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  • Birthday Jul 04, 1997

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    Computers where my thing in the past and I still run a small pc repair shop for the locals here on the side.
    Got into digital art and vfx a couple years ago and this is my primary intrest now.
    Also skate
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    I'm alive so yay?
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    I repair pc's on the side, do art commision work and orderpick in the evening. Soon studying again


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    I7 6700hq
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    32gb corsair vengeance 2666mhz
  • GPU
    gtx 970m
  • Storage
    1tb 840 evo + 512gb 960 evo nvme
  • PSU
    It's a 180w powerbrick
  • Display(s)
    My laptop's screen and a wacom cintiq 13HD
  • Cooling
    3 fans in my 15 inch thin laptop. Nice and cool yo
  • Keyboard
    Rando bluetooth mini keyboard from amazon and my lappy's one
  • Mouse
    Mx master 2 and my wacom stylus
  • Sound
    1981 amp with speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 / elementary os

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  1. I disagree with the part where people are going to be buying a lot of new psu's. The rtx3000 series singlehandily caused a huge amount of psu sales so I do no think people are going to be wanting to replace those new high end expensive psu's any time soon :p. Edit: I also just dislike the fact that the motherboard now does most of the power redistribution. What used to be a simple point of failure or simple point of adding redundancy now became intermingled with one of the hardest parts to swap in a computer.
  2. The site stopped responding can you list the parts?
  3. Your computer cares. Literally the function of a case is to be a safe box to put your system in and causing overheating is NOT something safe. It fails at literally doing what a case is supposed to do.
  4. You log in on your whatsapp on the new phone and that is all you need to do. It will ask to recover from a online backup and you are done.
  5. I would connect the laptop to a external screen and see if it also happens on that. Could just be your display cable is defective.
  6. Nope. It is defently not worth it as you can find full laptops with those specs for under 400$. Not constantly but pretty often. If this is for gaming a 960m is still kinda bad. I came from a 970m about 6months ago and that was JUST enough for recent ish games. The 960m being a fair bit worse than a 970m does not bode well at all.
  7. It is NOT a good case. It is a full front closed case with TINY slits for a little bit of air to get in. It is NOT a good case for airflow thus it is not a good case. Sure it looks rgb and gamery but from a performance standpoint it simply sucks badly.
  8. We need to know the model. Used for 8 years basically means HAVE to replace it. Due to it no longer being up to date for modern hardware and even if it was a high end one it will lack a lot of the needed built in safety features that are expected by modern hardware. Sure that antec is fine since it is front mesh but which fans does it come with and how many? There seem to be a couple versions of the case. The mb320l is not a mesh case it is better than what you chose at first but still not a case I will recommend you get.
  9. Saw it later spec page was wonky for me but this will work 4x4k should be fine.
  10. No. It has a Dvi-D port, a hdmi port and a display port. Right in linke with the max of a single hdmi and/or a single dp port. The dvi ports can be multiple but they are not supposed to be 4k capable. Nevermind. I saw the x3 after it. Yeah this will work. Hdmi ports are limited to 4k 60 which is fine. So go for it.
  11. Yes very much so. Certain ports have certain limits on them. There is no 1050ti out in existance that is supposed to have more than 1 hdmi or 1 dp port.
  12. Edited I realized I forgot half my sentence. Also there is no 1050ti with triple hdmi? The most they have is 1x hdmi 1xdp and 2xdvi.
  13. Post them here in a quote then I and others can have a look. There are a couple bad ones but most are ok to really nice.
  14. A 1050ti cannot drive 4 monitors because there is no 1050ti with 4 ports that can do 4k output. Sorry forgot the last part of my sentence.