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  1. What we really want people to do is contact customer support
  2. We will get stock when it arrives. Until it arrives, we will not have stock. We are hoping it'll arrive sometime in the next 4-8 weeks. Customer service won't be able to tell you any more information than that unfortunately
  3. See, you might THINK allowing pre-orders or stock reservation would improve the customer experience, but imagine how angry the OP would be if we actually had his/her money. See the problem? Reservations wouldn't necessarily require taking their money, but they're also extremely vulnerable to spam, so there's really no point. I might as well just send out a tweet and ask who wants to buy it. We could put an ETA, but honestly I'd rather not commit. It's far better to say nothing official (WAN Show estimates are more like "between us girls") and have it arrive eventually a
  4. hey there. i made a suggestion on your video suggestions hoping it would be the correct place. Mr.Linus, Please see if i put it in the right place.


    Kind regards


  5. Hey Linus I recently bought some ltt cable ties and then I wanted to get a desk-pad but I saw the only size available is 900mm -700mm which is unfortunately the only size which won't fit my desk (any 700mm size won't fit) and I'm checking everyday for other sizes to be back in stock. I was wondering if you could tell me when you think the mouse pads will be back in stock because I am doing a setup upgrade and I want to have the mousepad be a part of it.

    1. TVwazhere


      Please email your question directly to support@lttstore.com to get the quickest response for your order 🙂 

    2. Aakash_Ram


      thank you I did


  6. That was a live stream. Streams always have a bit of a different vibe
  7. Who is dis, and why he looks like Steve Jobs


  8. Hi Linus,

    Been watching your product reviews since NCIX days, I don't subscribe to youtube channels (phone is already clogged with so many notifications). Still, I went ahead and subscribed to all your channels like yesterday(only channels I will have subscribed for a long time to come). Any ways love your work, keep it up, keep going... a few ideas, not necessarily good ones but here goes:

    1) After the lockdowns end everywhere, LTT group should do a whistler road trip show (for super fun or other channels) 2) Graphics card T-Shirt idea: feature Linus' respectful wife, feature text "HOT-ti", or another version of graphics card t-shirt feature Linus and wife, with text "HOT-ti in SLi"... something like that...3)A show on how short lived the core 2 quad, core 2 extreme phenomenon was...search through the Core 2 Quad/ Core 2 Extreme chips to discover whether a hidden gem flew under the radar for us...whether we can do a recycle $150-$200 gaming build, linux build or simply a great media centre if we fail to hit 45fps...game cut off era 2019/18...(or 10year+ from chip release) - could make for interesting content...not everyone is interested in playing AAA titles you know, many play F2P titles, older less graphics intensive titles, tweak settings to maintain decent graphics and fps etc. etc.

    1. Spotty


      Subscribe without enabling notifications (clicking the bell icon). I've never received a notification on my phone for any of the YouTube channels I'm subscribed to.

    2. Raheel D

      Raheel D

      koolio, thx : )

  9. It's just really complicated to do right, and serves a small % of our audience (we think??) so it's hard to prioritize when we have such obvious low-hanging fruit to go after - like boxers
  10. This is beyond hardcore. My wife won't even let ME get an LTT logo tattoo
  11. I agree. We will do it. Just a matter of time. Sorry it's taking so long.
  12. I am a complete noob in regards pc's recently bought a MSI desktop and think i made  a huge mistake keep getting high memory usage for nearly everything i play.

    Do you do a computer for dummies book or can you recommend one?



    Preacher 1440

  13. Linus. bro. You look like a baby. How the hell did you end up making a baby?

    It's a PJ but I always wanted to say it. Sorry.

  14. Is this real

    Cus I'm freaking out


    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. WaggishOhio383


      It is Linus (at least as far as I know), but he's not active on the forum very often. And so many people post status updates on his feed that he probably just ignores them.

    3. Philippe Pio

      Philippe Pio

      What do people do here I'm curious 


    4. WaggishOhio383


      Most people just come here to ask questions about their PC builds, or other tech issues they may have.


      Then you also have the people who spend a lot of time on here answering other people's questions and just interacting with the other more active members.