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  1. Well, it is CoD... But really, you can always lower settings further and see if that makes a difference. Performance may also vary on map/location? You should also check for anything running in the background while you're playing, since those can eat up resources.
  2. Have you tried setting the speed up to 3600 within BIOS?
  3. I don't think it'll do you much good to use that CPU for a server while you're also trying to run the game itself. Minecraft can be very CPU intensive, and an aging dual-core isn't the best option for a host.
  4. Single core performance, which Intel still tends to excel at?
  5. 130-140 isn't low at all. I highly doubt you'd even benefit from pushing it further.
  6. Drop the 1050 TI and get a good Ryzen APU instead. B550 board also doesn't seem necessary.
  7. Does it even support SLI? Because I'm pretty sure it's dead.
  8. What's the use case for this? What about budget?
  9. Really helpful. Tells us exactly what the problem is.
  10. I couldn't help but notice that this topic:

    Was perfectly fine with it's political jabs until you mentioned certain actions of the Chinese government. Really makes me think.

    1.   Show previous replies  6 more
    2. Trik'Stari


      My concern Colonel, is that this is not the first time that a thread has been immediately locked upon any mention of the current ongoing events in China, despite there being political comments preceding that. It reeks of political motivation, whether there is any, or not.

    3. SansVarnic


      What you think it reeks of is not what is. Topics mentioning China almost always goes to shit almost immediately. Sufficient to say any topic talking about China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or any other politically based topic should expect to be locked. Its called preemptive moderative action. I live in central US I have no love for the CCP and I am fairly certain no one LMG or LTT Forum does either.

    4. colonel_mortis


      I'm not aware of any such cases, but one possible explanation (and I should emphasise that this is just speculation based on what you have said) is that a low level of politics mixed with tech was tolerated, because there was still productive discussion going on, but it was locked when that changed to pure political arguments, as discussions involving China tend to become very quickly. Alternatively, it's entirely possible that the topic just wasn't reported as being political until later, or that it took some time for a moderator to respond to a report.


      We are a tech forum, so the rule is that political discussion is banned. In practice though, that line is pretty blurry, and sometimes a post that references politics is doing so in a tech context, without being too contentious, so as long as it doesn't lead to the topic becoming derailed we are sometimes prepared to let it stand. The problem comes when people, yourself included, act as a catalyst to derail those topics from tech that touched briefly on politics into politics that touches on tech. At that point, moderator intervention is required.


      If we haven't yet locked a topic that has moved towards politics, that does not mean we are happy for you to continue discussing politics, and it certainly does not mean that you can drop all pretences and start posting stuff that has no relation to tech (such as discussing the relative merits Trump/Biden/Sanders/{insert political figure}, pointing out that China doesn't have the moral high ground because they are (allegedly) committing genocide, etc).


      Topics are locked when you start discussing China, not because we are interested in keeping the Chinese government happy, but because if you're discussing China then you're not discussing tech - instead, you are discussing a volatile political topic.

  11. I just want to note that you don't own 100% of the content produced, because you're A) playing Minecraft and B) using music other people made. I don't know how relevant that is to the strikes, since you mentioned it not being about the music. But really, if you're not willing to make a counter to the claims, you can't do anything.
  12. Is this a consistent error or what?
  13. If you have to ask, it's probably something you shouldn't be doing. It would be safer to simply buy a new one.
  14. Please don't, use pcpartpicker or at least take a screenshot of what you already made.