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  1. VRChat lets you select what input you want within the settings in the waffle, so you should be fine.
  2. Depends on how the VR game/app is implemented. Some use the Default Windows Input device which, some only use the VR headset mic, and some let you choose (VRChat)
  3. You mean you don't? The secret is the Regards
  4. Don't think I've heard any complaints recently. Definitely going to look into steam freezing. The Beat Saber multiplayer update was a huge pain that I don't want to go through again.
  5. I can pay a third world country $1.00/hr to solve as many CAPTCHAs for me as I need via an API. It's basically third world MTURKs. Works great
  6. Didn't know about XMG until their Laptops with AMD Desktop CPUs but I've been seeing them mentioned more and more. Hope they become more mainstream.
  7. You still only have one connection from your modem to the ISP, so they can, potentially, use a significant amount of bandwidth. I'm not an expert though as I'm not an Xfinity customer and can't test it myself.
  8. Did you allow 24-48 hours for it to dry? Or try it using a heating lamp? GPUs tons of small crevices under chips, resistors, and just all over in general. While cleaning your GPU is actually fine with water or alcohol, it MUST be given a SIGNIFICANT amount of time to air dry.
  9. Summary Amazon has caused a bit of a stir as an upcoming update to Alexa devices will turn them into a public Wi-Fi mesh network by default. Quotes My thoughts While I'm not a fan of this business model/idea, it's definitely been around for a while. People on Charter/Spectrum, Comcast XFinity, and even ISPs in the EU are already sharing their networks, likely without realizing it. I've always been wary of this though, as who knows what kind of security implications come with it, let alone how it might affect your network bandwidth for those on slower connecti
  10. This may just be me being a Boomer, or whatever a mid 20 year old is, but after 6 years it looks like JibJab is finally making another year in review. I'm actually hyped, they got a deal with an e-card company previously and got a lot of flack for it but I'm glad to see we should see a new video in their style soon.
  11. What's the make and model of your dongle? A lot of the cheaper ones are Bluetooth 2/2.1 and are pretty crap.
  12. Summary Youtube recently updated it's Terms of Service, hinting at what is likely to come in the coming years, more ads. Media Quotes My thoughts While I can understand Youtube wanting to make more money, just like any business wants to. I hope they at least give creators the option to disable them on memorial videos, serious subject matters, and other videos in which ads would be frowned upon. I don't think they will however, as even TV networks do such a thing with regular content. Sources BBC Engadget