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    Gave it to my kid sister after I graduated from college
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  1. I say game programming is one of the more interesting area of software development. However game devs are notorious for tight deadlines, crunch hours, and generally bad work-life balance, especially in major game studios. Despite that, I am interested in learning game development as well, I have already picked the game engine and platform I wish to invest my time and skill points(lol, very rpg) in and that is unreal, mostly because of their generous licensing model and the fact you can create games for mobile platforms as well. I mainly plan on doing this as a hobby and at most a
  2. yeah, you are right. same issues with dependencies and dynamic link libraries as the alien.
  3. calling WINDOWS DESKTOP computers "pc". I have a laptop. my pc (personal computer) is a laptop then some smartass on steam forum condescendingly tells me dont ever call your laptop pc. I mean WHY???? it is a personal computer. You think this is a government mainframe computer or something?
  4. does not work. However i have a good alternative. I just install it on a ubuntu machine, can be live usb or vm and then copy and past over the executable binary file to my fedora machine. Same underlying operating system, same cpu. no reason to not work.
  5. There are many areas you can go into if you are interested in computers. You can work with hardwares which isn't something I can comment on too much because I have little experiences with them. The few experiences I have with hardwares are just some basic adreno boards I did back in college for learning about combinational/sequential circuits. For softwares however I can offer some perspective. Personally, in the past, I had experiences with android mobile app development, Unix development in C and POSIX apis, and web development: both backend and front end as well as some databas
  6. Damage has already been done. They had dismantle all of their nuclear power plants by now.
  7. Anyone knows how to get Webull Linux Client to install on Fedora? See link below. https://www.webull.com/introduce Currently it supports debian based distros only. I don't think the app is open sourced otherwise I would just compiled it from source code. This leaves me two options, use some hackery to unpacked the .deb installer file and get it to install on Fedora somehow or use wine to run the windows version. I would like to try the first option first. Anyone has any experience in doing this?
  8. None, im taking a break from video games. Now I mostly watch my tv for entertainment. Btw, I get one to two free games every week from epic games store, many of them triple a titles. On top of that, I also get dozens of free games from my Amazon prime membership with prime gaming, one of which is Battlefield V. With so many free games in my library, playing felt more like work than fun.
  9. I believe it is a good idea to switch jobs every 3 years. It doesn't have to be different industry/role, just switch employers. Studies have shown employees who switch employers once every few years earn 50% more than those who stay with the same company for the same occupation. BUT have something line up first before you give your weeks notice, and always do a weeks notice unless you think you are just too maltreated to offer them the courtesy.
  10. I don't see any good workaround. Developers need to code in all the keyboard events into their web applications for keyboard press to work. You can try mapping your keyboard press into some mouse click events but this is very tedious. I think web extensions like vimium works by directly acting on the DOM. If it isn't compatible due to whatever reason, then you can just use a none web base mapping tool to directly translate a key press to a mouse click on a x-y position on the screen. A major issue however is that you need to know the position of your browser and whichever ever place you want t
  11. Have them make tetris, the game. Great for practice porgramming, debugging, and problem solving.
  12. Doesn't really help if you sourced a minify file or write your applications with react/angular in typescript. All these gets compiled, minified, and transform so you can't really tell where in the code it is happening. debuggers, break points, step over/into, and stack memory arent very helpful.
  13. Vs code is very close to a fullblown IDE especially if you add on all the extensions and modules. Nothing comes close to jetbrain IDEs in intellisense however. Most light weight would just be a simple text editor with color highlighting. Nano, the terminal editor is as close to lightweight as you can get if you use Unix systems.