own PC's, people working from home are likely buying laptops and prebu
  9. Basically an import tax. Other components like a GPU fan are made in factories in China, companies would rather pass that cost onto the consumer. I noticed a tech news article mentioning the tarrifs causing Asus to raise their GPU prices, although Asus already has some of the most expensive Nvidia 3000 series GPUs, like a 3070 being way over MSRP its the price that the 3080 at MSRP would sell for.
  10. Nah its needed because a lot of people on this forum like to think Nvidia has perfect drivers, which they don't, other issues with Nvidia drivers, with version 460.89 for example is screen flashing on 1080ti cards, youtube video stuttering when scrolling in a browser, or lagging in Steam VR. AMD would get tons of crap for things like screen flashing, but with Nvidia that seems to be mostly ignored. Why not?
  11. Wasn't the driver "fix" actually lowering the boost clocks? So then IMO the issue is still worse than Nvidia FE specs, apparently some companies did it as a cost saving measure as putting a bunch of MLCC's on a card is more costly than using SP caps.
  12. The day 1 reviews are more important for reviewers than consumers, those that were impatient and rushed to buy Nvidia 3080s got to be the beta testers with that whole POSCAP vs. MLCC issue. But a company controlling how reviewers cover a product is something I really dislike, and after this I'm not sure I can trust what any reviewer says about ray tracing, ray tracing should be a feature, not a main selling point. IMO the best move for nvidia would be a better apology towards HUB. I really don't care which one Nvidia would tell me because they didn't admit why there was a sho
  13. In a well ventilated room vs a RGB gamer case covered in glass I guess, not sure about putting a bunch of GPUs in a bedroom with no air moving over them. Yeah the last mining craze ruined GPU pricing, and Nvidia really took advantage of that. I wouldn't mind cryptomining becoming becoming unfeasible for consumer GPUs because I really miss the higher end GPUs being around the $600 range but what we really need are more companies making high end consumer GPUs.
  14. The GPU AIB's have tried before, it wasn't successful enough to split the product lines because miners would rather buy a gaming GPU then pass off the cards on ebay to gamers. Its funny cuz I usually see so many mentions of "miners care more about their GPU than gamers" yet most of the pics I've seen of miners bragging at how many cards they've got are all sitting out in the open, not in a case with optimized airflow that the GPU is designed for.
  15. An i9 at i7 pricing? Well it is more of an i7 with 8 cores instead of 10 with the 10th gen i9. But I doubt it, unless Intel is really desperate to get the gaming lead back.
  16. I have 3 chargers, one of which came with my phone, and I don't see the harm in having an extra one that comes with the phone, if you don't want to use it then keep the charger in the box and re-sell it with the phone when you upgrade. It's totally a profiteering move rather than it reducing e-waste, if we want to reduce e-waste then we should push manufacturers to bring back removable batteries rather than replacing the device because the battery went bad. And bring back the headphone jack as well because BT headphones are a device you throw away once the sealed in batteries no longer ho
  17. Smart TV's are usually garbage anyway. But I will blame Apple for this one, they've pushed things like non-removable batteries, display notches, no headphone jack, and now no charger in the box on $800+ phones and people still buy the brand they're loyal to instead of voting with their wallets.
  18. Wow thats messed up, disappointing Asus cancelled the collab, but totally understandable if there was someone threatening to stab people. I agree its good they fired that person.
  19. I think having an upgrade path is nice, but from an i3 or r3 to an i7 or r7? I dunno its likely someone went with a really cheap motherboard that wouldn't be fully compatible with a high end CPU. Although a new chipset for a single CPU generation makes no sense at all, yeah Z490 is compatible but Intel should've just stuck with that.
  20. I don't see how this would be enforced, bots can easily get past a capcha. And leaving the responsibility on a retail seller to put bot detection in place isn't a good thing because that cost would simply get passed onto the consumer. A queue system is the only way regular consumers would have a chance, but that also takes money and effort to have in place to verify bots aren't buying up everything.
  21. But how do they determine who are bots, and how would they force retailers to stop bots?
  22. It's a vertical monopoly, no competition if the only way to get it is buying an iphone.
  23. In terms of performance, Ryzen 5000 outperforms Intel 10th gen, but for value in North America there have been a lot of sales on Intel cpus like the 10700K and 10850K.
  24. They're $250 more than Sony WF1000XM4's which go on sale often for less than $300USD, and have the option of being wired headphones,they fold up nicely and come with a really nice case too. With the extra $250 I could get some IEM's if I wanted something I could take with my phone, or I could buy a nice pair of Sennhiesers and have enough for a DAC.