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    Video gamer for entire life, albeit, not nearly so as of late. Transgender MtF. A skilled writer, and borderline insomniac.


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    Intel Core i5-4590 @ 3.7 GHz
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    Asus H97-Plus
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    2x4 GB PNY XLR8 DDR3 1600 MHz
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    Logitech G710+ Cherry MX Brown
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    Corsair Harpoon
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    Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. *giggles at $109 average* *Maniacally laughs at my shares of TSLA bought at $400* *now crying over the realization that I’m now paying for YouTube Premium for the sake of my sanity* As far as gaming goes, the M1 is probably somewhere in between the Xbox One and PS4, so it should be quite competent. Not mind blowing mind you, but I think it should be sufficient for some pretty visuals.
  2. Apple has the funds and talent pool to develop their own cores, arguably, even more so than ARM itself. The Apple A6 was Apple’s maiden voyage for their custom designs, though it was the A7 that Apple went highly aggressive on their CPU designs (quite notably, most high end mobile CPUs of the time were 2-wide and 3-wide in regards to the front-end, while Apple went 6-wide, which ARM itself didn’t offer at the time). Should take a peek at some of Anandtech’s deep dives of the Apple A7 and later SoCs. There’s a lot of detail there. Krait was used from the Snapdragon S4 days all the way
  3. The other supporting bit is that Apple has built their own PCI-e controllers onto the SoC for quite some time, albeit for storage. Assuming they built in enough capacity on the bus with M1, I don’t think it a stretch to throw a GPU in there, and code some drivers for the CPU to issue appropriate instructions to it. Theoretically, the GPU doesn’t care what sort of ISA the host CPU is running so long as it receives instructions it can understand.
  4. Apple doesn’t use the Arm Cortex as a base. They build their own cores from the ground up, and license the ARM ISA. It would be fairer to call them Apple cores that happen to be ARM compatible. There were a few other fully-custom ARM-compatible designs (Qualcomm’s Scorpion, Krait, original Kryo, and Samsung’s M series of cores), though I don’t know any still in use today outside Apple.
  5. This is probably why I’m glad my 11 has an LCD panel. I tend to keep my devices for a very long time, so the potential wear of an OLED panel is not something I really wanted to be concerned about.
  6. Comcast still appears to have a pretty firm stranglehold on wired internet in my area. Some shady practices a few years ago had me swear off of them though. Still on cellular for my primary internet. 15 GB/month in tethered data is a tad more generous though that what I had before with my old carrier. Though GoG (and emulation) is my go-to for playing games on PC due to not having any DRM that requires any sort of internet connection, which is partially why I’m undecided on upgrading my GPU actually. I don’t play any new games, but those I do play I’d like to run better in 4K.
  7. I dislike being in a grocery store to begin with, so I prefer to go in, grab the few things I need, and GTFO. Unless they have cops onsite (and probably even the ), I’d likely entirely disregard both one-way isle mandates (actually have, numerous times at the Wal-Marts) and cart mandates, especially as self checkout means a cashier isn’t enforcing it. I do wear a mask btw. I just loathe being around people overly long.
  8. I could use a GPU to better match up with my 4K tv, but I don’t really play enough games to make it worthwhile.
  9. Intellect certainly does not equate to maturity, for better or worse. Just means the jackass has another weapon (intellect) to exploit.
  10. “You’re not a dish, you’re a Mannn!” Everytime I hear that, I get the (mercifully rare) temptation to throw my phone at the nearest wall, or start cursing at it whilst simultaneously and repeatedly giving the bird, as though Google were secretly watching. Cheaper than a proper therapist I guess
  11. Tbh, I didn’t think this would be a problem with modern devices at all. Personal files being wiped was never really a problem when I was messing with LineageOS. From what I remember, a separate partition was set up specifically for the OS, while user files went elsewhere. I could wipe the System partition, flash a new ROM, and be on my merry way. However, encryption I believe is generally employed across the board in Android space. If the encryption system is anything like Apple’s, the true key won’t be the user password, but rather contained somewhere that could be accessed
  12. Any way I can flag ads to not show again? I keep seeing this one ad placement when scrolling (How to fix bad breath) that shows a rather repulsive picture for the past few months, and I want it gone.
  13. Tbh, unless Democrats happen upon a miracle and manage to flip the Senate, Biden will have little choice but to fight the long game, no matter how serious he takes this virus. Without financial support to individuals and businesses, the swift(er) resolution via widespread lockdown is pretty much a non-starter. Will be interesting to see what course of action Biden will decide upon.
  14. I would really like it to be on the books that debt cannot be legally enforced without either explicit consent (debtor must sign contract to be on the hook, verbal or implied consent does not equate debt) or court order (in the case of lawsuit). Such a change would probably put universal healthcare to the forefront soon enough.
  15. Are we comparing with AMD’s failure in Bulldozer? Even with security issues, I’d probably still have leaned toward Sandy Bridge over an old Bulldozer or Piledriver chip.