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Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

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Some brain picking on a late night bored and long  weekend( mine is a 3 day weekend) , after watching almost all of Linus videos .


[ ] *How do they do it ( technologies that power different industries)* 

[ ] Handle world cup live broadcast, (instant replays, instant post processing ) 
[ ] Make an app Android/iOS
[ ] How is Instagram even free
[ ] Production units ( assembly lines)
[ ] Airport scanners (workstations 
[ ] Construction, structural simulations  ( Architectural visualisation ) 
[ ] Webservers like aws( sponsored tour like the one plus factory tour)

[ ] *Security* 

[ ] Hack proof your fridge/thermostat-  IOT security
[ ] How not to use your phone( Android/iOS security)

[ ] *Techie juniour (broke)vs grandpa cool (rich)-Characters depicting contrasting differences( cool, not cool) how a techie unnecessarily complicates simple things* 

[ ] Booking a movie ticket
[ ] Going off the grid
[ ] Buying vs building a computer
[ ] Password managers
[ ] Buying a carpet( online shopping vs real shopping)
[ ] Enjoying a vacation ( work from home hellhole)
[ ] Staying fit ( activity trackers) 
[ ] Data security and privacy
[ ] Dying peacefully( data footprint left behind)
[ ] Going green( example electric cars vs bicycles)
[ ] Mobile phones privacy ( smartphones vs basic phones,  Nokia 3310)

[ ] *Biomimicry- design inspired by nature ( nature vs machine style)* 

[ ] The bloody cooling( liquid cooling) (human circulatory system)
[ ] Dual  cameras(focus, resolution , spacing, etc) compared to the real thing (human eyes)
[ ] Power + internet ( neurotransmission )
[ ] GPS and pegions homing 
[ ] Bees (or birds) vs drone fleets
[ ] Artificial intelligence vs natural intelligence
[ ] Facial recognition 
[ ] Speech recognition - me vs machine( technical analysis of different engines)


[ ] *Technologies never been possible( thing that should have been possible)* 

[ ] Recording and reproducing smells(we do reporoduce sounds and lights ) How crazy would it be to send a message with a smell recording(people would start a dedicated social network  smell cloud)
[ ] Recording and reproducing tastes digitally


[ *] Do u even know these technologies exist* 

[ ] Forbidden or unknown tech 
[ ] Interesting patents from past and present


[ ] *Accidental technologies( accidentally discovered tech of today)* 

[ ] *Hall of Fame for gadgets or technologies* 

[ ] Literally make a hall and add one gagdet a week after reviewing it ( great pieces of tech to the lost genius to the most awkward failures, mostly tech that are way ahead of their time)
[ ] Predecessor to smartphones( pda),Intel 8800 , Pentium one, first wireless devices , cordless phones, (Linus first phone, first pic, first laptop) , early tech in display, computing , super computer from two decades back and how do they compare now.


[ *] Interactive and community content* 

[ ] Invite audiences for simple challenges ( on Street or in studio)

[ ] Gaming proficiency( complete a level on unfamilier games)
[ ] Hardware knowledge, name the product or details of a product
[ ] Basic tech know-how challenges

[ ] Vine of videos from users( crazy tech things they do) veawing of these into  your videos,

crazy example - how I start my old laptop, lazy to find and replace the broken power button I every time pry out my keyboard and sort the pins using a pen( most of us are crazy and lazy)
[ ] Users created endscenes( subscribe , like dislike,notification )random users' dubsmash of linus endscenes 
[ ] A week without technology challenge for viewers ( totally off grid)
[ ] A week without tech for Linus vlog(Linus off grid)





As usual if you dislike the above post you know what to do, but if you liked it hit like and press upload on some interesting videos, and hit us with your best so that we don't have another bored weekend .

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Why not review the Leap Motion. It can be used for cheap VR option and even Elon Musk uses it in SpaceX. So many applications for this without the need to carry a lot of sensors for motion detection as its all done with tracking your hands with infrared light


Musk using it with rocket designs http://blog.leapmotion.com/elon-musk-designs-rockets-in-the-air-with-leap-motion/


The official site of Leap Motion: https://www.leapmotion.com/

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How Batteries work and how the new carbon ion and lithium oxygen batteries work. 

Because once mass producible, they are going to be in every phone and every device that has batteries. Carbon ions can charge 6 minutes of power drill use in only 6 seconds with the voltages that they can support! 

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Can we get a video on gas station phone chargers.


These things can literally turn your phone into a bomb.


There's a reason that your phone reconends u u use the in box phone charger, it's because they can't guarantee your phones saftey.


Think the nintindo switch it has a power requirement just below the standard, and a bad charger could brick it in an instant, or after it's unplugged.


Also fast chargers have to be certified for that voltage or the Seema thing could happen.


Plus crappy unbranded phone chargers don't have quality control, so a bad charger could be 1/1000 or more.


Samsungs chargers are probably less that 1/1,000,000


And there $8 on Amazon or $12 for 2 just make sure the seller is Samsung or it could be a clone

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You can try review turbo-x products , they are the cheapest (and worse) hardware products in Greek market 

Here some link: 

https://www.plaisio.gr/desktop-laptop/laptops/all-laptops.htm?Manufacturer=Turbo-X  (laptops)

https://www.plaisio.gr/thleoraseis/tv/turbo-x-tv.htm   (tv) 

https://www.plaisio.gr/anavathmisi-diktia/anavathmisi/psu-trofodotika.htm?Manufacturer=Turbo-X  (psu)

https://www.plaisio.gr/anavathmisi-diktia/anavathmisi/motherboard-mitrikes/Turbo-X-H81H3-M3-HDMI-1150-H81-DDR3.htm (motherboard) 

https://www.plaisio.gr/anavathmisi-diktia/periferiaka/othones.htm?Manufacturer=Turbo-X (monitor) 


P.S.: love you guys 

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First-time poster here! :D glad I got that out of the way! haha


I was wanting to post a new video idea! Would you be interested in doing an updated version of the HDMI V Display V DVI with the current technology and advancements, and even perhaps what is coming in the future! I noticed that the last one was more than a year ago !!




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I've seen you do lots of videos with sound bars, gaming, but surround sound lacks a little attention I think.

So my question is: "Does surround soundbenefit your gaming experience?"

You can include comparisons of 2.0 vs 5.1 vs 7.1 vs "Virtual Surround" headphones

You could end with some consumer advice on which off-the-shelf surround set has the best bang for the buck.

Don't forget adding a comparison of sound cards when using analog outputs (I prefer Asus Essence STXII with original OPAMPs even though other OPAMPs are included)

Add some amazon links to surround sets, sound cards and headphones and you're golden.



This might actually be a topic to big for a Quickie though.

And if you need me to comment on the actual drivers inside the speakers, crossover design and component choices you can ask me anytime.

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One thing I've been looking into for my home that I think would make a good topic for TechQuickie or even the main channel is solutions for running HDMI over long distances.  After some research I found that most devices are only rated to push a signal through HDMI up 15 or 20 feet.  Anything further might not work and could even harm your device.   Some solutions I found were fiber HDMI cord, wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver, HDMI over Ethernet, and HDMI over TCP/IP (my favorite solution as I can have my HDMI signal as part of my network).

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Make a video on powerlines in general. Both Ethernet ones, Wi-Fi extender PLCs and combos. Why can't you use them with microwaves plugged in and why you are not supposed to plug them into power strips.


Edit: Found the video.


New idea. Why do astronauts/scientists use ThinkPads in space (ISS) instead of something slightly more modern. The general purpose of ThinkPads in this type of environment.

I know they are rugged and stuff but why them.

Edited by PrinceNorris
Video about main topic is already done

Making Internet a better place.

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Good Afternoon/Morning


Just an Idea for a series of Tech Tips video's i'd like to see as I imagine Linus and his sense of humour would really make this fun to watch.


Could you make a series of video's of each Version of Microsoft windows installing it onto a system that only just meets the minimum requirements, as lets face it there's no way they'd run nicely.


I hope this reaches Linus and the team, I'd like to here your thoughts on this and if you think this would be quite funny.




Jim Dawson

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