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About jaslion

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    Computers where my thing in the past and I still run a small pc repair shop for the locals here on the side.
    Got into digital art and vfx a couple years ago and this is my primary intrest now.
    Also skate
  • Biography
    I'm alive so yay?
  • Occupation
    I repair pc's on the side, do art commision work and orderpick in the evening. Soon studying again


  • CPU
    I7 6700hq
  • RAM
    32gb corsair vengeance 2666mhz
  • GPU
    gtx 970m
  • Storage
    1tb 840 evo + 512gb 960 evo nvme
  • PSU
    It's a 180w powerbrick
  • Display(s)
    My laptop's screen and a wacom cintiq 13HD
  • Cooling
    3 fans in my 15 inch thin laptop. Nice and cool yo
  • Keyboard
    Rando bluetooth mini keyboard from amazon and my lappy's one
  • Mouse
    Mx master 2 and my wacom stylus
  • Sound
    1981 amp with speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 / elementary os

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  1. Is this a known working gpu? As in is this an old card of yours?
  2. Both seem to be able to do that. 530 is a lot more than the 400 base prices
  3. Nah the gpu is gonna be at 100% basically all the time with that cpu so I'd be surprised if you even get a performance upgrade with a better cpu
  4. Windows kinda needs a gpu to even want to boot so ya need to have it stay in there
  5. The only people that have cards are scalpers and you should never buy from those. The expected timeframe that any 3000 series cards will be available for regular purchasing is 2021 february. A 1060 should still run any game at 1080p medium settings 60fps tho
  6. Sorta? It's gonna see it as a display adapter but there will be 0% acceleration and it's just in general gonna be a sluggish time
  7. Not? That card hasn't been supported since windows xp
  8. What is it having a hard time with? Atm you will still have to wait a couple months at least before being able to get a 3070 and a bit longer to not pay a 40% premium due to the prices being stupid high
  9. Sounds lovely and good luck with the proposal!
  10. I would just get whichever of the 2 is closest to msrp and the cheapest they are very close and well for your usecase upgrading would make little difference either way
  11. Dunno should you? What is your 1060 not doing for you anymore?
  12. No just use ddu with the 590 in there to remove the nvidia driver
  13. Well then still same advice get her a nice new phone but don't go overboard. Try to gather what she would like in a new phone (part from the obvious non broken state stuff :p) and get one along those lines
  14. It's good that they are stepping up their game but really for a phone most people are happy with the performance of like a 2014 flagship nowadays. Plenty of mid range to even low end phones offer a more than good enough experience for almost everyone so more power in a phone just starts becoming more useless. However I do see this mattering a lot when using your phone as a desktop experience becomes more popular so that I am looking forward too.
  15. You did plug it into the top pcie x16 slot right?