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    Forum Penguin
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    Who uses this anyway?
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    hell, no. Their games suck balls
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    Why? sony should just declared bankruptcy and sold their shares to Nintendo
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    I don't game on consoles, especially ones made by microshaft.
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    Penguin's Republic of Antarctica
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    Coding, PC building, Linux Gaming, Android Gaming, Microsoft and Apple bashing.
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    I am a PC builder, Linux user, Android lover, and hobbyist coder.
    I was borne in the penguins Republic of Antartica, at its northern tip.
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    Full time college student.


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    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0
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    8 gig DDR3
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    Radeon R9 380
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    Vivo Case
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    1 TB 7200 rpm HDD & 256 GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD
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    600 Watt Corsair
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    920p Acer monitor
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    EagleTec Wirless keyboard
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    EagleTec Wireless mouse
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    Logitech Z130
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    openSUSE Tumbleweed, Peppermint for my laptop

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  1. Me too. What are the best porn you seen?
  2. What browser you using? On Firefox, there is an extension you can install to disable Javascript. However many sites will not be functional if you do that.
  3. This is a common issue. Gui software manager often freezes, take forever to refresh/load and hang on software installation. On top of that, many do not show all the packages that you need. As a result I exclusively use the terminal. If you must use gui, I suggest you use synaptic or if you are on suse, yast which are the only two gui software managers I used so far that have comparable experiences to a terminal utility.
  4. I was playing this mobile game called kingdoms of Camelot a couple years back. I was in an alliance/guild/whatever it was called and one member literally came out of nowhere and posted in the chat "let's rape some kids". It was so disturbing.
  5. Linux POS vendors do exists and they bundle both the printer and computer working right out of the box including technicians who will go over and fix up things if you need extra maintenence. You are not buying the right things
  6. Do you even play rocket leagues? What you are telling me is that you want rocket league on Linux and not having it is the end of the world for you. I can't say all users but I will say for one given operating system, one software will not make or break it. Linux support has been dropped countless times. Many broken promises like port of witcher 3, arknam knight, and Rome 2 that never happened. All of these are outcries I am tired of hearing and in the end, make very little difference a couple years down the line. You go support developers who make good on their promise and punish those who bac
  7. Like I said, you simply get a quality printer with a quality driver that works and many good quality printer do work for linux. What would you do if this happens on Windows? You call the printer defective and RMA it. Sounds to me you have that printer around for a while before you start plugging it into a Linux computer. If such is the case, I don't know what to tell you other than you need to buy new printers if you want to adopt new/different technologies.
  8. No it isn't and rocket league is not the epitome of gaming. If rocket league is never invented or its company suddenly gone bankrupt, it would be a real hyperbole for you to say video game industry has taken a step backwards.
  9. If something from the manufacturer doesn't work, I dumb that printer and go to another printer similar to how if a printer doesn't work on windows(did happen to me one point) , I assume that printer is the issue. How many people change operating system for this? Especially driver is available?
  10. Go complain in a blog and go to the press then and maybe developer will take pity on you. I seriously don't understand why you are placing the blame on an operating system instead of the company that are dropping support for it. Doesn't matter if you care about rocket league deeply. That game has 0 relevance in the grand scheme of things and barely make a dent.
  11. How many people are going to game on Linux instead of Windows simply for the sake of gaming on Linux? There are other user experiences on Linux that made it as a platform of their choice. You seem to think people switch to Linux gaming just because it has steam and a large gaming library. How does that make sense? For the former, windows has steam too, and for latter, it has bigger library plus it is preinstall on your machine. If you want to cite experiment and general curiosity, no one is gonna be curious and experimental enough to keep Linux as their main operating systems for y
  12. Dude, whatever you said does not change the fact that the Linux gaming community is alive and healthly. Look at the gross game sales. No one is championing FOSS games. I said Foss softwares as a reason that draws people to Linux, not as a reason why people want to game on Linux.