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  1. you can hook it up to a TV or just stream it to a TV? So I can play PS2 games on the go?
  2. Why isn't there already a dedicated area for short circuit videos? need you guys to test playstation 2 games on the snapdragon 888 phones, but I've no where else to comment it except twitter.
  3. Wait, what was the problem your intel drives were having? They were all used weren't they?
  4. LINUS N PALS Review some online business scams already!!! Career Digitized is the latest one to add to my list An Pei How we land $6,000-$12,000 per month jobs with zero technical skills, coding, or experience Exactly how to secure a high paying, online job without an expensive 4-year college degree using just a computer *A simple 3 step system we use to get people to $8,000 a month remote part-time jobs in under 30 days
  5. it'll be better than the console always, and you'll have mods
  6. Not usually, as long as they look good, you'll know if you need to when you see memory temps after the card is back together.
  7. Oh it's not US... not sure what you have available, but a used GPU is still likely a good idea if possible. If you want more info on memory to buy, this is the list for it, just gotta find equivalents naturally.
  8. SLI might be causing an issue in some games, could try running without it first off The GPU is hot because that case has no real airflow Just grab a 3080 or 6800XT depending on pricing/availability Although all you have to really do to get your fps up is drop down your shadow/reflection or AA settings, depending on the game of course
  9. Probably go for the 240hz display, but it won't really matter too much although I'm not sure how much faster the mobile 2070 is vs a 2060, aside from the ray tracing core difference
  10. It's only maybe going to slow down if they're both hit with a 100% load otherwise M.2 unless you have a laptop that might need a spare sata drive someday. As you can always turn the M.2 into a flash drive sometime.
  11. You already have a mid-high end GPU still, and GPU pricing is insane right now. Going to have to wait until next year at least, when the $300 GPUs come out. Mostly just turn off shadows and AA to get bigger fps gains
  12. The 6900 XT isn't worth it unless you need the VRAM for some production stuff, the 6800 XT will be just as good in gaming for the most part. I like Radeon Boost + Image Sharpening that we have now for free fps gains, so most likely a driver level feature like that will be more useful in the future. Though they already have Fidelity FX as well, if the console makes can take advantage of it and put it into every game they can. Unlikely though.
  13. Just try it? Generally yes at medium-high settings
  14. It matters a bit what the actual dies are on it, and their binning Pretty much just find/buy whatever is recommended here