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  1. edit : found it : it is called NES tea peach
  2. edit 2 : his name is Jogeir Liljedahl and it was uploaded to a channel called off1k
  3. edit : it was played on a software called protracker
  4. Hi, I heard this retro music a while ago but can't find it anywhere, I've tried all histories and even Google It was on YouTube and it's name was "NES tea punch" although the first 3 letters might be wrong but to the best of my memory it was NES Was written by someone, I think his name was "jogir" or something along the lines of that If any of you would help me find it that would be great, thanks
  5. The ikda bulbs work in the philips ecosystem. myplayhouse did a video on it
  6. It's useful for knowing if your PC has crashed or just loading up, for example by screen is just black, so I press random buttons on the keyboard and see if it causes any activity on the HDD
  7. Are you sure the GPU is faulty, for new GPU's it is very rare for the fans to be loud, but that would depend on what one considers how noisy load is
  8. In my area GTX cards are cheap right now. A GTX 1060 6gb is cheaper then a RX 580 for some reason. You can grab a 1080 ti for £450 rn
  9. wait what I thought they would at least use Xeons or an i7 or i9
  10. But the new market for low end hardware isn't too bad. In the UK you can go and pickup a 3200g in store right now for around £80, so why would someone choose longer delivery and a lower gen product for the same price (in comparison to a R1600 from AliExpress)
  11. but why is lower end hardware going up too. You can't mine on a Ryzen 1200 and no one will buy a 1200 if they can get a 3100, but they are still going out of stock
  12. It's so I know if someone has replied to something I have said. I barely get any notification anyways, so not much of a problem for me
  13. Hi, how long do you think it will take for the prices of lower end GPU's to normalise I am looking for a RX 580 8GB, before they were around £110 now they are around £170 for a used card Even on AliExpress all the lower end Ryzen CPU's have gone too, like the ryzen 1200, 1400, 1600 e.t.c.
  14. Same, I want to do something similar, like managing all the tech stuff for a small business or company, as there is a lot less stress and tbh it's kinda fun. I don't really want to be coding all day, not socialising with anyone else just stuck infront of my monitor e.t.c.
  15. What is more beneficial, getting a wider skill set or just getting certifications for the stuff you already know ?