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    Forum Penguin
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    Who uses this anyway?
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    I don't play anymore. Starcraft II is the only Blizard game I owned and it is boring.
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    Why? Sony should just declared bankruptcy and sell their shares to Nintendo
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    No. Xbox is silly, unless their xcloud gaming improves.
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    Penguin's Republic of Antarctica
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    Linux and programming as well as computer building
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    I am an adorable penguin.
    I was born in the penguin's Republic of Antarctica, at its northern tip.
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    Software Engineer


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    R7 5800x
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    Tomahawk B450 Max
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    16 gig Crucible DDR4
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    Radeon R9 380, Lets pretend neither AMD nor Nvidia release any GPU this year, and let's wait until 2022 for an upgrade.
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    Cooler Master Box
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    2 TB 7200 rpm HDD, 256 GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD, and 1TB nvme ssd
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    600 Watt Corsair
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    3440x1400 Curved Ultrawide
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    RGB mouse from some unknown Chinese brand
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    RGB mechanical keyboard from some unknown Chinese brand
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    Logitech Z130, use earphone 99% of the time
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    Gave it to my kid sister after I graduated from college
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    Oneplus 6

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  1. Issues is there are many great flash games that will forever be lost to history.
  2. Self driving Tesla.
  3. All CS program at universities will be teaching a broad area of topics before letting you specialize. This means intro to alogrithm, programming, computational theory, discrete math, ect will be compulsory regardless whether you want to specialize in them or not. Also many people seem to be misunderstanding computer science. It falls under theoretical mathematics. Think of theoretical physics. They ponder things that are difficult to experiment upon and difficult to manifest in real life. E.g. theoritical physicists may come with crazy theories about multi-universe and
  4. A phone I ordered from china long time ago. It was total shit and full of bloatwares
  5. My fedora upgrade require me to do absolutely nothing afterwards.
  6. Depends on whether your tv is a smart tv or not. All smart tvs can connect via local networks or internet.
  7. To be fair, upgrading my linux operating system from one version to the next also require some time and a restart. Fedora 34 came out by the way. Time for os upgrade.
  8. Oh really? I just manually resize the browser.
  9. Yeah, use the spaghetti gotos in assembly. Saved stack pointer and all the local variables to stack, decrement stack pointer, then do a jump. You are reinventing the wheels and implementing what would be a function and function call in higher language pretty much.
  10. Games can be good if it encourages physical activities, social interactions, and team work. This is why sports games are all healthy, for social, mental, and physical growth. However many videos games do not qualify for social interaction/teamwork and all do not qualify as physical activities. Rather, if you play multiplayer, you can have toxic individuals and you learn to be toxic in return.
  11. I saw one in stock a few days ago but gone now. I live in Queens, NYC and my nearest microcenter is like 6 miles away lol. 2nd and third nearest are the ones in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Around 10-20ish miles away as well.
  12. I use my 6 year old z 8350 atom mini desktop pc as a web server. It is the only good it is good for given its 2 gigs ram. I wouldnt recommend bluestacks, that thing won't run good. I wouldnt recommend windows, that thing won't run good. I wouldn't recommend bluestacks running inside windows, that thing totally won't run good. Android? Forget it. All the current solutions are quite bad on low power machines.
  13. You talking about bottles from their fan shop?
  14. Doing a EVA model is probably the industry standard. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entity–attribute–value_model#:~:text=Entity–attribute–value model (,given entity is relatively modest There is also database normalization techniques when designing database. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database_normalization