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  1. I've been trolled today by my car, I've been trying to diagnose and fix some weird issues with just lack of power and now recently cold stalling issues. So I replaced the items that normally would go out on an older vehicle. I've put in new coils, MAF, plugs(a few times), sparkplug wires, cam sensor, fuel pump assembly, egr valve, MAP sensor and actuator. Well today just messing around I took the throttle position sensor off and lo-and behold it's not OEM. I owned the car for the past four years, and it's been in the family from the lot so how it got there is beyond anyone. So, I frequently vi
  2. I got the covid shot, didnt know they had to heat it up in a spoon tho.

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    2. Schnoz


      So, how it does it feel being invincible?

    3. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      On 4/16/2021 at 8:36 PM, Den-Fi said:

      When's your next fix shot?

      Get this, the guy who gave it said he'll come by my house whenever I Need it. Something about how he'll know if I try to call anyone else and something with my family idk maybe a special discount.

      On 4/16/2021 at 8:37 PM, Schnoz said:

      So, how it does it feel being invincible?

      Just marvelous 😁💀

    1. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      On 4/12/2021 at 2:00 PM, MultiGamerClub said:

      Minecraft Block.


  3. After years of searching, I finally found the blue waffles.



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    2. Windows7ge


      Just now, Beef Boss said:

      Right? It's been all alleviated

      Now we just need to find meatspin. 😅

    3. Schnoz


      2 hours ago, Windows7ge said:

      Now we just need to find meatspin. 😅

      I heard "meatspin" and thought of those ovens Costco uses to make fabulous rotisserie chickens:



    4. Windows7ge


      20 minutes ago, Schnoz said:

      I heard "meatspin" and thought of those ovens Costco uses to make fabulous rotisserie chickens:

      That is meat.


      And it is spinning.


      Works for me.

    1. Schnoz


      45 minutes ago, Beef Boss said:

      Aye mate

      You're back again! We missed you!

    2. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      How's it going brother

    3. Schnoz


      33 minutes ago, Beef Boss said:

      How's it going brother

      I'm doing pretty well, how about you?

  4. I just got a replacement, but it seems to have a lack of an actual chip, or the new systems are much more complicated. Attached is a picture of it, quite some bigger than normal and it's much lower than a typical chip is set into the surface of the material
  5. I've just been up to no good, you see.


  6. Hi! I was wondering what is recommended here for a comfy mouse for pc gaming. I currently use a Logitech MX master and I love it, but I also use a cooler master mouse and its really not that great. Wired or wireless, DPI adjustment would be nice, not too heavy like the MX master, forward and backward side buttons and side scroll is very nice but not needed. any help would be great, thank you. I dont use the MX master for gaming because my pc does not have bluetooth, and I think its rather heavy for gaming but if its not and im just being a wimp, do tell me that and I'll just buy a bluetooth mo
  7. Hi! I just had a question concerning the difference of thermal conductivity between what regular thermal paste we use vs something like artic ceramic thermal paste is like. I have some I use for actual hobby electronics like my flashlights, and just wondered why we don't use this for our computers? Does the thermal conductivity suck?
  8. I have researched the type and seen all posted images of the UPS, I just wanted to know if there is an additional component for these rack mount units to have an output usable for 120vac devices. The images I found did not have this rather a bunch of 250volt outputs which are useless for a 48 port switch. Other UPS's have an additional component/unit that stacks on top giving the output receptacles I'm looking for. I switches from one main UPS to four separate units. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I have a school project and I'm a little confused on this basic part of UPS function... So we have to research a UPS, so I'm looking at one I would hypothetically use, which I found the APC 15KVA whatever to be substantial enough - it has to support a max of 12KW. I don't know where the plugs are... Where is the interface to plug components into? I'm so confused on where the plugs are LOL, I see some may have different voltage outputs and this one offers 200+ volt plugs, do typical Cisco and HP switches support this high voltage or should I use multiple smaller UPS