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  1. Would be fun to make an AIO or more practical to put it into a small PC case. It
  2. Not for 1080p 144h Only this if also going up to 1440p 144hz. Until you can get both monitor and GPU don’t change (you could buy monitor first as you current GPU isn’t bad)
  3. You have a decent system already, I would save the money and look for a bigger upgrade later on. You will only regret/be disappointed by the small improvements you can make. A great example is the MoBo for the SSD, unless your PC is making you money through work you will likely only see better benchmark results and no real world improvements. If you really want to move into water cooling and OCing you need a lot more to do it properly. Yes you could budget something together but it will likely disappoint you. I am going to assume you are already 1080p 144hz
  4. It’s just not interesting enough, won’t get many views. I wouldn’t expect LMG to review a standard phone, way too many others who specialise in standard phone reviews have already covered it.
  5. In at front or bottom, out at top and/or back. air won’t go exactly where you want it so only give it one way to go. Also consider pushing more air in than you pull out. Pulling out is to encourage the direction but you don’t want to pull in through unfiltered places if you have filters.
  6. The best way is to get a 1st line support role and on the side study something IT related like a sys admin course or something, when a job in the area you studied comes up you have your experience plus qualifications. I work in IT and I see this method a lot.
  7. Don’t spend it, save it! keep adding to it and when you really need a new PC you can afford one!
  8. Not all FreeSync monitors work for VRR with Nvidia cards, for the price of a cheap display port cable it’s worth the risk? I mean how expensive is a short cable where you are? I don’t know if it will work with a cable change but if it doesn’t I would say the nicer cable is worth the small cost? Unless you know something should work but it doesn’t and you are using a very cheap and old cable then it’s possible the cable.
  9. here is a good Handy Dandy Media Inferface guide https://www.crutchfield.com/learn/learningcenter/home/cables/hdmi.html
  10. I'm thinking of doing my RX580, cards 3+ years old may benefit but any newer and its pointless outside extreme OCing or fitting a waterblock or your own 3rd party cooler.
  11. My car check engine light is on but car runs fine, been like it for a year at least.
  12. Airflow, neat, hidden. I just need an on button, monitor and other peripherals. The less I see of my actual PC the better.
  13. That already happened like 3 months ago.
  14. True, I know my coil whine on my last 3 cards all went away after a few months and never resurfaced in the 3 years that followed. I have heard similar stories but also some like yours, they are less common from my experience.
  15. I haven't noticed any issues but then again I don't think we have any content newer than about 2008 on our plex (all old sci-fi and kids shows or movies). Also I don't think my usage at the same time would be that heavy, I don't play AAA games, mostly older point and click games or Terraria.
  16. My plan was always this year but but it is still more than usable for my needs at the moment but the Rona will certainly helped this device last longer, I can see it making 2022 as its more than usable at the moment as it only needs charging at night.
  17. I do it, its not a bad idea and works really well. What are the downsides? I have not found any yet anyway.
  18. My Corsair voids lasted over 4 years, now wired only for about the last year of that. So maybe around 4 years battery life. My iPhone 7 is down to 60% and lasts about a day with light usage. Had it since early 2017 so its almost 4 years old. Across all my devices it looks like 4 years is a decent life, beyond that it starts to affect its usage.
  19. If you don’t mind paying then use OneDrive. From my experience it’s far better than local backups. I still have cold storage if all my older data using my old hard drives but anything new is stored in the cloud.
  20. Things to do: 1. limit FPS 2. run a few benchmarks 3. Run it a little heavy (folding at home?) for a few hours a day for a few months Generally coil whine is noticed with a new component or PC but very few report it coming out of nowhere on an older rig that has lots of use. You will either run in the components or just get used to the sound and stop noticing it. Coil whine is not a fault and returning a component is rarely a fix unless you feel lucky and you may get one with less/none. You could also get one with more!
  21. Well they have been doing since the invention of money, if we have not been able to stop them in over a thousand years then I don’t think we will any time soon.
  22. I don’t think there will be much variety in this thread, most people use the same programs because they are good/well known/used on LTT. I only threw in NovaBench as I have used it for years and compare new tests against old ones. It’s quick and shows if anything has changed with little hassle or effort. I pretty much copied the first response and modified it as needed, I expect most will do the same.