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  1. I am 34 and I had the same issue around your age. The interest never renewed which is why I deleted my gaming accounts. I want to leave it completely behind
  2. My plan: A program that copies photos from Android smartphones to the PC via USB. Then rename and sort the pictures in various folders using a few settings. I originally tried it with Java but failed because I could not read or move the files. The built-in functions in Java for reading and moving files do not work because Windows seems to have limited access priviliges. The problem is that Android drives connected via USB do not behave like regular PC storage drives. I hope that it is easier with Python. I will try the next semester break.
  3. Have you considered ebay? CPUs are excellented used buys because they don´t degrade or break easily. I myself bought a 7700k used on ebay for ~220 € a year ago and sold my 6600k for it. The difference in total was 110 €. I would not pay much more considering the low AMD Ryzen prices. 7700k is still good for gaming, especially delided and overclocked to 5 Ghz. It is also easy to do with a vice or a special tool for a few bucks
  4. A company should not have to ask on a internet forum for legal advice. It won´t end well
  5. Well, you listed the only options. The only alternative is to buy a used tablet if you want to save money. I bought a used Ipad pro first gen for ~400 Euro about a year ago and I am quite happy. It still gets updates but probably not much longer. I noticed a few minor problems creep up during the last half-year such as rare freezes in specific apps. I would not buy the 2020 Ipad Pro because the new rumored version in early 2021 will be likely with new mini LED technology. My father has a Galaxy Tab 6 and it is great but my Ipad pro is overall superior. I just want to
  6. Now anything that does not fit the mainstream narrative can be removed this way.
  7. Damn, I gave away my gtx 1070ti for free to my sister. Oh well, might play it with the help of the cloud in the future. I stopped playing but Witcher 3 was so awesome that I have to play it some day.
  8. You mean run it best or run it at all? Every card will run it just fine, except maybe the laptop MX versions. They are a bit weak but it will probably depend what you are doing
  9. Might have power saving on in energy options (win 10)? Try switching to balanced or high performance
  10. Totally fine. Delidding helps a lot with an 7700k