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    United Kingdom
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    Golf, PC gaming
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    Used to be a scientist, now works in IT.
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  • CPU
    I5 8600 @4.10
  • Motherboard
    Asrock H370 ITX
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair 2600
  • GPU
    RX580 4GB
  • Case
    Fractal Design Nano S
  • Storage
    240GB Corsair M.2, 500GB Crucial SSD, 4TB Seagate Baracuda
  • PSU
    Corsair 550w
  • Cooling
    BeQuiet Rock Slim
  • Keyboard
    Corsair k70 v2
  • Mouse
    M65 Pro
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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  1. Supply < demand You can't buy what doesn't exist and they can only order so much so they don't have too much stock. Be patient, be supportive and your time will come.
  2. Have you tried things in different wall sockets? Sometimes those or the extensions stop working. Happened to me late last year and took me a while to diagnose!
  3. So it should power on but does now. Is the air around you very wet or very dry? RH is the ability of air to old water so warm rooms at 50% RH have a lot of water in them. Cold rooms at 50 have less. Basically warm wet places have much less static issues. Next thing was what did you wipe the cloth over? Nothing sounds too bad so far but you may have been unlucky.
  4. Sorry I can’t play videos right now. Is the PC receiving power?
  5. Ok and the PC side? PSU switch on?
  6. The problem is caused by the human brain and how “Curiosity” works. If you can fix that then they will go away.
  7. Is everything switched on and plugged in inc cord to wall?
  8. Please mark this as the best answer, don't fix things that are not broken.
  9. Are all the plugs on the PSU filled? Do you need to mess about with splitters when you could just get more cables that work with your PSU?
  10. You can say that for any sport, it doesn't always pay off. Until scholarships for e-Sports comes in (not aware of any but please prove me wrong) then there will be a disparity between sports and e-Sports. There will be other money making options like coaching, streaming, analysis etc so it may still "pay off" for years to come even if not competing.
  11. Can we have some more info about these fans? What make/models are they, where did you get them from and how are you connecting them? Do you have any pictures of them in situ? How do you want the airflow in your case to work? Hopefully the above will allow us to aid you more.
  12. Home automation is coming along but I still feel it is in the early adopter phase, expect to pay more until they become a more viable alternative. For now know you are an early adopter and pay the money for the decent offering. A budget offering will just have all the useful things cut out to make a quick buck for someone, they do not help to bring the tech into the affordable space other than to apply a little pressure to the quality products to become more affordable sooner to compete.
  13. I maybe could have stretched to the + but it seemed overkill and then of course there is less money for other things I want to buy. I found it really hard to tell which of the three models to buy and you never know until you get the hardware working your use case. Reviews seemed to contradict one another so I had to piece together my opinion from multiple places published across a couple of years! If it works well it will be replaced with a + equivalent when the time comes. So far I think I got the model I needed... I will report back if that changes!
  14. @Master Disaster Synology DS218 arrived today, decently priced and paired with a 6TB NAS drive. Must say the performance has exceeded my expectations, despite not getting the intel powered + version. I could see the plus being great for people with more demands on their media but testing my average looking file initial impressions are good for Plex. I had two streams going and CPU was well loaded, as was RAM but not stressed. Noise was good too. I think it could probably handle 4 people playing media from it without issue and there are only 3 users of Plex in the house!