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  • Birthday Jul 04, 1997

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    Computers where my thing in the past and I still run a small pc repair shop for the locals here on the side.
    Got into digital art and vfx a couple years ago and this is my primary intrest now.
    Also skate
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    I'm alive so yay?
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    I repair pc's on the side, do art commision work and orderpick in the evening. Soon studying again


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    I7 6700hq
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    32gb corsair vengeance 2666mhz
  • GPU
    gtx 970m
  • Storage
    1tb 840 evo + 512gb 960 evo nvme
  • PSU
    It's a 180w powerbrick
  • Display(s)
    My laptop's screen and a wacom cintiq 13HD
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    3 fans in my 15 inch thin laptop. Nice and cool yo
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    Rando bluetooth mini keyboard from amazon and my lappy's one
  • Mouse
    Mx master 2 and my wacom stylus
  • Sound
    1981 amp with speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 / elementary os

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  1. NO need to go with one brand or a high end brand. Doesn't really matter at all really. If you want to save some money do not be afraid to go with a more budget brand for rads, tubing, reservoirs, blocks and fittings it barely even matters. The only thing I'd get from a very very well reviewed source is the pump. Also just a headsup but you can easily cool a 3090 + 10900k without a hitch on a 360mm rad and have plenty of headroom to spare. As for primochill sure but nothing beats distilled water + anti bacterial agent. Why? Well simply put the opaque fluids leave residue
  2. The leaving it on part isn't the issue really. It's mainly just heat. The only parts that feel an impact of being constantly on are the ones with moving parts. That and the psu will degrade faster but by the time it will cause issues most people have a new pc already (if you got a quality psu that isn't already near 100% capacity)
  3. Oh damn that ram is not good if you can change it get 3600mhz ram it has a noticeable performance boost
  4. Oh if you are watercooling anyways for sure at least a 850w psu.
  5. Don't worry about it. The whole point of a pc is to be used. Hell it's even better to leave a pc on forever than constantly shutting it down and turning it back on again. It doesn't matter if it would be running at near 100% for years 24/7 it would still be better than shutting it down and starting it up every day. But I digress. Don't worry nothing will go wrong. Take my old hp z620 I had that thing on basically 24/7 for 4.5 years rendering nonstop and it was in as good a shape as any compared to when I got it when I sold it again. A simple mc server won't hurt your pc at all.
  6. Honestly you can just put it up for 160$ again and it will probably sell. The ones selling are around 140-170 it seems so it's basically the average price stuff is going for.
  7. What psu do you have? That is the starting point we should go with here. if you have a good quality psu then it's fine to use a dual 6+2 pin cable sure separate is better and if you can do it but it doesn't hurt
  8. Not in a dell you can't without modding. It basically comes down to the pll chip. But hey at this point you might as well buy a random core 2 duo at x ghz speed for pennies and it will be better than any oc you can get on that pentium dual core.
  9. 300 pounds for a 1070 really is just insanity. You could get these for 120 pounds less with ease half a year ago and if lucky even at half price. The others have posted better builds (like a lot to a decent bit better so go with them)
  10. Technically it can run on any phone but in reality you need driver support which is limited to the ones people have successfully ported it too or official support
  11. Main issue is still powerspikes 750w is at best ok for a 3090. Any case you wanna go with? From that point we can start making a build
  12. 850w QUALITY psu is the lowest you should go. The 3090 spikes all over and really need a good bit of headroom.
  13. Not worth it. Leave as is that generation of intel had a very small impact on performance with slower ram so don't worry.
  14. Like normal. Because hdr is backed into the video files data and is just there to tell the display what portions should be how bright or dark. If it cannot do that it will just play the file like normal and it will just look like a regular video without the extra highlighted or darkened parts. It's why you basically just edit your video like normal and then do the hdr afterwards so you don't end up with a terrible result on non hdr displays