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Everything posted by Teddy07

  1. Built my PC without a DVD drive 6 years ago. I think i missed it once or twice.
  2. Don´t do if it does not make fun.
  3. No, because it takes development time to do it well. Many websites are already bad in terms of usability. They need to fix it first.
  4. There are good ones out there but a lot of bad price to performance deals.
  5. Because people like me are willing to spend the money. I bought this year a used 7700k for 220 € and 4790k for 175 €. It is way less hassle to just switch the cpu. The price is also much less when selling your old cpu No need to spend more on a Ryzen build when the old stuff does the job as well for cheaper. I can buy a new system in a few years instead of upgrading ryzen
  6. I am quite suprised by the speed at which disney releases seasons. I don´t follow TV series too much so I don´t know if it is common practice.
  7. Who do you work there making minimum wage? You have a valuable degree
  8. Yep, because buying stuff feels good but I can control myself for the most part.
  9. Closed background programs especially a browser?
  10. Keep it up China! Show the USA and their companies that they cant bully everybody
  11. There are enough benchmarks on youtube with a 7700k and a rtx 3070/3080. Bottom line: a little
  12. Cant be less legit than ebey keyseller for 5 €. They are fresh accounts with no ratings. I bought 4 keys and three worked even years later
  13. Serves people right who made fun of me because I download my stuff. Who is laughing now?
  14. You stop making pointless threads and behave like a grown up.
  15. Pretty sure he is making more than enough money
  16. be sure to notify me please. I am curious
  17. Tried delidding? It helped big times with my 7700k temps at 5Ghz
  18. No problems here in Germany either without a vpn