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  1. Hardware wise, The Trashcan pro had server grade hardware. It takes a unique rack mount system to use them as rack mount servers, but the hardware was there.
  2. The old OSX Server variant has been replaced by an optional software package that gives 10.8 and up versions of OSX the same utilities. So, instead of having a different OS, where the only difference is a software package, they just give you the software package.
  3. Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One Xbox One X Xbox 10 Someone really needs to tech Bill how to count. /s
  4. Not really. The typical consumer doesn't know what benchmarks or IPC is, the only metric they know about is clockspeed. And Intel advertises their product to typical consumers, AMD doesn't. That alone guarantees that Intel's new line of CPUs are going to sell somewhat well.
  5. Yup, and they’re making custom ones for Apple now too. Nvidia also made dual GPU cards years ago.
  6. It’s not a huge difference. Basically the same difference between a FourTwo and a Peterbilt.
  7. IIRC, JayzTwoCents demonstrated that the whole AiO v high end air cooler debate really hinges on what ambient temperatures are like. AiO tend to outperform high end air coolers in hotter environments, even if the opposite is true in cooler environments.
  8. None of that conflicts with the statement that RAID 1 is a type of backup. It just explains why RAID 1 isn’t a comprehensive backup.
  9. Argumentum Ad Populum. You haven't presented a counterpoint as to why RAID 1 doesn't fit the definition of backup. You just summarized what I said: RAID 1 only covers data loss that would result from a disk failure.
  10. So, fitting the definition of backup. Yes, it is. No backup is truly safe from damage in some form. I thought you knew that, considering how concerned you are with house fires, and how you spoke down upon another member when they bought a firesafe to store an external drive. No, there isn't. Some backup systems are just multiple duplicates of of the drive, sometimes not even on a separate disk (meaning partitions, which is fine for basic safe guarding against corruption). No raid will protect you against accidental loss or corruption and it
  11. That would be a type of backup. You have dedicated a set of drives to being local and live backups of each other. That's true of any backup system. NAS and versioned libraries are not failsafe either. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/backup These are the two relevant definitions. A drive failure results in the practical data loss of that drive. RAID 1 is a mirror arrangement where the purpose is that data is not lost if a drive fails. By both definitions, RAID 1 is a form of backup. A scenario specific backup. https://www.merriam
  12. How about reading all of my comments? Hell, read the one before the last one I made: I have acknowledged, time and time again, that RAID 1 is not a comprehensive backup. I've said that RAID 1 is only useful as a basic backup for drive failure and nothing more. And I don't give a shit about the specifics of your company's backup system. It's irrelevant. It doesn't counter anything I've said. It doesn't build on the argument. As far as I'm concerned, it's nothing more than a weak appeal to authority to weasel your way out.
  13. I don't run RAID. Nor is that the type of system failure RAID 1 covers. It's a backup system that covers a disk failure. I've said that, multiple times.
  14. Seeing as solder is used as a thermal interface material, yes. Except that for the vast majority of tasks, the FX lineup couldn't compete with Intel chips' performance. Whereas Intel's 8 cores and AMD's 8 cores are pretty close to each other. And, unlike AMD, Intel has a large enough bank account that they can advertise to the masses, who don't know how to compare CPUs outside of GHz.