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  1. What is the laptop do you daily drive?

    1. Senzelian


      I drive cars, not laptops.
      But the laptop I currently use is a Toshiba Portege X-30-E-143.


      Edit: I know you weren't asking me. lol

    2. Raatzie
    3. Surestgarlic2


      iBuyPower cz-11 4gb ram mobility Radeon hd 5000 series 

  2. Thank you so much for trying to help out your fellow gamers, but with just one card, I'm afraid we'd be creating more problems than we'd be solving. It'd go something like this: "Verified Actual Gamer drop here we go bois!" "WTF there's only one!" "Yeah sorry that's all we could get" *RIOTING ENSUES* Sometimes it's better to do nothing at all.
  3. Hey thanks for your feedback. I understand your disappointments, but we made those trade-offs knowing very well what the downsides would be. The hand feel of our driver vs the MegaPro Automotive Driver (which we could have easily rebranded) is WORLDS better. It's extremely comfortable and we couldn't have kept the low profile, ergonomic shape if we'd added a rubberized texture or stuck with full-sized bits. MegaPro's internal bit-holder (which we love) is ENORMOUS and difficult to work around. In daily use so far the increased magnetism is a game-changer for keeping t
  4. If you ever plan on telling  an story/making a video about dangerous products. I have a perfect exhibit (now knowingly) sold directly by major German retailer:

    EE E1-06 power stick recalled by EE after a series of incidents/fires now sold with another case wrapped around the existing EE product and sold again. There is literally 1:1 the recalled product inside in all of it glory.

    1. Levent


      Linus IED Tips. 


  5. hello @LinusTech where do you buy all of your graphics card and where can i buy one also 

    do you any Case recommendation

    1. SorryClaire


      50 minutes ago, Matt Banua said:

      hello @LinusTech where do you buy all of your graphics card and where can i buy one also 

      do you any Case recommendation

      Press cards. As a media he gets lend a GPU for review or build purposes.


      But if that fails (refer to his Vega Frontier Edition review) or he needs a different cards, he just go with the same way just like you and i, online. Nothing special about that, you dont need to directly send message to the man himself.

  6. So far the cost is something we can absorb pretty easily. We're open TO bringing in more, we're open to letting people go. It's supposed to be a tool that people can use if they find it useful or not use if they don't LInus
  7. Love this. Hate that you beat me to the draw haha. Been meaning to do this for years but wouldn't have done it as well as you.
  8. Others already said it, but it bears repeating: You have misunderstood the Epic/Apple dispute. It's beside the point, but here's some basic math: Apple's total payroll for 300 employees (assuming $25/hr) is $15.6M per year. That's less than half of what they were making off Fortnite *ALONE*. I think they'll be okay. Of course, Apple is an independent company in a capitalist society. They are allowed to make however much margin they can - according to whatever the market will bear. It's not a crime to run a profitable business. But Epic's argument is that if
  9. We have a fixed cost menu for features that creators can provide to their audiences. The costs are based on bandwidth/maintenance costs for us for the feautres. Creators charge whatever they want - that's their profit. Credit card processing fees are passed through unchanged to the channel operator. We target a 70/30 split at 'reasonable' membership fees, which is competitive with YouTube Memberships.
  10. It's not done on a percentage basis.
  11. Because the only reason to go to them is if you're looking for something that's not already well-served by YouTube. It's certainly got flaws, but having spent the last few years funding the creation of a video platform, I can say with confidence that YouTube is an engineering marvel.
  12. It is live lol. We just went through superchats at the end of the show (as we always do - except when we forget)