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  1. Countries banning DeFi is doing nothing but help prove the point how much DeFi is needed. If the US banned crypto there would be a massive economic fallout as over 2 Trillion dollars would be liquidated back into USD and the US is barely struggling as it is now
  2. I sorta believe this based upon how Nvidia operates with its industry partners. If NVIDIA finds out you are using a GPU in a product lineup that competes with Nvidia, like the DGXs, they will increase the prices as high as 2x or deny the sale. Its scummy and AMD engineers are usually much more helpful and resourceful. AMD will have engineers on the floor assisting and troubleshooting while Nvidia very rarely will send anyone out to your location. People really started to hate Nvidia when they bought Mellanox as they started artificially raising prices when used in competing solutions. Which su
  3. I actually do think it may be real with how hard Apple has been pushing Arcade and gaming performance on their mobile devices. But I don't think they are going to releases a console or handheld device. More likely a standalone VR headset or based upon Samsungs launch of AR glasses and Apples patents a hololens like device that is more fashion orientated like the apple watches. So probably a partnership with Gucci, Ray Bans, or Dior
  4. That's not true at all and it was found MKHD was misinformed
  5. Yes and no. I would say stack exchange is much more revolutionary than github due to the high standards held and github at the end of the day is still just using git. It's not like they invented the technology of it.
  6. What's funny is the students who are doing questionable things are the ones who are also bypassing and getting around the content filtering. It's an endless game of cat and mouse. I think it's mainly a liability thing though as most schools opt in for coverage instead of preventive measures. A great example is the number of schools with cyber security insurance instead of security. They are "covered" monetarily from cyber attacks but don't actually do anything to prevent them.
  7. I'm not sure how much of a creator lead psy was in the making of his music videos.
  8. Not to be rude but maybe the issue is you the parent and not the kid. You said which is telling for whatever restrictions you apply in the future and his level of intelligence. I was exactly the same way as a kid with my parents and school and it only taught me to view authoritative figures as having underlying malicious intents. As well as how to be malicious myself with technology. I'm actually grateful though as it taught me a ton about technology at a very young age. Restrictions helps direct all focus and drive as usually the blockade is directly in the way of something you want
  9. The real hidden king is the mac mini. It's the only M1X based desktop computer on the market.
  10. The CPU cooler has 4 or even 2 screws holding it down. You might be able to squeeze it in but you might bend some heatsink fins or potentially break you CPU/CPU socket. IMO the 30 seconds it saves is not worth it
  11. What phone is the video about?
  12. According to BuildZoid the extra 4 pin isn't really needed unless you have the 5950x OCed and even then it's debatable.