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    Schrödinger's cat and Pavlov's dog


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    2x8GB 3000Mhz DDR4 Crucial Ballistix (Micron E-die)
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    MSI RTX 2070
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    Modecom Harry 3
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    1TB Adata SX8200 Pro
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    Corsair RM1000x
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    TUF VG279QM
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    Zalman CNPS20X
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    Onboard + Creative Sound Blaster Z + Audioengine 5+ and ISK HF2010
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    Windows 10

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  1. The amount of socio/pychopaths always stays the same, and that's scary, because there is no "psychopath radar" I fear those more than sjw or trolls...
  2. I5 ranges from borderline psychotic to the best value gaming CPU. Tell us!! Though 2.8Ghz seems to indicate to the low end I5.
  3. Take the stuff out and test it on the bench maybe?
  4. Its basically Witcher 3 - Pokemon - Fallout hybrid open world. In a couple of weeks we will see if I'm correct..
  5. No reward needed, thanks. Mind you, that the (latencies) CL14 - the lower the CL the better. Higher CL is worse. Just to consider before buying CL22 RAM.
  6. They should be rated at least 2133Mhz and CL14 or faster. Not good idea to mix RAMs with different speeds and latencies though.
  7. Everything is as it should be. Including RAM running at its rated speed. The RAM running at 2133Mhz is not running at 2400Mhz
  8. Well the XPM profile has official rating 2132Mhz CL14 that 2mhz variance matters not.
  9. Since I found out that Samsung 970 EVO 1TB locally costs only 110€ now I went and bought that.
  10. Samsung 970 EVO-s have gotten cheap - 1TB around 110€$ in some places.