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  1. So can I request the unedited reaction to mine? Thanks. If you want to review the PC case in the pic, the"Shedworks 1" let me know, I can finish it in fairly short order.
  2. Okay, for real. You guys need to bring in one of the cablemod guys or something to show you how it's done.
  3. A new free money internet thing that needs testing from the LTT team.
  4. Then just buy the OLED, as it might fix some joy con issues too.
  5. The switch emulator is already coming along pretty nicely.
  6. Aluminum is probably always worth it. The optical switches should have a better lifespan and response time, but just double check that they're cherry compatible, the non slim ones should be fine.
  7. The answer with Keychron is always, just buy it. My Slim K3 with black optical switches has simply been amazing.
  8. Riley you foolish fool, you can use the pen while charging that way. Unlike the apple mouse. They just need a Ryzen APU version
  9. You guys had it checked for asbestos before tearing into some walls right?
  10. This one has the biggest claims yet, thousands of passive income from anywhere. Calls out all the other free money people while offering the same thing I guess?
  11. $91,000 in a month! Free Money! Passive Income! Review when Linus? 2 in a day lol
  12. Debunk these already fellas, this one is claiming $300, $1600, $10,000 of passive income per day, ON YOUR FIRST DAY. It's free real estate.