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  1. try different usb stick and use 2.0 port on your mobo
  2. you can't save your overclock because it isn't stable
  3. get better SSD, WD green is most basic one, I suggest going nvme, also get 3600 and b450, performance wouldn't be that different, always money saved, or go 3700x and get x470 then. Also 2666mhz ram is slow for 2019, get 3200mhz+, best for ryzen
  4. Get some QNAP NAS with WD red drives, Raid 1, dual NIC, upload/download, don't connect it to the internet, place it in different subnet so it will not be visible and you are good to go
  5. just install samsung magician, it will update the firmware
  6. I've had this issue, I contacted dell and they gave me recovery method after I gave them some info. Just call, they should help
  7. it will be fine, it is mounted to prevent flex of the pcb, there are no elements that may heatup on the back
  8. are there expensive CRT's ? make a closer picture of the label at the back
  9. do you know what is a difference between bios and driver?
  10. do hd tune disk check and check for bad sectors, looks like drive failure
  11. mobo tends to be more fragile for things like this, but if you managed to really push 1.6v your cpu might also be dead
  12. it is not easy on the first sight but it will be pleasing if you do this on your own
  13. you could user powershell and run some scripts like this : https://darkball.net/2018/03/change-audio-output-with-powershell-in-windows-10/
  14. take the psu cable out and take out small silver battery that is somewhere on the mobo, keep it out for couple seconds, put it back in and turn on like always.
  15. lets make an assumption that everything is done for the money. Why would I make a vpn service, pay for the bandwidth, servers, advertisment, developers, security officers just to give it to you for free, even when competition is taking money for it ?
  16. have you ever thought about world outside of your small glass bubble that you apparently live in ?
  17. nextcloud or owncloud is your answer
  18. there are 2 free things in the world, ass beating and getting random diseases in hospital. If you are not paying for vpn, then how the company is making money ? selling your data for ex.
  19. I want to controll lights, change music, get fitness data, read notification, that's all, I am wandering about the connectivity with eLTE, will it make that much more difference than standard bluetooth ?
  20. get PCI express with external antena, those USB cards are shitty.
  21. As it has no TB3, you can't get 1 cable solution... but 2 max 3 cable solution. Worst case scenario : 1 cable for power, 1 usb 3.1 dongle for Ethernet and keyboard/mouse, 1 cable for monitor. Best case: it will charge off usb 3.1 type C