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    Rumman reacted to mariushm in Motherboard HWinfo questions   
    VRM = voltage regulator module.
    There's a vrm controller chip (under the text that says VSOC in the picture below) which controls multiple groups of components that convert voltage from 12v to some lower voltage... think of these groups like cylinders in a car.
    Each group has at least one hi side mosfet, one lo-side mosfet, at least one inductor and at least one capacitor. They work together to create the power the processor needs.
    Hi-side mosfets , Lo-side mosfets  (these can be combined into chips called power stages) , inductors (those gray/black squares) and capacitors (those round silver things closer to cpu socket)
    Chipset creates more pci-e lanes, contains usb controllers and sata controller (System on chip part inside CPU also contains a sata controller and a usb controller for some usb ports that go on io shield)
    Chipset also connects sound card, network card and other onboard stuff to the cpu.

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    Rumman reacted to Jurrunio in Motherboard HWinfo questions   
    Both that reads MOS are related to that. Note sometimes sensors are inaccurate and to different levels (that 14C reading? lol)
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    Rumman reacted to AdnanTech in Junction/VRAM temp monitor   
    Yes ofc i done it before.
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    Rumman reacted to Eigenvektor in Memory timings and speed   
    Some software may profit from the higher speed, other software may suffer from the increased latency. You can try to find a middle ground between higher frequency and lower latency.
    Overall, I think your best bet would be to simply benchmark it. Check performance of games/software you use one way, then the other way. See how much of a difference it makes, if any. That should help you find the optimal setting for your system and use cases.
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    Rumman reacted to Mister Woof in 3600x instead of 3600   
    Well if it's not available the comparison doesn't matter.
    You got a cpu and it's a good one.
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    Rumman reacted to maartendc in PC parts Price hike due to Coronavirus   
    I don't know if this topic meets the requirements to be a "news thread". This seems more appropriate for the CPU subforum.
    Anyway, price fluctuations on one single part could be due to many factors, local supply and demand for example. Unless we see a marked increase in all product segments, and across all regions, I doubt this has anything to do with the spread of the Coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China.
    Also, I think it takes a while for supply restraints to trickle down the supply chain to affect pricing. Most distributors have stock that lasts at least some weeks. Unless they are being predatory and "anticipating" a shortage and jacking up the price.. We saw the same thing when there was talk of Chinese tariffs impacting US pricing for electronics.. The tarrifs would likely be felt weeks, if not months after tariffs were imposed.
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    Rumman reacted to Jumballi in PC parts Price hike due to Coronavirus   
    don't pay a premium, there is a ryzen shortage but not do to anything morbid like the virus, amd just can't order enough due to popularity, just keep waiting and things will get a lot better.
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    Rumman reacted to Metallus97 in AMD Motherboard   
    1. No, maybe besides IO performance and ability to reach fast RAM speeds. But general processing performance should be the same
    2. Probably yes but it will still hold up for long enough, i guess. Just DONT OC anything and maybe try to undervolt a bit.
    3. Having a bit of airflow over them wont hurt, but you shouldn’t be to concerned
    4. Idd not run like a 3950x on that mobo  
    5. Make sure the BIOS is up to date. Otherwise your CPU wont be supported
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    Rumman reacted to jonnyGURU in Power outage, psu and pc components.   
    If you're using a quality PSU, there should be no impact to your hardware.
    But nobody likes their PC shutting down on them in the middle of things.  It's also not good for keeping your data free from corruption.  So if you have a lot of power outages, you want to get a UPS.
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    Rumman reacted to DVA in Bottleneck   
    Think about how you see everything in real time, the human eye caps well beyond a mere 240fps rate. Actual number? No one knows since all eyes are different, but there's no monitor with a higher refresh rate than our eyes
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    Rumman reacted to ZeouLs in Mining   
    You didnt get his point. He was asking on how to make sure, that the second hand card he is going to buy, wasn't used to mine
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    Rumman got a reaction from Tech Wizard in GPU clock don't goes down at idel   
    Thanks- Tech Wizard