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  1. Single core burn-in tool like prime 95? I couldn't get it to work
  2. No more than you can afford
  3. NineEyeRon

    Smol mining update, if anyone is interested:

  4. Quick question… How do I remove fire from walls?
  5. What you are experiencing is an anxiety attack. Look up CBT and see if you can identify any obsessive compulsive behaviours. Treating anxiety attacks gets easier the more you know how to. To put it simply your mind is making up realities and outcomes without evidence to address a worry, you then start worrying about the things your mind made up and this becomes a cycle. Break that cycle and you are on the road to recovery!
  6. It’s not as necessary with W10 as it was with XP (every 3 months for some people), Vista and 7 (6-12 months was a good idea). 10 holds together well when it isn’t killing you with a silent update. It’s been by far the most stable OS for me and not needed reinstalling since I first put it on back in 2018. The exceptions are of course virus, update related issues and screwing something up by messing around where you shouldn’t be or trying a crazy workaround you found online.
  7. I started working from home in February of 2020 and soon started looking into options for making the switch easier. In the end I realised the better option was a combination of Steam Big Picture and just swapping peripherals over as the start and end of the work day, depending on what games I wanted to play in the evening. More often than not, especially in the summer I have just ended up working flexibly so I work more in the evenings and get outside during the day. I can go most of the week without switching. Cheaper, bettter and encouraged me to exercise and spend ti
  8. Some kind of solution that makes switching between my work laptop and my home gaming PC much easier. I have a tiny desk space and for the last 16 months I have been just "dealing" with it. I would also get a "Live Laugh Liao" neon wall light.
  9. I assume W10 will slowly wind down rather than abruptly stop.
  10. Mine boots to desktop in like 6 seconds so I just shut it down. Sleep seems pointless.
  11. Standard is 2x 140 or 120mm fans at front, one 120mm exhaust (usually airflow fan) at the back. All other configurations are generally for aesthetics, case limitations or water-cooling reason.
  12. Not yet but I plan to move to mostly gaming on a Switch next year. I won’t leave PC gaming totally but it will likely phase out while I do lots of stuff on the Switch that I have always wanted to do.
  13. AAA titles generally aim for 60FPS minimum. Generally you will always have to compromise somewhere on settings as very few games are optimised enough to max everything out and function well. What you should do is find the settings that give you the best experience for your hardware.
  14. If I lived that life I wouldn’t care what people thought, I wouldn’t be after partnering up for any reason
  15. Indeed, consoles are just one combination of the main components. No users saving a bit by getting a slightly cheaper MoBo or RAM. Suddenly the power delivery and draw changes as well as the speed of connections and buffers if you change other components too… the combinations are too many to count.
  16. I solved the 2x2 yesterday, I can do all but the final phase now without seeing a guide. Sometimes I luck out and I solve it without needing the last phase so my record came in at 3 mins 34. I’m still stuck on solving 1 layer of the 3x3 but I can daisy to white cross easily now.
  17. Once it is built next up is security, DR testing etc. Don’t forget about redundancy, air conditioning, flood protection and if you want dark fibre connections to a separate facility elsewhere for that sweet sweet geographical separation. BTW I audit data centres for a living…
  18. It’s probably a placeholder price, no one will actually buy it.
  19. Beauty, Clint would be proud.
  20. I use my handy dandy electric duster, with a mask and protective eyewear due to my allergies.