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  1. Just added the D2 stream from last night to Floatplane. And Spotty is right. Twitch archives are disabled due to DMCA concerns.
  2. Back in the day we used to hang out after the show and play video games. We kinda stopped doing it, but we've done some game streams lately that people have taken to calling "afterparty"
  3. The issue with the numpad on laptops for me is that all the other times when you're not using the numpad your wrists are going to be at an awkward angle. I'm kinda over them. If you really need it, an external one is the way to go, imo.
  4. Too much hassle to change stuff'. They're just gonna come up with a new windows and I'll have to do it all over again
  5. if i had choice i would like to born as your brother 😇 and life could be really adventurous(with all of those crazy experiments with computers and electronics, with YOU)

    you are one of the rarest youtubers i follow and TRUST (since you started posting on youtube) .

    you look really good with beard 💚

  6. oh cool I didn't know they were archived there. But they ARE supposed to show up where I'm looking for them.
  7. I'm doing it mostly just to tease Ian. I'll probably get tired of it eventually and go back to MHz.
  8. It's less a matter of US being big enough for it to make sense and more a matter of the market for that product being big enough to make sense. We could put the wheels in motion tomorrow to make a keycap set - we have much more ambitious projects underway right now. We just couldn't make the PRICING make sense with how low volume they'd be. That's the issue for GMK and similar.
  9. Doing our own custom keycaps (to a standard of quality we'd be satisfied with) may not be practical for a number of reasons. I don't think we'll have anything like this coming any time soon.
  10. Is it ok if I give LMG a shoutout in my first youtube video?

  11. If you have the hardware in your hands already, why don't you try it and let us know? There are lots of free to play games on EGS.