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  1. And now it's time for Bing Roundup, brought to you by Boredom the product of slow calls! Call 1-800-BOR-EDOM today for all your random needs.


    No nothing like that you perv, this is not a Matt Gaetz party!


    This is not foreshadowing


    Nope not at all



    OK First up, some space news:
    1. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/13/spacex-first-orbital-starship-rocket-flight-plan-revealed.html

    TLDR: Elon musk planning possible 2nd pearl harbor, bomb being dropped is the size of a spaceship, will take an orbital joyride before attacking the poor peaceful people of the islands. Hopefully it is apparent this is sarcasm, but you never know in this day and age. I'm curious at this point, with rockets being caught at a relatively good rate for what it is, what scientific data they're looking to gain by dropping back in the water?

    2. https://www.space.com/rocket-lab-electron-booster-launch-failure-may-2021

    TLDR: Company I've never even heard of tried to send some satellites up and it didn't go too well



    A Rocket Lab Electron booster carrying two commercial satellites failed to reach orbit Saturday (May 15) after suffering an anomaly just minutes after liftoff. 

    The launch failure occurred less than three minutes after a launch from Rocket Lab's Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula, and just after the Electron's two stages separated. Two Earth-observing satellites for the company BlackSky, their flight arranged by the firm Spaceflight, were lost.


    Now a nice tech story:
    3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/google-files-legal-brief-to-protect-work-program-for-immigrant-spouses/ar-BB1gJ9aq?ocid=uxbndlbing
    TLDR: Google and some other tech giants filed an amicus brief to help protect the H-4 Visa program targeted by the last office. Essentially this visa is for the spouses of immigrants with H-1B work visas to come with them and also work easier. 90% of this group potentially effected if not fixed in court are women. Google and Amazon are the top sponsors of H-1B visas so this would affect a lot of their workforce. 



    In its blog post, Google argues that if the program allowing H-4 holders to work were to go away, “the practical effect is that we welcome a person to the U.S. to work but we make it harder for their spouse to work.” It says that it would hurt not only immigrant families, but Google’s ability to hire top talent.

    “As an immigrant myself, I have been the beneficiary of a welcoming America and I hope we can ensure that same welcome for future immigrants by preserving the H-4 EAD program,” wrote Catherine Lacavera, vice president of Google’s legal department, in the blog post. “Ending this program would hurt families and undercut the US economy at a critical moment.”


    Followed by a story that has just been cringeworthy, but it's good news for the justice system.
    4. https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/politics/2021/05/14/matt-gaetz-associate-joel-greenberg-plea-deal-admits-paying-minor-sex/5097229001/
    TLDR: Joel Greenberg accepted a plea deal and admitted to sex with minors and paying for it, among other things. His details if believed directly implicate Gaetz with sex with a minor. I don't wanna talk much about this one, it's been pretty cut and dry as far as piles of obvious evidence went, but anyone can start a political discussion these days so...

    Last but certainly not least:

    5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/john-cox-is-under-investigation-over-his-traveling-1000-pound-bear/ar-BB1gK4r6?ocid=uxbndlbing
    TLDR: Winnie the pooh gets involved in politics, activists mad, possible legal implications
    John Cox from CA has decided to campaign with a movie trained bear.


    Cox is using the bear in an attempt to rebrand himself as "Beast John Cox" after his campaign initially struggled to gain traction, polling sixth in a straw poll among recall organizers in March.

    I would have used a tiger or something if I wanted to go for "Beast" not Mr Cuddly film star over here. He's even smiling!


    a man and a dog in a park: A 1,000-pound bear sits behind California republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox as he speaks during a campaign rally at Miller Regional Park on May 4, 2021, in Sacramento. 

    That's just the most adorable wild animal I've seen in a while. Problem is it might have landed him in legal trouble as San Diego has a law on books about "unusual animals" enforced by the humane society's law enforcement division, of which I was not aware of until now...



    The city code in question reads, "No person shall offer for sale, give away, bring into or maintain within an area coming within the jurisdiction of this ordinance, any lion, tiger, bear, monkey, wolf, cougar, ocelot, wildcat, skunk."

    Zoos are exempt from the code, but gubernatorial candidates are not, it would seem.


    interesting, now back to this AWWfest


  2. OK so i was going based off the comment above that activision has the trademark already and THEN the indie dev FILED. In that assumed circumstance, I stand by my point but if they both just filed and neither HAS the trademark yet, then yeah it might go to the indie. Or depending on precedent, the court might throw both out saying you need more than 1 word to trademark
  3. I'd be less worried about the holes and more worried about getting kidnapped, you should report that to the police right away! XD
  4. 1. Given they didn't file for trademark until after activision, they did not have any legal rights to it. 2. I have not personally checked out the games in question, but in my opinion (outside of what the law is), if the concepts and/or themes of the game are different enough, then activision doesn't stand to lose anything from another game having the same word in it. People looking for Call of duty who get a google result for a board game, lets say, wouldn't suddenly fall in love with board games and start hating Call of duty video games. With no estimated loss or harm in question, I thi
  5. DBMS object representation comparison diagram:


    Description of image:
    A Comparison of OO, UML, and ER Models

    The embedded Text reader software trying to read this for me:
    A           Comparison of ooh-U        M-L     and urr models




  6. true but I didn't have the money for a custom keyboard anyways and now my soul is damaged XD
  7. You had me until tenkeyless. because no backlights, just light between the keys, not on the letters, makes the whole thing look too dark Oh god, why did you have to point that out?! Now I can never unsee that. My soul will forever feel the hole left by that spacing...
  8. ok so i might or might not have skipped the other 2 bing updates from the other day i had forgotten about last week and may or may not have time to have fun with resolving that, but at least for right now, i've got today's bing report! And it's a doozie.

    1. https://news.yahoo.com/chicago-found-solution-rat-problem-132109470.html
    TLDR: Chicago has a rat problem I guess, probably normal for super large cities, but they decided to release 1000 feral cats from the humane society to fix the issue. 
    After a few months of this treatment, they will begin releasing rabies-injected bulldogs to take care of the imminent feral cat issue. No word yet on the future dog issue treatment XD

    2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/dunkin-employee-charged-in-death-after-allegedly-hitting-customer-over-slur/ar-BB1gEvF5?ocid=uxbndlbing

    TLDR: A horrifying example of everyone being wrong. Guy uses racial slurs to black employee - WRONG, Black employee runs him over and murders him - WRONG, Dunkin exists - WRONG!

    3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/māori-leader-rawiri-waititi-removed-from-new-zealand-parliament-after-performing-haka/ar-BB1gE35A?ocid=uxbndlbing
    TLDR: NZ aboriginal leader performs native dance in protest of racism, NZ parliament understands his perspective and actively listens to his grievances after clapping to his dancing skills. Wait, nvm, they proved him wrong by removing him from his parliament position and giving a big old FU on the way out

    4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/soccer/dutch-club-ajax-melts-league-trophy-into-star-gifts-for-fans/ar-BB1gE1uJ?ocid=uxbndlbing
    TLDR: sports team takes trophy, melts it down to over 40,000 small silver stars and mails to all season pass holders

    I don't care for sports at all tbh, but I think this is a nice gesture. Also I wanna know how small those stars are.

    5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/sudanese-immigrant-sues-whole-foods-alleging-discrimination/ar-BB1gEAq3?ocid=uxbndlbing

    TLDR: Sudanese Supervisor suing whole foods for discrimination because they cancelled his interview for a team lead position

    So discrimination seems to be rampant in this country lately so i'm inclined to give benefit of the doubt to him. Also company explained they cancelled his interview by saying he hadn't done enough to


    “prove” himself to his colleagues and failed to get them to “accept” him

    Why did he have an interview if they didn't think he was worthy in the first place. This reeks of discrimination at a glance, but i'm a bit hesitant due to him already being in a managerial role. So more than likely with most retail places, he started out on the floor and got promoted there. If that's the case, I'm hard pressed to assume they were willing to promote him once then all of a sudden turned racist. who knows...

    6. https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/sports/highschool/2021/05/11/wisconsin-lawmakers-vote-requiring-national-anthem-sports-events/5051413001/
    TLDR: Freedom of speech is important, also lets force the kids minor league playing in the city park to sing the national anthem if they wanna play some baseball...

    7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/california-driver-arrested-for-riding-in-backseat-of-self-driving-tesla-plans-to-do-it-again/ar-BB1gFa0N?ocid=uxbndlbing

    TLDR: The title pretty much sums up this stupidity


    California Driver Arrested for Riding in Backseat of Self-Driving Tesla Plans to Do it Again

    8. https://www.wmur.com/article/woman-accused-of-selling-bogus-covid-remedy-to-undercover-agent-in-new-hampshire/36406839

    TLDR: More Stupidity
    Woman accused of selling bogus COVID-19 remedy to undercover agent in NH

    9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/jupiter-looks-serene-in-ultraviolet-and-absolutely-terrifying-in-infrared/ar-BB1gFsoH?ocid=uxbndlbing
    TLDR: Damn, Jupiter! You Scary!
    infrared pic of Jupiter is creepy as heck


    a round light in a dark room: Viewed in infrared wavelengths, the gas giant looks like a hell world.

    10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/chick-fil-a-is-facing-a-sauce-shortage/ar-BB1gEBnM?ocid=uxbndlbing
    TLDR: Chick-Fil-A sauce shortage, apocalypse imminent

    11. https://www.themarysue.com/ransomware-gas-shortage-plastic-bags/
    TLDR: I'm done, this is just TOO stupid! 
    Some severely brain limited individuals who clearly shouldn't be operating motor vehicles are not only hoarding gas because of the pipeline shutdown, they are storing it in GROCERY AND GARBAGE BAGS! 
    U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission put it as simply as they could:



    Do not fill plastic bags with gasoline.

    — US Consumer Product Safety Commission (@USCPSC) May 12, 2021


    But this dude said it best:



    Genuinely amazing to see It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes come to life https://t.co/35bvmJBdaf pic.twitter.com/JYYhtbGUlV

    — Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) May 12, 2021



    1. FloRolf


      Ya know why do I even watch the news when I have this?

      Thanks for the update. 

  9. can someone please explain to me why the one to one relationship has 2 crows marks on each side and the many to many only has one crowmark on each side?? Seems like that should be switched...


    1.   Show previous replies  2 more
    2. Jtalk4456


      4 hours ago, minibois said:

      The way you read these notation is: block > text > number* > block

      *so the number furthest away from the block you started at

      Taking the first one as an example, PAINTER paints M PAINTING, meaning 1 painter can paint 1 or multiple paintings. 

      The other way around is PAINTING [is] painted by ONE PAINTER, so a painting is always made by one painter, nothing more or less.


      Taking that way of reading in mind and taking the symbols in mind:

        Hide contents

      Data Modelling using ERD with Crow Foot Notation - CodeProject

      These examples make sense to me.


      A painting is made by one painter, but a painter can have made multiple paintings.

      An employee has at least one skill, but a skill can be possessed by one or more employees (but both need to have at least one relation to the other. No need to have a skill in the database if no employee has it and if an employee has no skill.. Well they can't be in the DB).

      I get the fundamentals of the relationships, I just would think it logical to have and 1:1 represented by 1 tick on each side, and many to many be multiple ticks on each side. I don't get why multiples gets 1 tick and 1 gets multiple ticks. Seems poorly thought out to me

    3. minibois


      13 hours ago, Jtalk4456 said:

      I get the fundamentals of the relationships, I just would think it logical to have and 1:1 represented by 1 tick on each side, and many to many be multiple ticks on each side. I don't get why multiples gets 1 tick and 1 gets multiple ticks. Seems poorly thought out to me

      Well the 'many' symbol in these examples is one or many, not Just 'many'.

      The single tick and other symbol makes sense in my head, if I keep that in mind.


      Plus, you have to keep in mind these symbols are also there to make sure there are no misunderstandings, so they couldn't make the 'one' symbol just a line, because one could confuse it with a many (just with a missing/forgotten) part.


      At some point though, I've just stopped thinking about how the symbols might look and just accepted their role in the diagram.

      Don't focus too much on the 'why' of the symbol, focus more on the purpose of the symbol.

    4. paddy-stone


      I have nothing to add to the discussion vis a vis networking/databases. But the analogy is bad with regards to a painting is only done by one painter... of course a painting can be done by many painters.

  10. did a nice wipe and clear on my work pc today to fix some slowness. So was logged out of everything and I'm used to typing in linus, pressing enter, and autofill got me the rest. not today, and it turns out ltt is not the top on the search anymore

  11. not sure why bigots is in quotations, but the senseless debates without reasoning and just stubborn arguing and insulting is exactly what bigotry is, so you do seem to mind them...
  12. OK today is gonna be 3 bing reports, cuz for 3 days in a row, i've built up some tabs of reports and forgot to post a report here. 

    Part 1/3

    1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/china-rocket-space-falling/2021/05/07/e28412c4-af11-11eb-82c1-896aca955bb9_story.html
    TLDR: The word "Probably" is used for something it should NEVER be used for...


    China says out-of-control space rocket booster probably won’t cause any harm




    Chinese officials are “closely observing” the reentry of the Long March-5B rocket and will “promptly report news about the situation to the outside world,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters.

    China has drawn criticism after its launch last month of the rocket ferrying the core module of the Tianhe space station, with plans to let the booster fall back through the atmosphere and land where it may.

    Because the booster will be reentering the Earth’s atmosphere at about 18,000 mph, it’s almost impossible to predict where the trail of debris will hit until hours before reentry, which is expected to occur late Saturday night Eastern time, within about an 11-hour margin of error, according to the California-based Aerospace Corp.


    Yeah "probably won't plummet to earth and kill innocent people" isn't the most confidence inspiring thing I've heard this year, but ya know after the last few years, I guess it could be worse...

    2. https://news.yahoo.com/tripadvisor-sorry-offensive-auschwitz-review-160802442.html
    TLDR: Some prick wrote a trip advisor review for Auschwitz making multiple insensitive remarks including but not limited to bringing a baby to the gas chamber. Trip Advisor in it's infinite wisdom didn't think this post was against it's review submission guidelines. No word on whether the error was by human or machine, but after pressed further by the memorial and museum, trip advisor quickly bent as far over as possible to bow and apologize, saying 



    "Through our escalation process, this review was removed," it said.

    "We always aim to get it right the first time and we apologize to the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum, the Jewish community at large, and all communities and individuals affected by this initial miss."


    3. https://www.bing.com/search?q=Norwegian+Cruise+Line+Florida+ports&efirst=39&filters=tnTID%3a"602A031D-0B7B-4369-9EE5-272F19374656"+tnVersion%3a"4039860"+Segment%3a"popularnow.carousel"+tnCol%3a"39"+tnOrder%3a"41c75b8b-81da-447b-96b0-b70e54d2c06c"&form=HPNN01
    TLDR: Florida has some seriously stupid people in government who think there's a problem with requiring people to get vaccinated before travelling and bans vaccine passports, so cruiseliner is gonna skip them. cruises have already lost enough business and are at serious risk of a super spreader event already, so this is not only a logical health decision but a good business decision. they don't need to lose any more customers

    4. Best for last: https://news.avclub.com/italians-grapple-with-the-convenience-and-cultural-terr-1846844796

    TLDR: Best news article title ever: Italians grapple with the convenience and cultural terror of a pizza vending machine
    I literally didn't read the article and don't need to, that title is perfect!

  13. just to clarify, the article you posted didn't say they won't be sold, just that they are temporarily off shelves so the governing body can certify the product as safe and/or put any warnings on it. the gizmodo article even said apple's two step mechanism for opening the battery compartment meets the legal requirements. So this is just a temporary make sure it's good to go thing. I think this is good, safety is important. People can wait a few months to order them, they've gone their whole lives without it up to this point
  14. you don't close the thread per say. you can mark a comment as a best answer, signifying you no longer need help. if a thread is getting to be a problem of some type, a mod can lock or delete a thread, but you can't directly do that yourself