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About iamdarkyoshi

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    Owner of the world's only 760Ti Succ Edition
  • Birthday Apr 13, 1998

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    Reno Nevada                                                 
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    Electronics Engineering, hardware design, gaming, and DIY stuff
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    Just a garbage furfag who wastes his life away on telegram and youtube
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    PC Technician


  • CPU
    Intel 8086k Delidded
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z370i ITX
  • RAM
    24GB DDR4 2400
  • GPU
    AMD Vega FE
  • Case
    Evolv Shift
  • Storage
    3 SSD (1TB NVME, 1TB SATA, 128GB SATA)
  • PSU
    Corsair SF600
  • Display(s)
    3x 1080p 144hz LG 24GM77
  • Cooling
    Custom Loop
  • Keyboard
    Original IBM Model M
  • Mouse
    Logitech M100
  • Sound
    5.1 surround Vintage JBL
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  1. I think I just found your Youtube channel!


    I was reading the comments of a Modern Vintage Gamer video, and I noticed your username and very similar pfp on one of the comments. It appears that the channel that's linked to it has cute videos of cats and other miscellaneous things (like that screaming WD Blue). If this is you, it's great to see that you've been doing well!

    1. sub68


      5 minutes ago, Schnoz said:

      It appears that the channel that's linked to it has cute videos of cats and other miscellaneous things (like that screaming WD Blue).

      yes it is him, I have seen him around YT.

    2. sub68


      Also BTW I thought this was intreasting


      The comment below is a LTT viewer.

    3. BondiBlue


      He comments on various YouTube videos. I've seen him pop up from time to time. 

  2. Yo its been a long while. Do you still have that video of where you smashed the hell out of a cheap tempered glass screen protector and the phone came out perfectly fine?

  3. image.thumb.png.5530b07d3e4e12d45f3ded768a906427.png





    My computer no u'd me


    Also, finally getting around to updating the commodore 64 thread given that Gamer's Nexus saw my tweet 👀

  4. Update 1: Monitor works outstandingly well! Next up is the C64!
  5. Hey all! Its time to do some retro repairs!


    lmao perfect thumbnail

  6. I know I've been gone a hot minute but I'm back! A lot has changed in my life while I was gone from the forums, but that's a topic for another day. For today, we've got a commodore 64 with matching monitor and disk drive , even have a joystick to go with it, But they're not in the best of shape at the moment... I figured I'd make this a bit of a repair log, and post updates here as I make progress. Here's what we're working with currently: The cats seem to be quite amused by the lot: This is all well within my realm of insanity
  7. *notices ur new year*


    also jesus christ 698 unread notifications


    How long was I gone? O.o


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    2. The King of the Undead
    3. TVwazhere


      Look at first three comments for contents


      TLDR; Sarcasm

    4. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      oh now that makes sense.

      I probably should leave.

  8. I saw you, I thought I recognized that name, I remembered you. Now I am here. Then again, maybe it's an imposter! Or maybe I'm just a creep? Who knows?!


  9. Where did you come from, where did you go?

  10. I thought uncorrectable sector count and other such errors were properties of the drive itself, irrespective of the actual data they contain, but I just experienced something that makes me seriously question that.


    I dug out an old drive that was good last time I used it but had been sitting in a closet for years and did a fresh (quick) format, along with enabling bitlocker.  It started causing issues so I unplugged it and restarted it a few times, even starting another format and turning it off in the middle of that - all of which easily adding up to enough that I'd expect serious corruption and data loss (if there was any data to lose, which there wasn't), but nothing a format wouldn't fix.


    However Crystal Disk Info was reporting errors and saying "caution".  This wasn't surprising to me as I figured it had gone bad while sitting around and this was causing the issues that made me do the above things.


    I've since started a clean format once again, this time doing the long version, and it's not done yet but Crystal Disk Info no longer reports any errors.


    Perhaps the error was caused by my fiddling around?  Although that doesn't explain the source of the weirdness to begin with... though I could blame that on Windows (bitlocker).  More importantly though, it seems the error has been fixed by formatting.  That I did not expect.


    Any insight?

    1. vanished


      ohhh, format finished and was copying files to it but those issues just popped up again xD

    2. iamdarkyoshi


      Were they by chance pending sectors? Those are clearable if the drive confirms later that if can read/write to them IIRC

    3. vanished


      Not entirely



      Good to know though

  11. I'm at about 20-30 desktops, 10-15 laptops, several phones, 8 xboxes, 5 xbox 360's, and other assorted junk
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    2. captain_to_fire


      Does the Russian dude accidentally discovered the app "Grindr" from the App Store or is it one of those things Alex Jones can rant about turning the friggin frogs gay. :D ?‍?


    3. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2

      He probably looked at women and realized how repulsive they are. /s

      maybe not /s, I'm gay for a reason

    4. orbitalbuzzsaw


      ok, what the cinnamon toast fuck?