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    Video gamer for entire life, albeit, not nearly so as of late. Transgender MtF. A skilled writer, and borderline insomniac.


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    Intel Core i5-4590 @ 3.7 GHz
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  1. I’m not versed in the thermal conductivity of Vantablack, however, it is almost assuredly quite capable of absorbing thermal radiation, apparently including infrared. If the material can safely be used under daylight without destroying itself, I can probably infer that it’s thermal conductivity is ok-ish so as to readily transfer heat to another material. If it does, in fact, absorb infrared, I hypothesize that it shouldn’t be easily visible by FLIR thermal cameras as well.
  2. My Vizio TV had Airplay built in, so I use that. I’ve an old Netgear router (back when 802.11n was the hot new thing) that I switch on when I want to use it, and the tv is connected via ethernet to ease the load on the wireless. However, outside a few games (Apple Arcade users would probably be happy), it’s largely a failure for what I wanted of it, which is to mirror video streams over to my tv. Not even YouTube appears to allow mirroring, let alone the paid streaming apps.
  3. Me:*casually kicks container of Chlorine Triflouride under bed* ”Yeah, safe… got it.
  4. Don’t have any on hand that does (or anything newer than a decade really), and I’m certainly not paying for something that is unlikely to see home internet anytime soon, as the primary internet is cellular. The router is pretty much only used for Airplay, and it’s not even powered on much.
  5. Not quite sure how such a shut down could be carried out with a bare minimum of collateral damage/inconvenience.
  6. Doing a Black and White conversion really brings out the light wedge too, as well as the details in the dancing light. Hard to choose what to do in post with this one, as I also like morning colors.
  7. I remember when palate swapped crowd characters were pretty revolutionary, particularly when GTA (3 I think, or Vice City) and Jak 2 were a thing.
  8. Think I just lost a rather nice USB-C cable to my bunny… 


    Edit: seems like she only damaged the shielding. The underlying wiring seems to be fine. 

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    2. Grumpy Old Man
    3. Zodiark1593


      8 minutes ago, Grumpy Old Man said:

      Bunny lesson #1: If you rent, don’t get a bunny. Guaranteed way to lose your security deposit. 

    4. TopHatProductions115


      They literally nibble away your security deposit in seconds :3

  9. The flowers are pretty, but I’m unsure if the positive vignetting was really necessary. I see what you’re going for though in making it softer, and more airy. Using the radial gradient with a very mild negative dehaze, a touch of negative clarity, and softening of the color (cutting the saturation a bit, and adding a touch of luminance) would probably do the trick. This was a morning shot from under our local bridge. Nothing particularly special, but just something to shoot at. Normally, I’m in bed quite a bit later than this. The reflections are quite nice though. It’s also not ofte
  10. It has the exact same A13 chip as the iPhone 11 series. There’s no reason whatsoever for it to be slower when it comes to hardware.
  11. The chips are (quite well) designed for gaming loads. The rest of the device, it’s up for debate. In the Apple A12 chips, the GPU is pushed well above GHz clock speeds for a brief time. Anandtech speculated this wasn’t for sustained gaming loads, rather, more bursty gpgpu tasks that aren’t uncommon on iPhone. It would make sense to see aggressive burst speeds on later gen chips as well. Keeping in mind that Apple is among the most aggressive on chip design to begin with.
  12. I had a laptop with a Radeon 5470 that, stock ran at 750/800 MHz on the core/memory. Pushed it up to 850/1000 MHz, and it was quite stable. My GeForce 960 overclocks quite poorly by comparison, getting only a mere 35 extra MHz on the core before things go wonky. My old LG Optimus 2x, I pushed the Tegra 2 cpu from 1 GHz to a whopping 1.5 GHz.
  13. *puts in my 16 MB memory card into my Sony Alpha* What do you mean a single RAW is more than 2x the capacity of my memory card! M.2 is not designed with frequent insertion cycles in mind. While cards are often swapped several times over the course of a shoot, a M.2 slot will often go for months to years without being touched. Further, mobile PCI-e controllers that don’t use a ton of power are not the easiest things to build.
  14. It’s crazy image compression. Image noise and film grain tend to be a fair bit more defined. The way the noise in that shot seems to concentrate around sharp corners suggests lossy intraframe compression. Noise reduction on smartphone shots tend to make fine details look smudged. Also, fine grain, slower film still holds up well, especially medium format and larger. My turn. I liked the subject enough to bother with, but there are a couple things such as the sign post that I just have to put up with, because not my property, so compromises were made on composition and frami